Sabal serrulata. Homeopathy

Sabal serrulata
(Palm tree of North America)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Sabal serrulata

1 Irritable, impatient and annoyed tolerates no sympathy. Similarly, it is totally indifferent to the needs of others, is very focused on his own sufferings, and wants to be left alone, wants to go and die alone. Apathy.

2 Extremely sad and depressed before menstruation. Feelings of joy despite the pain.

3 Confused, has trouble thinking. Can not remember what they have read.

4 - () Fear of sleep because you can hang out, waking with a start with this fear when sleeping.

GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Sabal serrulata
4 Worse: at night when lying down, damp weather, motion.
Best: after sleep.

5 The pain is sharp, pinching, or cramps, and erratic or radiant; are compounded in the early morning or from noon until bedtime, the sleep better.

6 has properties fattening; is a "antidelgadez.

Desire and aversion of Sabal serrulata
Constant desire to milk 7.

SPECIFIC Sabal serrulata
8 Severe headache with vertigo and dim vision. Headache appears and disappears abruptly and moved. Headache in temples, or rising from the nose to the center of the forehead. Tight feeling in the brain.

9 Iritis when simultaneously there is a prostate problem.

10 chronic otitis media. Fullness in the ears. Sharp points on the ears. Hearing loss; voices seem distant.

11 Sneezing coughing and tearing. Fullness in the nostrils. Nasal catarrh.

PeribUales Papulas 12. Mild neuralgia in the jaw and right temple.

13 Intense burning in mouth and throat, followed by a sensation of numbness, as if the mucosa was covered with grease. Burning in the tongue as if burnt.

14 Acute pain in left side of the throat. Burning in the throat, followed by a feeling of softness, as if covered with oil.

15 - () Good appetite, or poor and capricious. Burping with acid. Gastralgia acute. Gastric irritation. Acute gastritis with terrible heartburn.

16 very intense pain and cramping in the belly, which appears suddenly, radiating in different directions (legs, stomach, etc.). To remain in the ovaries, or up and down in the belly or up on the left side.

17 Piles with dried feces and outward pressure. Stool dark, almost black.

18 Constant desire to urinate and frequent urination at night, sometimes with blood. Painful urination, burning while urinating and then, sometimes with urgency, as cystitis, and even a few drops of blood. Tlen bladder sensation, with pain when starting to urinate, as if the meatus was very narrow.
Tightness in the urethral halfway. Bladder pain that goes up to pubis, epigastrium and left kidney. Pain failure with albuminuria.
Jet divided. Enuresis.

19 - () One of the most important drugs in prostate hypertrophy, according to some authors, "is wonderful, even if there is cancer" (Grimmer). It has been called the "homeopathic catheter and may prevent a large number of cases the surgery for this problem it has been generally used in mother tincture, giving 5 or 10 to 30 drops at a time, one to three times per day some weeks or months or 3AX, 3AC (often better) or the 1000th or 10M. (Grimmer, Dixon, according to the latter should not be used under the 1000A.) In elderly patients with prostate hypertrophy and difficult urination, can keep them well for years. Loss of prostatic fluid. Increased sexual desire and orgasm. Hot Testicles. Feel very thick semen comes out slowly, with local heat sensation. Feel very drawing the testicles upwards, almost painfully. Hot on the genitals. Or atrophied testes decreased in size (may increase). Back pain worse after intercourse prostate.
Loss of sexual potency. Chronic gonorrhea. Perineal pain relieved by deep pressure.

20 - () Intense sexual desire in women. Sharp or stinging pain in the ovaries, radiating upwards or downwards. Delayed menses. Vulvar pruritus. Heaviness in utero. Breast pain breast after the child, but on the right. Hypogalactia. Breast hypertrophy; with pain. It is an interesting drug to prescribe in cases of underdeveloped breasts, stunted or too loose and sagging or wrinkled can increase their size and tone. Itching of the breast.

21 Voice altered. Sharp pain in left chest.

22 - () severe back pain before and during, menstruation. Back pain worse after intercourse.

23 Eczema in hand. Sharp pains in the thighs, running down into the knee joints and ankles.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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