Home remedies for indigestion

Remedies for Indigestion

The process of digestion

Having a clear understanding of the digestive processes that occur in the body is vital to the understanding of disorders of digestion. The primary complaint is slow digestion or dyspepsia.

The process of digestion, about three times a day, we allow the absorption and assimilation of food in the body. Digestion begins in the moment that food enters the mouth. It is mixed with saliva and becomes more permeable to gastric juices, which flow from the openings of the small glands of the stomach. The gastric juice with the enzyme pepsin breaks proteins into smaller molecules. By mixing food with gastric juice and hydrochloric acid, and when it becomes soluble passes through the pylorus, a hole in the bottom of the stomach, the intestines.

After passing into the intestine, foods are exposed to the action of bile, pancreatic juices, intestinal juices and bacteria. These juices contain many elements that break down food into end products. The only substance that is absorbed in the stomach is alcohol, any other substance should be the transformation that takes place in the intestines. The nutrients are absorbed almost exclusively in the small intestine. The result of digestion by the intestine passes through the contractions of muscle layer. The indigestible residue, along with various substances, which are waste matter is excreted by the liver and the bowel wall and is expelled from the body in feces.

Assimilation is a process much slower. The blood circulates through every organ and every one making it necessary for their own growth and repair. The extracted bone cells calcium salts, sugar and muscle proteins and so on. The muscles assimilate the bulk of nutrients.

The causes of indigestion

The fundamental digestive disorder is indigestion or dyspepsia, which may result in acute or severe diseases. The basic cause of indigestion, besides weak digestive power, it's from eating too much or from eating inappropriate foods and food combinations and bad. The output from these individuals contain large amounts of undigested matter. They suffer from flatulence arising from the matter in putrefaction in the stomach or intestines. Gas or belching may provide temporary relief, but generally there is a sense of embarrassment, loss of appetite and malaise. Sometimes hyperacidity or the presence of more stomach acid can cause burning and even belching. In order to start treatment as first thing to avoid is eating too much.

Treatment for indigestion

The remedy for indigestion is to eat lightly. It would be a matter of making a fast of 24 hours and then start with fresh, natural, unprocessed for easy digestion. Fats and condiments should be avoided. You can eat soft foods, especially vegetables cooked in water, fruit juices and buttermilk.

The condiments and seasonings make food tastier but runs the risk of overeating, which can cause dyspepsia. That's why we recommend soft food. Excess food, like everything else, is bad and a person suffering from indigestion should eat less than they can digest. That would be the first step in treating this disease.

Hydrotherapy home remedy for indigestion

The application of heat through heat or hot water bottle to the abdomen for 15 to 20 minutes two times a day on an empty stomach, two or three hours after meals, you can activate the digestive process. Another home remedy for indigestion is to place a cold compress well drained across the stomach area from the end of the ribs to the groin, and place a dry towel. This is done for about 30 minutes after eating, but always with the feet and hands warm. This remedy helps to make good digestion.

Home remedy for indigestion with exercise

The above procedures are only palliative. The patient may experience permanent relief by increasing the heat of his body through vigorous exercise. Indigestion is the disease of sedentary people. An active and energetic person usually does not suffer from this disease. So take a walk on a regular basis is a good choice if you do not often vigorous exercise. The jogging, if you can, and if there is grass around your house, walking on dewy grass are ways to turn their vital energy and improve digestion.

Food and indigestion

Avoid indigestible food is essential for dyspepsia. Eat vegetables with meat, for example, for a person who often suffer from indigestion, it sure is a new invitation to dyspepsia. Other basic rules would take fruits between meals, no dessert. Chew food thoroughly to mix well with saliva. Eat slowly. Combine foods properly. Take small amounts of water. Avoid alcohol and snuff. And if you want to eat meat, best free grilled and mixed with fat without carbohydrates but with a good salad.

From nervous dyspepsia affects both knowledge workers and those who are sedentary. In these cases the above tips can be helpful. These patients must also follow the above directions, avoid thinking about their illness or disease, and should try to be happy while eating, so do not eat watching television (see bad news) or watching programs that can excite your system nervous (a sports game). A change of climate for housing and may also be indicated in some cases.

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