Rhus Toxicodendron. Homeopathy

MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR Pathogenesis of Rhus tox
1 - () There is a strong subjective feeling of restlessness, inner, with anxiety, especially at night, which is externalized becoming clear by the incessant changes of position, making it spin in bed or take from it or needs to go from one bed to another, especially during fever or menstruation. The concern is of physical (pain (see 10), or psychological (anxiety, fear). The anxiety appears or is exacerbated in the evening, at dusk, night or after midnight, preferably in bed with fear and feelings of guilt over the chills and fever. Anxiety when you are at home, or the future, or before the suicide, there's always improvement of anxiety when you are outdoors or, indeed, walking outdoors.
2 - () great apprehension and fear, but in the evening and night, can not stay in bed afraid to die or kill. You scare people, to poison him (thought to be by poison, or murder). Fear of going to bed or rail travel.
3 - () Mild delirium, talkative, grumbling (still asleep), with astonishment, especially in states typhus fever, speaks incoherently, answers slowly, constantly tweaking the bedding. There is a state of mental confusion, especially morning or when sitting and sometimes, thinks is out of his house. Excited during fever. Grito brain.
Stunned by the humid air or after dinner. Ailments from fright.
4 - () Mentally, greatly improves walking outdoors: anxiety, irritability, sadness and crying.
5 - () insists on speaking and remembering things past and unpleasant, especially at night, after midnight. Sweetness.
e 6 Irritable, especially at night and during the chills, better walking outdoors. What bothers the conversation. Aversion to company.
Impatient. Silent.
7 - () Tired of life, wanting to die, unhappy, discouraged,
desperate. Sadness over night, during fever or when you sweat, with sighs and tears at night, involuntary or not knowing because he cries. I thought about suicide, and drowning, but has no value. Persistent thoughts, tormentors, which frighten him.
8 - () Poor memory for proper names or the events of the day.
Aversion to mental work. Imbecility.
9 - () shy, especially at night. Mistrust. Want a ride in her arms.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR Pathogenesis of Rhus tox
10 - () The great general characteristic of Rhus Tox, is constituted by a very special form of their pain (and even other disturbances) which are commonly rheumatic made worse when you start moving (after being still or at rest, while get out of bed, sitting, etc.)
but are improving as the movement continues, and then moving or are best as they move, or move the affected part. The patient has an irresistible urge to move or change of position (see l) all the time, which gives a great relief for a short time, when you need to move again because the pain is increasing again in that small period of rest, this condition is usually worse at night, when this much less active that day. The rest makes it worse, hence, the worst lie (though his back is better), on rising, to start walking or long road, but walking is better.
11 - () Aggravation (or onset of symptoms) for all forms of cold, especially damp cold, the cold bath, cold air for cooling a body part or take the hand out of bed, or by touching cold things or uncover a body part or undressing, and eating cold food or drink, by the humid and rainy weather, for wet applications, living in damp houses or places for bathing (and is afraid of
bathroom), in cloudy weather in autumn, by air currents, by touch, before a storm at night, especially after midnight, lying in the
painful side. Better: for warm weather, dry heat of the bed or stove (there is a real lack of vital heat, feel the cold in the veins), or harboring a lot (in general or the affected party) or drink hot, hot application, lying on something hard, for friction. Great sensitiveness to open air.
12 - () For the purposes or consequences, acute or chronic stress on muscles and tendons unusual, prolonged or exaggerated, especially heavy lifting for a long stretch to reach something that is high or unusual exercises; of twists, of bathing in lakes or rivers or the sea during the repeated and prolonged summer, or wet feet or general or soaked with rain or heavy rain still perspiring MMAS), or by suppression of sweating and sweating while taking cold, or lying on a wet floor, by loss of fluid or bleeding.
13 - () Dolores as if he had sprained or twisted, as if torn a muscle or tendon from its insertion, as if the bones or periosteum were scraped with a knife. Soreness after getting hot and cool walking fast, or by touching the affected parties. Usually the pain is accompanied by stiffness and have the procedures already described (see 10).
