Ruta graveolens. Homeopathy

RUTA graveolens
(R. graveolens. La Ruda)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR Pathogenesis of Ruta graveolens
1 - () Anxiety as a guilty conscience. Dissatisfied with himself and with others, wanting to mourn. Melancholy and despondency, worse at night.
2 Crossed and suspicious, always believed it was misleading. Tendency to discuss and argue.
3 Unable to work. Frequent mental absence. Slowness in thinking.
GENERAL OR SINTOAMS Pathogenesis of Ruta graveolens
4 - () One of the main drugs for conditions or consequences of trauma (with seepage of blood) of three types: 1o those that occur after a blow or fall in the bones (especially in superficial bones such as the tibia) and periosteum, or in fractures that consolidate very slowly, 2nd in the sprains or strains or sprains, when the periosteum is involved in any bone of the affected joint, torn or pulled by and periarticular ligaments or tendons, with exquisite pain in that area or in pain as if dislocated, especially in the wrist and ankle, with subsequent difficulty of movement, synovial cysts and nodules in bone, periosteum and tendons and 3rd when there is an excessive and unusual, or violent efforts or by heavy lifting, muscle (more than flexors), tendons and joints, with pain (see 5).
5 - () Dolores as if he had been beaten, bruised widespread feeling in the affected areas or throughout the body, compounded on sites on which you are lying down or resting or supported, and at rest, for which reason it can lie quiet and is constantly busy looking for the position in which he has less pain. Contusive pains in limbs, joints and bones, especially when touched or lying on the painful side. Pain in long bones as if broken. Neuralgia old (eyes, face, sciatica, etc.).. Progressive contractures flexors.
6 - () Extreme weakness, general exhaustion, he loosened his legs, standing from sitting or sitting after walking even a short distance.
7 - () Worse from cold, from cold wet, if they play; at rest, standing, sitting, stooping, for effort; ascending; by night to the morning, during menstruation, lying down, worse side sore. Better: motion; by rubbing.
Desire and aversion of Ruta graveolens
8 Desire for cold drinks
SPECIAL of Ruta graveolens
9 Vertigo when rising in the morning, or sitting or walking outdoors, it can cause falls, everything revolves around in a circle. Headache as if I had driven a nail. Headache from alcoholic beverages. Heat in the head. Pains in the skull as from blows or falls. Occipital headache with pain behind the eyes (most left), worse during menstruation. Nodules and abscesses on the scalp, with excoriating pain when touched. Ulcers on the scalp itching.
10 - () Without a doubt, is the main drug route from asthenopia, eyestrain by using his eyes or by disorders of accommodation and refraction, with heat in them, with eye pain, worse at night when you read or sew or performs detailed work to be fixed in much the view (fine sewing, watches, engraving, etc.). are especially burning pains, and feel the eyes like balls of fire, worse in evening and night, local heat better; redness turbid with great vision, can reach the temporary loss of vision. Letters run and come together to read. Great visual fatigue in the morning as if the eyes were very tired. Tension in the eyes. Strabismus. Ciliary paralysis. Tearing outdoors. Spots on the cornea. Retinal detachment. Halo or red or green halo around lights at night. Go dancing spots.
11 Otalgia as if metieran a stick in the ear. Pain in the ear and mastoid, as from a blow.
12 Pain in the root of the nose. Sweating on the back of the nose. Epistaxis with pressure at root of nose.
13 Pain in bones of the face in the periosteum, as caused by a blow or contusion. Tearing in the malar, pruritus in the cheeks. Erysipelas on the forehead. Acne, rosacea. Lips dry and sticky.
Toothache 14. Gums painful and bleed easily. Dry mouth, clammy. Cramp in the tongue with slurred speech. Sialorrhea with swollen tongue. Taste ugly wood.
15 Sore throat or feeling of excoriation and pressure on the soft palate, swallowing.
16 intense thirst for cold water. Satiety and disgust at the first bite, even with a good appetite. Nasua sharp when eating, and vomiting. Gastralgias after eating bread or raw or indigestible. Hypo smoking. Regurgitation after eating putrid meat. Better gastric disorders drinking milk.
17 Pressure mordant in the liver and the navel. Pulsation in the left upper quadrant. Spleen swollen and sore. Stomach pains while sitting. Colic in the child. Pains in the muscles of the abdomen, with retraction.
18 - () constipation with stool scanty, hard, knotty, like sheep; evacuated with much effort (even if they are loose stools). Constipation alternating with diarrhea. Bolo constipation and rectal trauma. Rectal prolapse, immediately attempt to move the belly, or before or during defecation, or even without effort or after birth, or just bends or squats, with frequent ineffectual desire to defecate. Anal bleeding. Stitches in rectum when sitting. Pruritus ani. Tearing pain in rectum when urinating and sitting. Feel nausea in the rectum.
19 - () Desire to urinate, sometimes urgent, with pressure in the bladder urine and urination little green. Sensation of fullness in the bladder even after urination. Polyuria, even at night. Retention of urine. Urination at night in bed, and day by moving or walking. 0rina with gravel. The more holds the urine, but has trouble urinating.
20 Sexual desire increased. Nocturnal emissions.
21 Sterility. Irregular periods and very short, preceded and followed by flow corrosive. Vulvo vaginal itching, with swollen labia. Metrorrhagia. Bearing down pains in the uterus. Abortion. Weak contractions during labor.
22 Bruised pain in the larynx. Coughing at night after lying down, with expectoration of thick mucus, or purulent or yellowish, sometimes followed by a feeling of fatigue in the chest. Dyspnea. Pains in the chest, with fullness. Sharp pains in the chest, that her breath, going up stairs. Heat or cold sensation in the chest. Tuberculosis after chest trauma. Sore spot touching the sternum.
23 Palpitation with anxiety.
24 - () twitching in the neck and shoulder blades. Itching between the shoulder blades. Dolores Blunt or as from blows or falls, back and spine, worse when walking or squatting or sitting, and better by pressure and lying, especially from behind. Pain as if bruised or beaten in the lumbar vertebrae and the iliac, sacrum and coccyx.
25 - () pain in the shoulder when the arms hang or rest on them. Contusive pains, bruised, as if he had been beaten in any sector of the members (see 5) when walking and then standing and stretching. Paralytic stiffness of the wrists and ankles. Numbness and tingling of the hands after efforts. Swollen veins in the hands, worse after eating. Warts painful, smooth and flat, especially on the palms of the hands. Sciatica worse from cold applications cold and wet. Sensation of contraction and shortening of the tendons of the knee, with weakness, especially when descending. Fistulous ulcers in the legs. Gnawing pain in the bones of the feet, which do not allow you to walk or stand.
26 Frequent yawning and stretching. Intense sleepiness in the evening or after dinner, waking up startled and screaming for the slightest touch. Nocturnal agitation; takes many turns in bed.
Hot 27 on one side of the head. Chills up and down the back. Heat throughout the body, after noon, no thirst, anxiety, restlessness, and dyspnea. Heat in face, hands and feet cold. Cold sweat on the face of tomorrow in bed. Sweating all over the body when walking outdoors. Cold and shivering even near the fire. Frequent heat waves.
28 Tendency to excoriation in children walking or riding. Erysipelas. Itching. Inflamed ulcers. Anasarca. Warts.
SUPPLEMENTARY of Ruta graveolens:
Calcarea phos. Silica. It accelerates the healing process in the joints (after Arnica) Symphytum after in bony injuries.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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