Rhus glabra and Rhus radicans. Homeopathy

Rhus glabra
(R. Carolinensis or Elegans or Virginica. Sumac of tanners)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Rhus glabra
1 Aversion to society. Forgetful, stupid, indifferent to the objects that surround him.
General symptoms of Rhus glabra
2 Worse from touch; dle after sleep. Better, by motion.
3 Great exhaustion and fatigue painful. Thinning.
SPECIFIC Rhus glabra
4 - () headache with heaviness and numbness, on waking, better by exercises in forehead and vertex. Occipital headache with epistaxis.
Narina 5 left dry and hot, with bloody scabs. Epistaxis the left side.
6 Tongue white. Small and painful ulcers in the oral mucosa.
Aphthous stomatitis. Alkaline taste. The mouth bleeds.
7 Saca blood clots in the throat after waking.
8 Anorexia, or hunger. Eat little at breakfast, but feels as if he fasted for several days. Upset stomach with anxiety. Castralgia worst for any food or drink.
9 - () Cutting in the umbilical region and abdomen, with pressure sensitivity. Intestinal fermentations fetid flatus and feces, especially if there are abundant sweats and debilitating or occipital headache. "Some authors argue that this medicine (tincture) disinfect the bowel so that the flatus and stool odor while taking. (Boericke).
10 Diarrhea fetida, worse at night. Stool dry or only initially, then loose.
11 Urine scanty and dark.
Saerococcigeo Pain 12.
13 Pain and fatigue in the lower limbs can hardly stand.
14 Sueno very restless. It sounds flying through the air.
15 - () sensation of cold skin while hot. Copious sweats for his weakness. Suda much sleep.
16 Dry, hot, thirsty.