Rhamnus californica. Homeopathy

Rhamnus californica
(Cambronero or California Buckthorn)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Rhamnus californica
1 Nervous, restless, irritable. Stunned, he can not concentrate on studies.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS Rhamnus californica
2 The symptoms are worse at night.
SPECIFIC Rhamnus californica
3 - () Vertigo. Heaviness and beaten on the head, better by pressure.
Bursting in the head at every step. Aching in occiput and vertex. Dull pain in left temple and forehead, extending backward.
Deep right frontal headache.
4 Shocks in the eyelids.
5 - () Hearing loss. Deep pain below the right drink to swallow.
6 Face flushed, hot, red. Outward pressure, pain in the cheekbone.
7 Ulceration between gum and lip. Tongue coated plate clean and pink in the center.
8 Throat dry, rough. Pain in right side and in the amygdala. Pain in the neck.
9 - () gastralgia. Constipation with flat, dry stool and tenesmus. Flatulent diarrhea.
Dysmenorrhea 10. Increased sexual desire.
Polyuria 11. Tingling in the anterior urethra. Drop morning (without prior gonorrhea). Urgency.
Retrosternal tightness 12. Pressure sensitivity in the intercostal muscles on the right. Pleurodynia. Lumbago.
13 - () Bradycardia. Metastasis rheumatic heart.
14 - () articular rheumatism, acute or subacute, with swelling and joint pain, profuse sweating and a tendency to cardiac metastases, with bradycardia and constipation. Inflammatory Rheumatism Achilles tendon.
Muscle aches. You can not control your muscles. He walks like a drunk.
Pain in the legs.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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