Rye, Cherry, plum, coconut, cabbage, cauliflower

Rye: It's not as nutritious as whole wheat bread, but more than that of corn. It contains much gluten as wheat, if the bread is made from finely milled flour is very digestible.

Cherries: They have a 56% alkaline salts. They are purifying and mildly laxative, as well as diuretics. They give a significant contribution of calories (70 per 100 gm.). Because water, its organic acids, vitamins and minerals and plant essences is a good detoxifying the body, allowing the elimination of toxic substances and increasing the reserves of vitamins.

Plums: They have 66% of alkaline salts, are 75% dry. Recommended for rheumatism, gout, arteriosclerosis. Good for the premieres. Fresh mature if not can cause diarrhea. Coconuts: It has a high protein content. The content of magnesium, calcium and potassium associated with causes you to have many properties. Favors, therefore, the skin, nails, hair, muscle tension, cartilage, bone. It seems that increase the body's defenses and help in cardiac arrhythmias, coconut proteins are, according to some researchers of higher quality than that of meat and almost as valuable as casein.

They have a 50% acid salts. They are very nutritious and contain a wealth of minerals and vitamins. For its calcium, sulfur and potassium stimulate intestinal function and fight constipation. For its pulp served with intestinal antiseptic. For the arsenic it contains, stimulate appetite, give strength and vitality.

Cauliflower: They have a 57% alkaline salts. Useful for kidney failure and liver. It has a diuretic effect, anti-anemic, laxative and blood purifier. It is antirheumatic and antiarthritic.

*Automatic Translation