Rice cakes. Properties

The rice cakes are cookies made with brown rice, puffed, soft and light that sometimes contain other ingredients such as sesame, salt and ginger.
As we know brown rice contains many vitamins, especially B complex and many minerals, substances lose their polished rice for white rice to make it, which are virtually free of these vitamins.

Its lightness and light weight allow evidence to be led astray a little body into thinking that it takes a lot of quantity, when in reality, due to its high volume, which consumes very little since normally quenches before, allowing the drink a lot amount. Here, the rice cakes can be very interesting for diet for diabetes as it allows fools the body with very few carbohydrates such as rice crackers.

Rice cakes and the celiac

However, for those who are actually recommended the rice cakes is for celiacs, who can not take cereal flours (wheat, barley, rye, oats and buckwheat), allows not only replace the current cookies ( normally made from wheat flour), but have a substitute for bread at any time, by replacing perfectly well and with a high nutritional value, well above the current target of the plan.
Rice cakes, crisp character for his permanent and pleasant taste, can have a nice product, like freshly roasted at any time of day and available to anyone who wants to enjoy them.

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