Rhus venenata. Homeopathy

Rhus venenata
(Sumac of the Marshes. Varnish of Japan or China)
MENTAL OR SSINTOMAS pathogenesis of Rhus venenata
1 Great sadness, not wanting to live or do anything, sometimes joyful, sometimes hypochondriac. Apprehensive, restless, changeable.
2 Can not concentrate or connect ideas, forgetful, confused.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Rhus venenata
3 Down: worst touch and pressure; on humid days, for hot weather, at rest, mental effort, in morning after waking, before bowel movements. Better: for moderate exercise, the open air for a hot bath, by gently rubbing or scratching. Predominantly left sided.
4 Sensation as if it ran very hot blood through vessels.
5 Major concern. Great lassitude.
6 Swelling of whole body with intolerable irritation.
7 Pains as sprains.
SPECIFIC Rhus venenata
8 Vertigo just get out of bed or in the evening. Sharp pains in the parietal bones. Frontal headache and heaviness, worse when bending over or walking. Pimples or herpes on his forehead.
9 eyes almost closed with a large swelling. Feel as if you pushed her eyes out. Irritation and burning of the eyes with copious tears.
Feel like you have sand in their eyes. Photophobia. Sharp pain in his right eye extended to the supraorbital region. Dull and constant pain in his eyes. Vision cloudy. Go all black, looking, or flashes of light.
10 points in the right ear in the ear. Tearing in the mastoid. Otagias throbbing, pounding. Vesicles in the ears, exuding a yellowish serum. Deafness. Ringtones and noises in right ear.
11 bright red nose. Erysipelas. Copious, watery, fetid, the right side. Dry nose, sore inside, premenstrual until later.
12 - () Face red, swollen, shiny, with a desire to rub. Facial skin dry, scaly, thickened, indurated. Facial pain. Feeling of sand on the lips. Lips swollen, cracked, sore, blistered. Lip, Swollen upper. Itching in the chin and upper lip, at 16 hours.
Herpes labialis. Erysipelas on the face; vesiculosa. Facial rashes. Itching in the face.
13 - () Gums swollen. Tongue white and red in the middle back and edges, or with a red tip, red and cracked in the middle, with vesiculitas.
Feel as if you cut off the tongue from the root, or scalded, or as if he had been burned with an acid mouth and tongue itch. Hot breath, like steam foul. Feeling rough, as if sand in the mouth. Sialorrhea; out hot saliva from the mouth when lying down at night.
Absent or taste rotten or salty. Difficulty breathing.
14 - () Swelling and pain in the left side of the throat. Tonsils swollen, congested and sore. Dryness and burning in the throat. Pain and dysphagia in pharynx and esophagus, especially for solid food. Pain and feeling of food retention in the middle of the esophagus. Frequent desire to swallow. Sensation of hair in the throat.
15 No appetite. Intense thirst. Belching. Nausea. Gastralgia in cardia.
Gastralgia at 2 am. Pressure in the stomach while eating or end, with sudden vomiting.
16 beats per Iniensos above the navel. Belly swollen and very sensitive to the slightest pressure. Colicos with sharp cutting pains in the umbilical and hypogastric region, especially before bowel movements.
17 - () Hemorrhoids bleeding (especially after defecation), with intolerable itching and burning. Watery diarrhea, jet, which appears particularly around 4 hours, preceded and accompanied by violent cramps and sometimes the stools are almost white. Stool very dark, hard and in pieces, partially undigested.
Burning in the urethra 18. Frequent urination and scanty. Polyuria.
19 - () scrotum red, swollen, wrinkled and covered with vesicles. Glans and foreskin swollen and sore. Excoriation and scaling of the penis and scrotum.
Eruptions on the penis and scrotum; vesicular.
20 - () Menses always bright pink, or with very large clots like pieces of meat. Pain in left ovary every month. Labor-like pains one day before menstruation. Doronda vagina during menstruation. Premenstrual eruptions. Terrible burning or lancinating pain, or like a thousand needles, through the left breast, usually before or during nwnstruacion worse by moving the left arm forward or by pressure or night lying, better from motion and continued work. Breast should be supported because they hurt if left hanging.
21 Stiffness and pain in the larynx. Hoarseness. Dry cough. Oppression. 2iolentas and very sudden stitches in the chest, especially when breathing. Tightness in the chest. Sternal pain.
22 points in the heart, with palpitation.
23 stiff neck, with cracks. Ulceration of the cervical glands, with discharge of pus very dark and fetid with dark red areola. Pains in the column. Back very rigid. Sharp pain under left shoulder blade, which extends to the ribs. Rheumatic pain between the shoulder blades. Lumbago by cold or by an effort, worse when bending and walking.
24 - () Trembling and shaking of the limbs. Members swollen and red. Sensation as if to break the humerus. Paralytic drawing in the upper limbs, especially in the wrists, extended to the fingertips. Tingling left arm, especially if it supports. Pain in the left elbow and shoulder, worse from motion. Manos (more left) fall asleep while sitting or lying down. Drawing pains in wrists and fingers, with rigidity. Ganglion dark in the wrist. Swelling in the back of hands.
Some cyanotic. Bruised sensation and paralysis of the legs. Pain as if dislocated right hip. Drawing paralyzed with bone pain in his left leg. Great weakness and pain in knees and ankles.
Drawing pains erratic. Cramps in calves. Pain in ankles and feet while standing or walking. Beating on the feet. Tingling and cracks on the right foot. Eczema left foot. Feet swollen and tender to touch, worse at night. Hands constantly dry and warm.
25 Sleep restless. Sounds to death and the near future; dreams.
Jerking when falling asleep.
26 generalized chills going up the back, even in a warm room. Sensation of cold to move. Shivering running down the back. Hot, hot, dry night, with restlessness. Intermittent fevers without sweat. Malaria. Flushes of heat as hot air, with throbbing headache and tearing.
27 - () The skin is the site of maximum Rhus venenata. Erythema nodosum with nocturnal itching and pain in the long bones. Erysipelas with vesicles.
Elevations and indurated red face, neck and thorax. Vesicles, sometimes grouped in clumps, and yellow on a dark red, with an intolerable itching, especially at night, in bed in a warm room, the scratching, which can not avoid, aggravates the itching and eliminates many of fluid in the vesicles. Crusty eruptions, desquamative, eczema, pustules. Deep ulcers, phagadenic, corrosive, cadaverous smelling pus. White rash or sores around incisions.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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