It affects mainly the fibrous tissue (ligaments, tendons, fascia, etc.).
14 - () paralysis by lying on a wet or damp ground, strain, sexual excesses, after birth, or malaria and typhoid paresis and ptosis, with numbness of the parties concerned or on which it is based;
painless. Weakness sitting or walking outdoors. Paralysis of
left side. Parkinson's Disease.
15 - () laterally across, or predomninando right.
16 - () Other Features: Induration and post-inflammatory strictures.
Sensation of heat in glasses with burning pain, better physical strain sweats did not improve.
Desire and aversion of Rhus tox
17 - () Wishes: milk, especially cold, the oysters of candy.
18 Aversion: alcohol and wine to pan; the cafe, to the meat.
SPECIAL of Rhus tox
19 - () Vertigo in the morning while lying down, getting up from bed or a chair or bending, with a staggering gait and tendency to fall forward or right when walking or standing. Heavy-headed feeling, or empty, with sensation of popping or stupor, worse morning, stooping,
lying or cold, better by warmth and movement. Feeling that the brain is loose when walking heels or shake his head. Suda throughout the body except the head. Headaches: from cold, wet or cold, cold wind, or wet your hair or wash her hair, changes in weather or cloudy weather, worse in the morning, lying down or sitting, after eating or drinking beer or moving arms or lifting heavy objects or walking on heels, better from motion, walking or harboring head. Erysipelas from left to right in the head, with vesicles, herpes, eczema around the scalp, in children; crust lactea. Wens tubers or in the scalp.
20 - () Eyelids heavy in the morning, with inflammation of the eyes, burning and redness with purulent secretion. Pain in eyeballs, worse on moving. Tearing profuse burning, with eyelids swollen, oedematous.
Conjunctivitis, iritis rheumatic or not, with stitching, blepharitis, inflammation from cold damp. Photophobia. Hypertrophy of the meibomian glands.
Keratitis, worse in damp, rainy weather. Paralytic stiffness of the eyelids, especially the superior; heaviness of the eyelids, shaking.
Styes, but in the lower eyelids. He sees things in blue, or pale, or a veil before the eyes.
21 earache; painful throbbing in the ears at night. Discharge of bloody pus from the ears, with deafness. Whistling or ringing in ears when walking.
22 points of the red nose, excoriating pain when touched. Hot swelling of the nose, the air that passes is as hot as if it were burning, dry nose. Nasal mucus secretion, or greenish, fetid pus. Epistaxis with clots, but at night, or by bending or hawk, dark blood, with clots, scabs in nostrils. Frequent sneezing, violent and almost jerky.
23 - () Face swollen, red and hot, hot, pale, sickly bluish dark circles. Cramp-like pain in the temporomandibular joint at rest, with crunches when you chew or least motion, with stiffness of the jaw, better from hard pressure or drinking hot things. Dislocation easy to yawn. Submaxillary gland hypertrophy, which are swollen and hard. Mumps with swelling and inflammation of the left parotid.
Mumps left, sometimes with suppuration. And periocular swelling in the lymph of the mandible. Eruptions on face: rosacea, acne, (especially frontal), eczema. It is perhaps the most important drug in the common cold, especially located in the lips with painful blisters,
very itchy, burning, pinching, wet, crusty or oozing, skin resting on red, inflamed and painful. Impetigo blisters burning and itching, worse from scratching, wet crusts, located on the face and forehead. Yellowish vesicles, even in the nose.
Periocular facial erysipelas, phlegmon, with vesicles with yellowish liquid, which goes from left to right. Cracks and sores in the corners of lips, peeling facial skin. Cold sweat on his face.
Facial pain better by motion and heat. Lips dry, cracked, brownish, covered with a red crust.
