Rumex crispus (Burdock). Homeopathy

Rumex crispus
(Rumex Crespo or waving. Bardana Yellow)

MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Rumex crispus

1 with a serious expression Depressed and suicidal thoughts. Indifference to his surroundings. Malaise. Irritability.

2 Aversion to mental work. Paralysis of ideas.

GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Rumex crispus

3 - (+++) His great general characteristic is its extreme sensitivity to air or cool, or the least inspiration of fresh air that aggravates or causes coryza, hoarseness, or cough. Constantly need a scarf or a skin in front of the mouth and nose to prevent fresh air.

uentro of this feature is part of the aggravation or onset of symptoms (especially the skin) to undress or uncover her body, partially or completely. That is, their skin and their mucous membranes are extremely sensitive to outdoor exposure (temperature or under the skin or mucous membranes).

4 - (+ +) Worse lying down, especially on the left side by temperature changes from hot to cold or cold to hot, or changing room, for the cold, by talking, by touch or pressure , for travel, when you eat and then, walking, on the motion, in the evening and night, at 23, 2 to 5 hours, and morning on waking, to breathe deeply or irregularly.

Better: heat, light mouth and nose covered to prevent entry of cold air lying on the right side, to eliminate flatulence.

5 - (+ +) catarrhal tendency of the mucous membranes (respiratory and digestive [stomach and rectum]). Copious mucous secretions, in puffs.


6 beats throughout the body. Restlessness at night. Fatigue.

SPECIAL Rumex crispus

7 catarrhal headache, with great irritation laryngotracheal; worse after waking up in the morning, moving and outdoors.

8 Pain and dry eyes, swollen eyelids, worse at night.

9 pain, throbbing and feeling of blockage in the ear. Hey rings.

Deep itching in the ears.

10 - (+ +) Strong desire to pinch your nose. Takes cold easily to cold air, with acute irritation of nasal passages and throat, with sensation of dryness, nasal obstruction and tingling in the mucosa, followed by rapid and violent sneezing, with watery discharge, worse in evening and night, by uncovering or by breathing cold air, then yellowish mucus falling backwards. Epistaxis with sneezing and painful irritation of the nostrils. Violent cold flu followed by bronchitis.

11 Where are you?

12 Major standing facial pallor. Flushing heat, worse in the evening. Pain on one side of the face in the jaw.

13 Toothache, worse walking the cold wind, better after eating and rinsing your mouth with cold water.

14 Tongue white, yellow, yellow, brown or reddish brown, dried in the front, with sensation of excoriation at the edges, or tenderness at the right edge. Feeling that has quemdo tongue and mouth.

Mouth sores. Bitter taste of tomorrow. Sialorrhea.

15 - (+) I scrape the throat, feels excoriated, with great accumulation of mucus, catarrhal affections of the throat. Dry throat with difficulty swallowing, pain on the left to swallow. Sensation of a foreign body or lump in throat (or esophagus), not relieved by hawking or swallowing, declining to swallow, but immediately reappears.

16 - (+) Heaviness, pressure and gastric distention after eating. Nausea: the night before diarrhea, with vertigo by dressing in the morning, better nructando. Feeling something hard in the epigastrium. Gastralgia and weak or empty feeling stomach, worse talking or walking, with the feeling of tight clothing. Gastralgia constrictive, distressing, radiated to the chest, belching better. Tasteless belching. Hiccups. Heartburn. Feeling of indigestion.

17 Pain in the hypochondria when breathing deeply. Cramping near the navel, cold or tomorrow, better flatus, or followed by a deposition.

Heaviness and fullness in the abdomen, with rumbling.

18 - (+ +) Early morning diarrhea, from 5 to 10 hours, wanting sudden, urgent and imperative that forced him out of bed quickly, often with cough as a bowel movement. The feces are painless, copious, foul-smelling, or brown, black, watery. Constipation with dry, hard stools.

Pressure as if I had a stick stuck in the rectum, pain on walking.

Hemorrhoids emerging, anal itching and heat.

19 Frequent urge to urinate, feeling they can not hold long. Urinating when coughing. Copious, colorless urine after noon. Urine with brick-red sediment and oily film.

20 Phimosis. Pain, redness and abrasions in the foreskin, pruritus. Low or no sexual desire.

21 - (+++) airways are the main scope of Rumex.

Pain as if the larynx and trachea were raw, or pain behind the breastbone and collarbone, worse when coughing (or causing coughing) or by inspiring cold air. Tickling in suprasternal notch, larynx and trachea, and chest, which causes coughing. Hoarseness from cold exposure. Hoarseness worse in the evening. Nasal voice, or change abruptly. Dry cough, incessant, fatiguing, paroxysmal, spasmodic, worse from the slightest breathing cold air or change or room air (from a hot to cold) or by cold or outdoors or walking outdoors; or night (at 23 and 2 to 1 am), or to breathe or inspire deep, fast or irregularly, or speak, or a few times after going to bed and waking up the morning after, or touching or pressing the suprasternal notch, or lying down, especially on the left side for eating, for any fact that increases the volume or speed of air inspired, for uncovering, sometimes accompanied by urinary incontinence and with very little or no expectoration. Cough by heat, or covering the head with the blankets to warm the air you breathe, or lying on the right side. Shooting pains in different parts of thorax, worse when breathing deeply or breathing on the movement or coughing, and the left side worse. Palliative cough in incipient pulmonary tuberculosis. Sharp pains in the breasts, ranging from right to left.

22 Feeling a sudden stop the heart. Dull chest pain with pain and heaviness in the left arm, especially in the elbow, worse with deep breathing. Heartburn. Precordial puncture to the left scapula, with frequent desire to breathe deeply, which makes the pain worse. Palpitations after eating or climbing stairs, violent, throbbing carotid Duerte.

23 Feeling like you have a thread tightly around the neck,

below the ears. Cervical pain down the back. Pain in or between the shoulder blades. Burning pain in the sacroiliac joints, worse by movements. Lumbar fatigue.

24 Shocks in right arm and leg. Shoulder to shoulder pain. Cold hands by coughing. Stitches in the knees when standing. Feet cold and very sensitive.

25 Sleep disturbed, restless. Dreams of danger, murders, autopsies or being naked in the street.

Chills 26 worst in the back. Fever with tachycardia after noon. Feeling of warmth followed by cold. Heat waves, worse on the cheeks. Suda awakening.

27 - (+ +) itching that worsens or appears to undress, uncovering or exposure to cold air, better by heat from the stove, or any other, more in the lower limbs. Urticaria worse outdoors. Vesicular eruptions with itching, worse when cold air or undressing.

SUPPLEMENTARY Rumex crispus:

Natrum Sulphuric and Tuberculinum.

(+++) Very effective. (+ +) Effective. (+) Useful

Source: Vijnovsky homeopathic Materia Medica "

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