Sabadilla. Homeopathy

(S. officinarum. Officinale Veratrum. Cebadilla)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis sabadilla
1 - () misinterpreting their feelings and exaggerated, is erroneous notions or impressions on the state of his body, self-perceived. Illusions: a belief that this pregnant belly when it has only ... ?????? by flatulence; that this wrinkled or shrunk as the dead ... ????? ill, which has a horrible fatal disease in the throat, ... ????? angina only has a trivial, that his legs are incurved, its ...????? long, and half his body is bigger than another, who ...????? Sidlo stomach has corroded or eaten, his scrotum is swollen and his belly ...????? fallen. Delirium in intermittent fevers.
2 The startled by noises, easily startled. Hysterics after a scare. Anxiety and discomfort with great agitation. Shy, nervous 3 difficulty thinking, it causes headaches. Aversion to work.
GENERAL OR pathogenesis SINTOAMS sabadilla
4 - () Worse from cold and cold air, cold drinks, for wine, for odors, by mental effort, at new and full moon, at rest, before noon and midnight. Better: for food and hot drinks; the open air motion; when swallowing something, usually by heat or when in heat in bed.
5 - () Periodicity: onset of symptoms at the same time, or every one, two or four weeks. Right side, or from right to left or left to right (throat).
6 - () Children with a tendency to have intestinal parasites (ascariasis, pinworm, tapeworm, etc..) And produced by the same disorders, shock, convulsive tremor, catalepsy, convulsions, nymphomania, headache, nasal and anal itching, nausea, cramps, irregular appetite, dizziness, etc..
7 Sense of beats, pulsations in the outer parts. Great weakness. Bone pain, but in the joints, worse touch, better by a quick movement.
Desire and aversion of sabadilla
D8 - () Wishes: Hot food and beverages, confectionery; of farinaceous; of cold water, milk or beer, honey.
9 - () Aversion: meat, coffee, wine and acids, to the onion and garlic.
SPECIFIC sabadilla
10 - () Vertigo, as if everything revolved around him, worse in the morning on rising, sitting and lying, with feeling faint and obscured vision when rising from sitting. Headache from thinking too much, too much attention focused and sustained implementation; by parasites, after walking or exercising and eating. Hemicrania that starts right and goes left. Itching of the head, the sweat when walking. Forehead covered with cold sweat.
11 - () Burning eyes. Pressure on the eyes to look up. Redness of the edges of the eyelids. Tearing, especially by walking outdoors, looking at something bright, coughing, yawning or feeling the least pain.
Earache 12. Sounds like electric sparks, gurgles, snorts and thump. Itching in the auditory meatus alternating with pruritus ani. Hearing loss as if he had a bandage over the ears.
13 - () coryza hay with spasmodic paroxysms of sneezing, watery eyes and runny nose with watery and abundant with intense frontal pain, with hypersensitivity to the smell of flowers, fruit and garlic, the crisis begins with a special tingle on the palate, requiring stick your tongue to the palate to prevent the outbreak, but not always achieved, is worse in a cold room and improves breathing hot air. Coryza hay with asthma. Nasal itching and tingling. Dry somewhat painful at the top of the nose. Obstruction alternating nostrils. Great white mucous discharge and transparent blowing, without coryza. Red blood comes through the rear, and is expectorated.
14 Heat and intense facial flushing after drinking wine. Bluish dark circles. Herpetic skin, burning, scalding pain, itching and tingling in the lips. Terebrante pain in parotid and submandibular, and in the jaw. Cracking in the joint of the jaw to open his mouth.
15 - () Toothache throbbing; caries. Blue gums, with stinging. Sensation of the mouth and tongue burned and peeling, not tolerate anything hot in the mouth. He feels the language as blistered, with pain in the tip, which is bluish. Furred tongue with thick yellow. Dry mouth without thirst. Saliva sweet, like jelly. Bitter taste.
16 - () Angina that goes from left to right, with pain as if a tampon or a bump that forces him to swallow constantly scraping it-all improvement in swallowing food or hot drinks. Diphtheria with the same characteristics. Dryness in the throat. Feel like a loose hanging skin on the throat and forcing him to swallow. Frequent hawking, worse morning and while eating and afterwards. Thick phlegm or mucus. Feeling of constriction in the throat. Inflammation of the uvula. Chronic angina, worse from cold air.
17 - () No appetite, but it reappears after a bite. Regurgitation. Heartburn. Gasftalgia corrosive and burning; when walking, or inspire or excoriating the press. Cold and discomfort in the stomach, or heat and burning. Nausea with constant tremors and spitting of saliva insipida, better eating. Vomiting of worms. Sense of gastric emptying.
18 - () or tironcante excoriating pain in the liver, worse ... ????? heat in the liver. Colicos intense or as if a ball ..????? m. or roll with an urgent desire to defecate, for parasites, better bend ...????? Constriction in the belly. Rumbling, as if croaran frogs. Sensa ...????? of cold or heat in the belly. Red spots on the abdomen. Sensacion ...????? something alive in the womb.
19 - () Constipation with hard stool and rare, difficult to evacuate. Or fermented brown stools, with mucus and blood, which float in water. Pain and tingling in the rectum. Tingling and itching in rectum and anus, usually for intestinal parasites (see 6), with violent burning after scratching. Alternating with itching anal itching nose or ear. Eliminates pinworms, roundworms or tapeworms.
20 Urgcncia to urinate, but at dusk, with tenesmus. Polyuria. Cloudy urine and thick. Urethral burning when urinating.
21 Drawing pains in the testicles. Decreased sexual desire. Painful erections without desire. Pollutions with flaccid penis.
22 - () Menses late, heavy and prolonged, intermittent with premenstrual pain bearing down. Cutting and stabbing pains in the ovaries (oophoritis). Nymphomania by roundworms.
23 - () Hot Air inhaled. Harsh voice hoarse. Short, dry cough, by taking cold, worse just lies down and during fever or chills, with vomiting, sometimes with sputum or hemoptysis. Sensation of a stone on his chest dyspnea wheezing. Pressure or burning in the chest. Pain from the shoulder to the chest as a tight bandage, worse in open air, pain in the sides of the chest, worse when breathing or coughing. Pleuritis. Red spots on the chest.
24 Palpitations, with throbbing in the whole body.
25 bruised pain in back and lumbar, worse sitting. Burning and stinging between the shoulder blades, or on the right side of the back.
26 Weariness and heaviness in the limbs, worse in the evening, forced to lie. Tearing pain in limbs, as if in the bone marrow, wanting to stretch, better at rest. Cold in the States, painful sensation of paralysis, but in the knees. Shaking or jerking movements of arms and hands. Red spots. Hands dry, yellow stains on fingers, periungual desquamation. Pains in thighs and knees. Weakness and flexion of the knees. Pain in the calves. Heavy feet, swollen, painful and sensitive plants. Copious sweat plants.
27 Sleepiness during the day, with yawning continuous wakefulness. Can not sleep for many thoughts. Agitated sleep at night, not resting, anxious dreams. Starts as a shock, waking in the morning.
28 - () always returns intermittent fever at the same time, usually 15 hours, with predominance of chills (usually upward), absence of thirst (except after the chills), cold hands and feet, with heat in head and face. Hot sweats in the face with cold in the rest of the body. Sleep during perspiration. Malaria on a daily basis, tertian or quartan at regular intervals.
29 - () Skin dry as parchment, which is cut between and below the fingers, especially the fat, with thick. Spots or red stripes on the skin, worse cold air.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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