Rhodium Oxydatum nitrum. Homeopathy

Rhodium Oxydatum NITRUM
(Nitrate Rhodium Oxide)
MENTAL OR pathogenesis SINTOMS Rhodium Oxydatum NITRUM
1 unusual hilarity and joy. Irritation with sense of dissatisfaction.
2 I think you hear them whispering to another person.
3 Fainting relieved by the stool out, or alternating with headache.
4 frontal headache on waking at night. Alternating with diarrhea and headaches 4on fainting.
5 Le seems that light intensity has decreased.
6 points on the eardrum. Hyperacusis.
7 Eruption in nostrils.
8 Heat and sweat on his face.
9 Teeth feel like dull, any sound of something scraping or similar causes in them a very unpleasant sensation. Feel like you have sand between your teeth.
10 Stitches in the epigastric hollow, which is then converted into cramps.
Stool 11 round balls, with burning in anus during bowel movements and after. Flatus plentiful, noisy and odorless. Urgency, as if to move the belly, but only leave flatus. Diarrhea with many gases and bubbling. Pruritus ani.
12 Burning in the urethra at the level of the glans.
13 Lack of sexual desire in man, of ereaciones and orgasm.
14 Pain in the left inner thigh and the left little finger.
Pain in the right middle finger and wrist, in the evening. Burning pain going down left leg.
Fever 15 to 15 hours, with facial sweating followed by chills, or altering them until 18 hours.

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Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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