24 - () Toothache during the chills, in Winter or Spring, or anything cold, cold drinks, outdoors, to work in damp or wet weather, worse at night, better for the local heat of the room. Loose teeth, especially the lower incisors can not bite them. Sensation of elongation of the teeth.
25 - () and excoriating Burning pain in the gums, over night. Dry mouth with thirst. Hypersalivation, sometimes misses the saliva of the mouth when asleep. Saliva yellowish, bloody, salty morning. Language brown,
above all, tomorrow, or red, especially the tip was in the form of a red triangle (key symptom is a very prominent), or white on one side;
white or yellowish, but at the base, or furred diagonally. Tongue dry (most of the morning waking), cracked, painful, jagged, sometimes with vesicles. Sensation of the tongue covered with a skin. Foul breath. Taste of blood when coughing, metallic, sweet or bitter or sour, putrid in the morning and after eating, fatty, bitter food, especially bread.
26 Throat dry, sore, especially when speaking or for talking too much or swallow solid ol. Dysphagia swallowing liquids, such as paralysis. Tendency to choke when swallowing.
27 Feeling of emptiness or fullness in the stomach, with satiety. Anorexia with intense thirst. Belching. Regurgitation, worse when standing up, lying down.
Humors. Gastralgias and nausea for frozen drinks. Nausea night, or morning on rising (better lying down), or after eating or drinking. Sudden vomiting immediately after eating. Sensation as if a stone in the stomach, but after eating or standing. Cold in the stomach.
28 abdominal distention after eating. Tearing into ariba in
hypochondrium. Soreness in the hypochondria, especially in the side to supporting or starting to move, in the spleen. Soreness in the walls of the stomach, and worse in the morning stretch. Heaviness in the stomach.
Violent colic, often at night or any kind of food or drink,
better bending double or walking, or lying on his stomach. Pain
ascending colon. Pressure outwards in English, as if to get a hernia. Scarlet belly. Great flatulence with rumbling.
Very fetid flatus.
29 - () Constipation, sometimes alternating with diarrhea, with stools hard and slow expulsion. Painful tenesmus, even without a bowel movement. Diarrhea from getting wet, especially the feet, with urgency, better after rising, sometimes involuntary especially sleeping. Dysentery with jelly-like stool, odorless,
worse after midnight, with great pain and restlessness. Stools watery, red or brown brick, or mucous, frothy, bloody, streaked with white or yellow, all white, or as washing meat without cadaverous smell or odor. Painless chronic diarrhea, only tomorrow, followed by great exhaustion. Itching in the anus and rectum. Constriction in the rectum. Piles with excoriating pain. Diarrhea at the start of typhoid.
30 - () Retention of urine. Urinary frequency with urination, day and night or day only: but when you sweat. Involuntary urination, or at night or when sitting. Stream of urine divided, or passed drop by drop and bloody, with tenesmus. You must wait a while until you pass urine. Swelling of the urethra. Urine turbid white, or clear with white sediment, albuminuria.
Sensation to urinate boiling water.
31 - () moist eruptions, itching and blisters on the male genitals, wet between the scrotum and thigh. Erysipelas in the scrotum.
Itching foreskin and scrotum. Edematous swelling of the penis glans,
prepuce and scrotum. Paraphimosis. Scrotum flaccid and pendant. Frequent erections at night. Intense sexual desires of tomorrow.
32 - () Menses early, heavy, prolonged, irritating, black blood clots or clear, with burning pains in the vagina and vulva. Dolormiento clel in the vagina after intercourse, or prevented.
Membranous dysmenorrhoea. Amenorrhea or suppressed menses from wet feet or entire body with the rain. Metrorrhagia between periods or during pregnancy or efforts. Erysipelas vulvar vesicles and severe itching. Metrorrhagia Uterine polyps. Bearing down pain stop istando; uterine prolapse. Entuertos long after a difficult birth with excessive efforts. Abortion strain. Breasts painful, swollen, with red stripes. Reduction or removal of milk, with burning in the body.
