Sabina. Homeopathy

(Juniperus Sabina)
1 - () The music is unbearable, can not stand, it causes nervousness, sadness, crying, fear, such as numbness, seems to penetrate to the marrow of bones, he dislikes. Hypersensitivity, especially the piano.
2 irritable, irascible, foul moods and hypochondria; discontent, discouraged, sad, great anxiety and apprehension; tears and grief. Aversion to talking.
3 Memory low.
4 - () Worse: heat, in a warm room, warmth of bed, clothing, for the music (see l), by the slightest movement, if they touch; stooping, sitting and leaning forward; members hanging down by nightfall, night and morning, to inspire, but if it is a deep inspiration in pregnancy and puerperium. Better: open air (and what you want, as well as doors and windows open), to breathe the air, cold air.
5 - () bleeding, internal or external, bright red blood; simultaneously fluid and blood clots, gushes out.
6 - () The pain is paroxysmal, like labor, appear suddenly and disappear slowly.
7 - () Pulsation in the whole body, violent. Arterial throbbing jerks. Waves of heat outdoors with desire.
8 heaviness throughout the body, indolence, which obliged him to bed.
Desire and aversion OF SABINA
9 - () Desire for acids, especially of lemonade.
10 - () Vertigo with obscured vision and occasional falls, for suppression of menstruation. Heaviness and pressure in the head popping sensation in temples and forehead. Hemicrania attacks. Throbbing headache or terebrantes, frontal or temporal that often come on suddenly and slowly decrease to reappear. Waves of heat to the head, congestion of the head and desire for open air.
Tensive pain in 11 eyes, heat in eyes. Burning tears.
Twitching in the eyelids. Go cloudy.
12 Stitches in ears. Hearing loss in foggy weather or weather changes or if tired.
13 Dry coryza.
14 Face pale, with dark circles. Black pores on the cheeks and around nose. Pressure and pain in malar paralyzed. Drawing pain in the jaw muscle, cheek to be worse by touching and right.
Toothache throbbing or 15 if you cut off the tooth, especially in the evening and night, worse from chewing, drinking, smoking and warmth of the bed, the better to rise.
16 Gums ulcerated. Dry mouth. Putrid breath. Saliva red or white, which becomes foamy when speaking. Tongue white or brown. Oily taste, or blood, or bitter, and milk and coffee tastes bitter.
17 Dry throat, with pain on swallowing, and the feeling of having a foreign body there, or swelling, choking.
Heartburn after eating 18. Poor appetite. Nausea with gastric fullness.
Bilious vomiting of undigested food or the day before. Lancinating pain in the epigastrium, which goes to the back.
Liver pain 19. Tympanic distension of the stomach. Movements as if something alive in the womb or as fetal movimentos. Pinching and labor-like pains in the belly or navel, with the feeling that going to vomit, without nausea. Constrictive pains, pain down pressure hypogastrium. Bruise-like pain in abdominal muscles, evening in bed.
First 20 stools soft, then hard, with plenty of flatus.
Download and abundant red blood from the anus after stool hard stools, bleeding and painful hemorrhoids. Anal discharge of bloody mucus.
Tingling in the anus. Constipation.
21 Retention of urine, drop by drop with urination, and burning and bladder pain. Nephritis with burning and throbbing in the kidney region. Hematuria. Urgent desire to urinate, oliguria, or violent desires, with polyuria, even at night. Painful urethritis with purulent secretion.
22 - () Gonorrhea. Burning pain in the glans. Cartilage swelling on the dorsum of the penis, ENFORMA nut. Itching Condylomata male genitals, the penis, burning, itchy and painful on the glans and foreskin. Glande very red. Foreskin pain, with difficulty in retracting.
Swollen frenulum. Sexual desire increased, with violent and prolonged erections.
