Rhododendron. Homeopathy

(R. chrysanthum. Rhododendron. Rose of Siberia)
1 - () is always very upset and nervous before a storm breaks out, when atmospheric pressure is very low and very high power, with great fear during storms, especially thunder and lightning.
After the storm subsided, relaxed feel.
2 - () is very forgetful, he will suddenly ideas. You forget what you said or what they will say and when he speaks, he forgets that this talking and look for the words. The same thing happens when writing (omitted words).
3 Delirium with terrifying visions. Moody, gloomy, or excessive indifference, fear or aversion to any kind of work.
4 - () The most important feature of Rhododendron, and determining the vast majority of their prescriptions, is the aggravation or onset of his symptoms before and during the same storms as well as nearly the same extent, by the time wet (especially wet and cold) and wind or windy weather, while the patient is directly exposed to the wind as it can be in a room warm and comfortable and, even so, the wind blowing your symptoms worse .
5 - () The pains, neuralgic or rheumatic have very distinctive patterns. Generally they are tearing, erratic, often with local sensation of numbness, and they are aggravated by disturbance sarometricas of the atmosphere, particularly before and during storms or sudden changes of weather, from cold and damp at rest, and improves after storms, in dry and stable weather, moving or walking and local heat. The pains come from the inside out.
6 - () Other forms are: aggravation by rest, sitting, standing, when he writes, if they play, for drinking wine at night or morning in bed and getting up, in spring and autumn by pressure. Best: after storms, dry heat, exercise and movement;, on rising, for shelter, especially the head, by sweating, by belching.
7 - () Korea, especially on the left side, worse before a storm.
Fainting in girls tuberculous type, which grow quickly and are afraid of thunderstorms.
8 Symptoms often alternating. Edema.
9 - () Feel the brain surrounded by mist. Vertigo in bed in agony. Headache from cold damp wine or worse before the storms and weather changes, better after rising or move. Violent tearing or drawing in the bones of the skull, worse at rest and tomorrow, better shelter the head or the dry heat and exercise. Pain in the left side of head; keystrokes. Occipital pain as from a blow. Itching of the head, worse at night. Hair erect, as if electrified.
10 Neuraigia ciliary covering the eyeball, orbit and head. Keratitis right with right hemicrania, worse storms. Burning tip like a needle to red, from inside out on the eye. Dryness and burning of staring an object or the light of day. Eyelid sore, swollen, suppurating and agglutinated, sometimes with spasmodic twitching or jerking. A pupil miosis and mydriasis in the other. Blurred vision when reading or writing.
11 - () Earache. Sensation of a worm in the ear. Rumbling in ears, worse on swallowing, ringing or as if she heard a jet of water entering the ears. Loud noises make a peal.
Epistaxis 12. Unilateral obstruction in the root of the nose, worse tomorrow.
Fluent coryza with obstruction on one side and loss of smell and taste.
Increased nasal mucus outdoors.
13 - () Chills in the face. Tearing facial neuralgia, trigeminal,
worse in wet and windy weather, changes in weather, cold, cold applications and before storms, better eating and warmth, but to the right, going from temple to chin. Lips dry and burning. Blisters on the lips (inner), excoriating pain when eating.
14 - () each Spring and Autumn Toothache, worse weather changes before (or during) the storm, in windy weather or touching the teeth, better by heat. Toothache night with earache. Lag Itching gums swell and hurt less. Roots of the teeth loose.
15 Sialorrhea with dry throat. Tongue and taste with furred 1margo green and putrid.
16 Constriction and burning in the throat, he barks.
17 Increased thirst, hunger satiety. Nausea. Regurgitation bitter or rancid. Belching tasteless. Vomiting green and bitter, or after taking cold water. Pressure and contraction in pit stops him breathing.
18 Spasmodic pains in the hypochondria. Tension in the spleen by bending or later, pain when walking fast. Distension of the stomach with fullness and difficulty breathing. Incarceration painful gas, rumbling with expulision of fetid flatus. Pain in the inguinal rings sitting.
19 Diarrhea just getting out of bed on damp or cold fruit, not weakens, with rheumatic pains, with tarry stools, mucus or undigested remains. Even difficult evacuation of soft stools. Rectal pain extended upwards. Tingling or throbbing anus.
Pollakiuria 20 with twitching in the bladder and English. Urethral pain as ulceration, punctures in the meatus between voiding. Urine fetida, or clear, green, hot.
21 - () inflammation of the testicles, especially the right; chronic or not, by suppression of gonorrhea, epididymitis, and inflammation of the spermatic cord, with swelling and pain, especially in the right testicle and go from right to left. Induration of the right testis and epididymis, after a gonorrhea. Pain in the testicles, as if they were crushed or crushed, or drawing, but in the law, issued belly or tenderness extended to the spermatic cord. Hydrocele, but the left side, especially in children, sometimes congenital. Excoriating pain between genitals and thighs. Testicles retracted, worse when walking. Itching, sweating and encogimieno the scrotum. Increased sexual desire, or aversion to intercourse with the absence of erections. Nocturnal emissions with wet dreams.
22 advanced and heavy menses, or deleted. Headache and fever in each menstruation. Pain in ovaries, worse weather changes. Serous cysts in the vagina. In the postpartum period, burning in utero alternating with pains in the limbs.
Hoarseness 23. Dry cough that shakes, worse at night and morning, in paroxysms by tickling in trachea, with oppression and lack mucous expectoration. Dyspnea by pressure or constriction in the chest. Waving hot in the chest. Sharp pain running through it from the chest to the left hypochondrium to walk fast. Pain in the chest and bruised. Cutting and stab in the left thorax, bending to the right or backward.
Terebrante chest pain 24. Waving hot chest. Pounding. Pulse slow and weak.
25 Stiff neck and neck. Muscular and rheumatic pains in his back, bruised worse at rest and in rainy weather. Pain in sacrum, stooping intolerable. Pain in lower back when sitting.
26 - () neuralgic or rheumatic pains in the limbs, drawing or tearing, especially in the upper right particularly worse at rest, at night and windy, cold and wet and before the storms or to touch, improving the movement and walking, the pains seem to feel in the periosteum or bone, or the insertion of the tendons. Acute inflammation of the joints, swelling, redness and pain, jumping from joint to joint, since the weather changes and becomes poor, with particularly intense pain at night, at rest and stormy weather, and better from motion ; with abundant voids, which reduce the pain stop. Chronic rheumatism, especially involving the small joints and ligaments. Pain in the wrists, in the fingers, on your thighs, relieved by stretching the limb, and turning from side to side, or walking; in the knees and legs, better walking, on foot, in the heel and in the toes. Gout with deposits or fibrous nodules in the finger joint ordo and the fingers. Sensation as if the blood does not circulate in the arms, with weakness, tingling and heaviness to the tips of the fingers, at rest.
Sense of dislocation at the wrists. Heat in the hands, even in cold weather, excessive coldness of the feet, even in a warm room. Sensation of cold and wrinkled skin on the legs, sweating. Edema in legs and feet are as if asleep. Pain in the Achilles tendon when walking. Painful corns on the feet.
27 - () Intense daytime sleepiness. Deep sleep until midnight, after midnight insomnia. You can not sleep if her legs are not crossed.
Chills of 28 tomorrow in bed shivering with heat altern. Fever in evening, with hot head and cold feet. Copious and debilitating sweats, worse when you exercise outdoors. Axillary sweat fetid. Aromatic sweat that cause itching and tingling.
29 Itching, burning and tingling of the skin. Eruptions.
Sulfuric Nat.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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