33 - () Cold in the larynx on inspiration. Hoarseness from talking or voice abuse (better singing or talking). Tickling in trachea. Short dry cough,
fatiguing, by irritation in the trachea, worse before and during the cold chills or a body part, especially when they uncovered in bed on
arm or hand, or by bathing, from midnight until the morning, with anxiety, with vomiting before midnight, lying on his back, after awakening in the morning, with stitches in the chest and generalized sweating.
Pertussis. Terrible cough that seems to tear something in the chest. Hemoptysis of bright red blood clots after coughing or violent exercise. Dyspnea at 18 hours or after walking. Hot breath during the chills. Frequent need to breathe deeply. Sharp pains in the sides of the chest, worse sitting propped up or talking,
sneezing or breathing deeply. Pneumonia. Pleurodynia. Abscesses in the armpits. Sense of adhesion in the thorax. Rheumatic pains in the chest.
Painful axillary lymphadenopathy.
34 - () Heart disease, with murmurs. Angina pectoris. Cardiac hypertrophy by overexertion, with numbness and tingling of left arm and fingers.
Weak feeling chest after entering a cold room after walking in the warm sun. Pulse quick, weak and intermittent.
35 - () Heaviness cervical, lumbar, and sacral (when sitting). Injuries of the spine or strain from lifting. Sweats in the back at 3 o'clock. Painful stiffness of the back worse by damp weather or drafts, or to start moving or getting up after prolonged sitting, moving or walking more. Rheumatic back pain by wet weather, from lifting; worse to start moving, compelling him to constantly move or roll over in bed or when sitting and rising from sitting, it is almost impossible to stop if this much time sitting, better local heat, movement and walking, extending to the lower limbs. Neck pain rheumatic air currents. Low back pain or lumbosacral pain, as if dislocated or broken the block with severe stiffness, limping, by taking cold or wet weather, with characteristic patterns (see 10 and 35), which adds the improvement ap) oyando on something hard there. He's back tires easily. Pain between the shoulder blades swallowing, worse from cold, better by heat. Exostoses painful sacrum. Deviations from the column. Opisthotonos.
36 - () pains in the limbs, rheumatism, which are aggravated on beginning to move and relieved by movement, especially when walking and is continuing or by local heat, general or bed. Rheumatic pains after cool or cold or wet weather. Acute or chronic rheumatism.
Joint pain the same methods, (tearing pain in tendons and ligaments, periarticular. Pain in the upper limbs, teor on the left (with cardiac symptoms) at night in stormy weather or to grab something, better by motion. Pain in the shoulders, as if dislocated, on cooling or wet weather, better from motion, walking and local heat. Pain in the left arm, worse at 2 or 3 in the morning or taking the arm back, better by the
movement. Pain in the biceps by lifting weights. Pain in the wrists to grab something. Pains in the legs upon arising in the morning or night, from cold, strain over the chills and fever, and to start moving, better by motion, walking and warmth of the bed. Sciatica worse by cold or cold applications, lying on painful side, washing with cold water or in wet weather and to start moving, better by motion, on foot or by local heat. Rheumatic pain in the hips of the morning, after an effort, lying on the side of pain and when its footsteps. Pain in the thighs to stretch the best member and turning from side to side, motion and walking. Knee pain, rheumatism, sitting or rising from a chair. Pain in the warm night in bed or crossing legs. Foot pain on rising in the morning, strain, sitting, better by moving or walking; crippling pain. Stitches in the palms of the hands and fingertips to grasp something. Chapped hands. Corns injection. Chilblains with vesicles. Cracking joints. Cramps in calves in bed or after sitting or walking; best to flex the knee. Red joints. Some cyanotic during the chills. Rashes members (see 39): burning, vesicular, pruritic, desquamative. Itching in the legs at night. Erysipelas of the upper limbs and knees. Heat in the wrists and backs of hands.
Members tired, heavy, during fever, in the lower limbs after exertion, in the feet while sitting. Upper limb falls asleep on this bed, or any other party members.