23 - () Sexual desire greatly increased, almost insatiable, violent and may reach nymphomania. Stitches or a knife deep into the vagina and uterus to umbilicus. Menses early, heavy, prolonged (8 to 10 days), with blood coming in paroxysms, in gushes of bright red blood or dark or pale, partly liquid and partly clotted fetida, leaving the lower or walking motnmiento , accompanied by violent pains extending from sacrum to pubis, and sometimes, down to the thighs, with stabbing pains in the vagina from the bottom up that starts screaming at the patient, who can not lean forward while sitting, or with labor-like pains. In women who start menstruating early, or when first menstruation lingers. Especially at climacteric menorrhagia or after an abortion or early menses.
Metrorrhagia active, bright red, with clots (sometimes obscure or fluid), in spurts, profuse, in paroxysms, worse from slightest effort or movement and, often, better walking, worse from heat or in a room hot; appears between two periods, in threatened abortion, during and after delivery, the placenta retention in fibroids and menopause. Intermenstrual metrorrhagia is often accompanied by sexual excitement. Threatened abortion (possibly more important is the remedy or, at least in my experience, it emerges, its symptoms, as the most frequently indicated, especially in the third month), with characteristic pain and metrorrhagia and the aggravation of the latter by the heat and the slightest movement, must remain perfectly still to avoid or reduce the loss. In these situations tolas gynecological infections (menorrhagia, metrorrhagia, abortions, etc.). Sacropubicos pains are present and often, excruciating pains up the vagina. You can get to eliminate the tendency to abortion. Paroxysmal pain in the uterus, extended to the English, or bearing down as labor-like cramping. Menses suppressed, with flow. Heavy flow, irritating, foul, after menses, flesh-colored or imarillento or milky. Inflammation of ovaries and uterus after an abortion or premature labor. Flow vulvar itching. Placenta retained by uterine atony, severe wrongs. Promotes expulsion of moles or foreign bodies of the uterus. Condylomata very itchy and burning in the vulva. Breasts swollen and tingly. Uterine prolapse. Subinvolution uterus.
Dry cough from tickling 24 laryngeal or tracheal mucosa followed by expectoration of blood taken. Pressing pain in the sternum. Excoriating pain in the xiphoid, worse with deep breathing or touching. Stitches in the left nipple.
25 Press unequal fast and hard. Palpitations.
26 - () The key symptom, without whose presence there can be no prescription of Sabina, is the pain (like labor or twitching or transfixiante) lumbosacral lying pubis (direct from one bone to another). There is also pain in the lower back, extending to the groin, and down the thighs (at their anterior aspect). Back pain that forced him to walk bent.
27 - ()-Drawing and tearing pains, worse at night, in the bones of the feet and hands at the wrists and the toes, redness and swelling and bright. Acute attack of gout (gout or chronic), especially in the heels and toes, worse local heat (uncovers), movement and touch, the better for local cold. Gouty nodules. Cracking joints. Pain as if dislocated right shoulder, even at rest.
Stitches in the lateral condyle of the elbow. Arthritic stiffness and swelling of the wrist, with excruciating pain when his hand hangs. Weakness in the hands when writing. Stitches in the hips, tomorrow, or breathing stopped.
Pain in the thighs on down. Ulcer purulent lardaceous in the tibia.
Stitches from the inside out in heels. Alternate drop with bleeding.
28 Insomnia and restlessness after midnight. Sleep disturbed by hot flashes with sweating. Sounds with intellectual efforts. Speak loud snoring and sleeping. Tendency to lie down on the left side when sleeping.
29 Chills in the evening or all day, with goose bumps. Burning heat throughout the body, with restlessness. Evening fever. Heat in face, hands and feet frozen. Cold in the right leg. Sweats every night.
30 - () warts, warts or growths and excrescences as cauliflower, burning, itching and humid, especially in the anus and genitals.
Itching of the skin, grazes and sores, scaly spots after scraping. Burning in the affected parts when touched. Black pores on the skin.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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