Robinia. Homeopathy

(R. Pseudo acacia. False Acacia)
1 Very depressed. Just to say you are doing, or trying to write, but can not.
2 Excessively irritable. The child cries when you grab their arms.
3 - () Heartburn in children "; with feces and sour-smelling sweat, and vomiting of sour milk.
4 - () Worse: at night, by motion, for meals, especially fatty foods, sauces, cabbage, turnips, fresh bread, ice cream, raw fruit, etc.
5 fainting when rising from a lying position.
6 Vertigo and dizziness in the head, with instability and nausea.
Sense of scrambled brain, worse lying on right side. He is unable to hold his head up. Constant frontal headache, with heaviness and numbness, worse on motion and for reading, almost always accompanies the acidity or gastric disorders. Sensation as if I had a head full of boiling water, or as if brain striking against the shell to move.
Migraines with heartburn. Neuralgia in the left temple.
7 Ojos sunken sore and teary. Miosis.
8 Secretion of nasal continuous and copious, with sneezing and dull headache. Remove sebaceous nose.
9 Neuragia changes her facial features; extended to eyes, ears, teeth and forehead. Spasmodic pain in the jaw, feels as if he might break or unravel. Cara snatched, or dark pallor.
10 Toothache burning, lancinating, especially in decayed teeth, spread cheeks, eyes and temples, worse at night or by contact with food, especially if they are cold or spicy foods. Loose teeth by spongy gums that bleed easily.
11 - () Tongue white with red tip, or whitish brown. Pale oral mucosa. Strongly acid taste in the mouth.
12 Throat dry, rough, sore, scratched him, with flushed face and sore eyes.
13 - () The stomach is the site of action of Robinia maxima, especially the symptoms caused by a marked gastric hyperacidity, a result of hyperacidity, especially at night when lying down, with sour eructation, acid regurgitation, vomiting abundant, watery and intensely acids, the acidity rises to her mouth, and gives you shivers and acid taste. Heartburn or heartburn that worsen or appear for eating fatty, cabbage, turnips, etc.., And radiate to the back between the shoulder blades. Vomiting of mucus, sometimes tinged with blood or greenish. Nausea sitting. Gastralgias very intense day and night.
Rumbling 14. Flatulence, bloat, better flatus. Burning in the region of the gallbladder. Soreness in the intestines by pressure or movement.
15 - () Diarrhea acidic, yellow-green and hot, with tenesmus; in children who have a sour smell around the body and vomiting of sour milk. Desire to defecate, but only out gases. Diarrhea with yellow or green stools, black and foul, whitish, watery, very common and usually involuntary, with the feeling that the whole body will come out with feces. Sudden attacks of diarrhea and vomiting.
16 Urine scanty, painful, or heavy and muddy.
17 - () Nymphomania. Purulent discharge, thick, acrid, white, green or yellow, with swelling and pain in the neck of the uterus and general prostration. Ulcerative pain in the vagina, with flow acrid, yellowish and very offensive. Uterus swollen and hard. Menses delayed and black.
Metrorrhagia between periods, with purulent discharge. Cramps in utero. Herpes on the vulva and vagina.
u8 whispery voice. Respiratory weakness.
19 Actions heart very weak, worse when lying down standing up. Almost pulseless.
20 Difficulty in limb movements. Tingling in the feet.
21 Somnolence. Restless sleep all night, by indigestion or sneezing.
22 hectic fever with night sweats. Cold hands and feet.
23 Urticaria intense throughout the body.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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