Swollen veins in their hands cracks. Warts on hands and fingers. Stepparents.
Painful stiffness in the limbs, with characteristic patterns.
Left hemiplegia, painless. Sense of paralysis when walking, or in the upper limbs at night. Lower limb paralysis after delivery or getting wet (see 14). Infantile paralysis. Swelling of the wrists and fingers, swelling of knees. Restlessness in the lower limbs, especially legs and feet, but at night in bed or with fever or when sitting, better by motion. Trembling, especially after efforts; in the upper limbs after a moderate effort, better from the movement, in the legs, better from motion. Twitching in the limbs followed by numbness. What aggravates uncovering members. Weakness in limbs at 18 hours, better by motion, in the joints of the lower limbs after exertion or walking; in the legs when sitting. Tearing in the back of the lower limbs or legs, down, in each deposition. The ankles swell a lot, HSTAR after sitting a long time when traveling. Bromhidrosis feet.
37 - () Sounds: who makes great efforts (rowing, swimming or working hard in his usual occupation) wakes up in pain, as if he would have made, or sounds that roams the fields or with fire. Suda sleeping.
He sleeps on his back. Sleeplessness before midnight, with distress and anxiety, restless sleep after midnight. Sleepiness after noon, or all day. Yawning violent, spasmodic, common, often without sleep and with violent stretch.
38 - () Escalofrtos leg starting at the 19 hours it feels as if splashed with ice water, or as if submerged in cold water or cold as if he were running through the vessels, from exposure to rain, getting wet ( especially when overheated), worse from eating or drinking, uncovering or undressing, or by taking their hands off the bed, predominantly on the right side all accompanied by tremors, particularly when they uncovered hands. Continuous fever, adynamic, evening, night And after midnight, at 10 am, as if splashed with hot water is running through their veins. Mouth dry and burning at night, the blood seems to burn in his veins. Dry heat at night, with delirium (see 3); heat left side, cold on the right. The move gives him chills.
Chill followed by heat with sweat or chills followed by heat and then sweat, with aversion to uncovering attack at any stage of malaria, and clinic in any form of malaria. Typhoid and ways scientists from any infectious disease. Scarlet fever, measles, chickenpox, smallpox.
Puerperal fever. Fever in front of the body. Sweat: on the parties concerned, or the entire body except the head, from the slightest exertion or when lying down or sleeping, with aversion to uncovering, better to get out of bed or moving. Symptoms may improve or worsen by perspiration. Suppression of sweating disorders.
39 - () The skin gets worse after scratching: fire, wetting, thickening or apariciun causes pustules or rashes or hives, or itching worsens or causes punctures, or rashes are wet and secreting. The skin
not tolerate fresh air, which causes him pain. Skin red, swollen, with predominance of vesicular eruptions, burning and very itchy. Erysipelas (one of the main drugs) with large vesicles and swelling, intense itching and burning after scratching worsens, sometimes gangrenous, especially localized in upper limbs, knees, legs, face (see 23) and around eyes in the scrotum and vulva, is accompanied by fever and Tifico type. Wet crusted impetigo,
especially in face and forehead. Herpes common with the typical vesicles, especially in the lips, head, eyelids and foreskin. Eczema in the hairy parts.
Urticaria appears with cold air, or getting wet or being in moist after scratching and Spring; with chills, fever and sweats, or coincides with rheumatism or pain with modalities characteristics. Crusty eruptions and wet. Petechiae. Pustules.
Vesicular erysipelas. Sudamen. Chafing. Nodules and indurations. Eura with skin thickening. Ulcers, burning, swollen, crusty, with purulent secretion and corrosive; tingling. Intolerable itching in the legs at night, pruritus improved bathing the affected part in the hottest water you can tolerate.
Bryonia Calcarea Calcarea Carbonica Fluorica Medorrhinum Phytolacca
Tuberculin, primarily T.R.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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