Rheum. Homeopathy

(R. officinale. Rhubarb China)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Rheum
1 - () Nino impatient and capricious, and calls several things and crying vehemently, and once that gets, rejects them, even their favorite toys.
Screaming children when they desire to move the belly and while doing so, with sour stool; and sleeping. Children with alarm, and go around crying all night with colic. Irritability during teething.
2 Any. You can not recover his senses until a long time after waking; this as half asleep, as in a dream. Delirium. He speaks incoherently. Indolent, averse to the conversation.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Rheum
3 - () sour smell around the body, the child smells sour, even after washing or bathing. Also sour smell feces, vomiting, breath, sweating, etc..
4 - () Worse: at night and waking in the morning, for uncovering, by cold, by motion, walking, standing, after eating, by eating green plums or fruit before, during and after stool. Better: bending double, for the warmth, for shelter far.
Laterality 5 left.
Desire and aversion of Rheum
6 would like: many different foods, just the test rejects upset. Aversion: the coffee, fats, milk.
7 - () stunning head, as if intoxicated, with prominent eyes. Vertigo sometimes fall sideways when walking. Pressing headache eni temples and vertex. Heaviness cephalic heat. Throbbing in the head. Feel move the brain to the stoop. Suda in the head by the slightest effort, his hair is always wet. Sour-smelling sweat.
Pain in eyes when looking at any object painful throbbing, burning.
Twitching in the eyelids, or pressure. Intense outdoor watering. Miosis.
9 Otalgia itching. Pressure on the auditory meatus and throbbing in the ears.
Hearing loss with ringing in the ears, temporarily improving swallowing.
Cracking and bubbling in the ears. Meniere's syndrome. Deafness old scarred eardrum.
10 Drawing from the root to the tip of the nose, where tickling. Heat sensation in the nose.
11 - () pale face, or one cheek red and the other pale. Tension in the skin of the face. Puckering of the forehead. Itchy rash on the face. Cold sweats in the face, especially around the mouth and nose. Shocks in the corners of lips.
12 - () Toothache. Painful sensation of cold in the teeth, with sialorrhea.
Difficult dentition, with restlessness and irritability (see l), and acidic diarrhea and cramps, with pallor.
13 - () tingling sensations and numbness in the tongue swollen.
Sialorrhea with cramps or diarrhea. Fetid breath on waking; sour. Dry mouth. Sour taste, or ugly after sleeping, or tasteless, the food tastes bitter. Contraction in the throat.
Nausea 14. Fullness and pressure in the stomach, contractions. Pulsation in epigastrium.
15 - () distended belly. Presion navel. Cutting pains and cramping periumbilical forcing him to bend (the improvement), worse from eating or immediately after and stopped, or just uncovered an arm or leg, or eat prunes or teething, or before and during defecation, usually not improve by moving the belly (sometimes yes), with diarrhea in children very sour citrus. Cutting pains in the stomach and bowel sounds. Incarcerated flatus. Bubbling sensation in the belly, which seems to go to be heard. Stitches and itching groin.
16 - () and diarrhea especially in children during dentition, in summer, or people thinned or in puerperium, worse after eating, or eating fruit, especially green, preceded by colic (see 15), with shouts and crying before and during the evacuation (see l), with chills or shaking, sometimes with vomiting, followed by tenesmus and burning in anus. The stools are sour-smelling, pasty (or first soft and then hard) and brown, or clotted, frothy, gray, green, yellow or white, like milk and green mucus.
Polyuria 17. Urine red or greenish yellow, pleasant odor. Straining to urinate should. Burning with urination.
18 - () Sense of bearing down in uterus being stopped. Burning and tearing in the left ovary. Mother's milk is yellow and bitter, and the baby refuses the breast; stitches in the breasts and nipples.
19 Dry cough at night. Snoring on inspiration during sleep. Dyspnea when breathing deeply, as if a weight. Cracks and bubbling, sometimes audible in the chest.
20 Violent cutting lumbar pain when defecating. Stiff back and hips, which allows you to stand erect.
21 Joint pain on motion. Members to sleep on which it rests. Pains in arms and joints of the fingers. Twitching in arms, hands and fingers. Veins swollen hands. Hot hands. Sometimes cold sweat in the palms of hands. Shocks in the thighs. He was crossing the legs when sleeping. Stiff thigh and popliteal fossa, with pain on motion. Bubbling from the popliteal to heel, and left big toe. Intense burning between internal malleolus and Achilles tendon. Itching planting.
22 sleeps with her hands over her head. Sad and vivid dreams.
23 Shivering without cold outside, alternating with heat. Hands and feet warm with cold face. Sweats easy for the least effort, tinged with yellow.
Pemphigus 24. Itchy rashes.
Magnesia carb.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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