Rosa canina and Rosa damescena. Homeopathy

( "Wild Rose" by Bach; rosehips. Escaramujo)
It's medicine that have resigned themselves, either to their disease, not to work or they do not like their monotonous lives. Although not complain, do very little to improve his situation. Feel or think that this is your destination, and often go through life without any joy or pleasure, "I suppose I must learn to live like that." They are willing to accept the verdict that a condition is incurable. Such people are always up, boring, sometimes it seems as if they were pleased with themselves for having given up or fight prove there is, not only resignation, but also apathy.
1 Itching of nostrils with sneezing.
2 Polluria with heat in the urethra (Burnett).
3 red cutaneous papules or macules and very itchy.