Saccharum lactis. Homeopathy

(Lactose or milk sugar)
Pathogenesis made by Swan, with the power 30aC. and above.

1 - () Hallucinations: think he has a large hole above the sacrum, that his mother wants to kill her, that someone is behind it.

2 - () Very nervous, starts for any unusual noise or jumps from his chair. Suddenly, he is afraid and trembles all over, as from fright. Great fear of death, during the paroxysms of chest pain at night.

3 - () is lost in well known streets.

4 - () A tendency to be sarcastic and point out errors or mistakes or to find everyone and everything can not say a kind word to anyone.

5 - () Melanie nostalgia as if it can not, mourn.

6 - () Hysteria in the evening, laughing and crying, and jumping or lying down, can not stand because it falls to the right.

7 - () Dolores ice cream, as if they were produced by frost and extremely fine needles, and stitches, ranging from one place to another. 0 pains throughout the body taps of tomorrow. The pains occur or become worse in morning and evening, before the storms (sometimes for 12 hours before), in a damp room or basement (better if there is a fire).

8 - () Worse before a storm in a damp room; of morning and evening, for physical or mental effort, for the blue or yellow.
Better: After 16 hours in the heat of the fire by red.

9 Great physical exhaustion caused by overwork. Prostration by mental excitement.

Desire and aversion of Saccharum LACTIS
10 - () I want candy and very cold water.

11 - () sensation of drawing up and sharp pain on the left side of the head and vertex. Acute frontal pain, from one temple to another, worse when touching the left temple. Pressure on the frontal bone. Intense heaviness in the forehead, with a tendency to fall forward. Enlarged head feels as if he were there all the blood from the body. Confusion in the head.

12 pains in the right eye and in the corners. Dry eyes, blinking and making it difficult to open or close their eyes. Styes. Feel free pregnant swollen eyelids. Needle-like pains in the eyes to wash them with cold water.
Paresis of the upper eyelid. Photophobia. Tiredness easy to view.

13 - () Pain in the ears, but in the right, inside, and behind the ear, extending to the shoulder or jaw. The voice reverberates in the ear when talking. Buzzing in right ear.

14 Pain in the nose at the tip in the root, very intense and worse at the slightest touch or movement of facial muscles, worse on the left.

15 Pain from the angle of the mouth that moves to the right armpit. Burning pains in malar bones. It hurts the whole face. Swelling of the face.
Sad, with eyes as if crying. Pale face with dark circles. Arden corners of the mouth and chin. Lip sore and raw, dry.

16 - () Language yellow (or only at the edges) or white. Putrid taste after eating or fresh walnuts. Burning feeling throughout the mouth, as if he had blisters. Sensation of cold as ice in mouth and throat.

17 - () sensation of a fishbone in the throat when swallowing.
Spasmodic stricture in the esophagus. Globe hysterical after lunch, with migraine. Throat very sensitive to external pressure, the less pressure you feel as if to choke.

18 - () Hunger continues. Feeling of faintness or languor vacuum or Gastric all day, and nausea. Pressure in the stomach. Heartburn that goes with sweet taste in their mouths.

19 - () right upper quadrant pain, worse on palpation and on stooping; on the left, rising just within. Sharp pain above the navel and around the body. Irritation and inflaiiiacion the navel, with greenish yellow secretion that stains the clothes. Abdomen sore to the touch and the heels when walking.

20 - () Before stool: the hands and whole body smelled feces (which disappears after a bowel movement), there are pains in the breasts, and others who run into the abdomen, especially the upper. Urging to stool, with much effort and feeling the ball into the rectum. Soreness anal itching and tingling in the lower rectum, sometimes awaken at night with constant sensation of pressure. Stools smell of rotten eggs.

21 - () pain in the belly right before urination and sometimes during it. Urinary frequency shear urethral pain after urination, with polyuria. Intense pain in the labia through contact with urine. The sound of running water makes you urinate, and can not help it. Nocturnal enuresis at night several times, and large amounts each time. The tine of dark yellow urine. Right kidney pain.

22 - () Starting menstruation early, very dark. Copious greenish yellow, sometimes bloody, raw with irritation in the part of the vulva and vagina. Pain in the ovaries, worse when walking. Bearing down sensation in the pelvis. Vulvar pruritus. Frost line in the center of the pubis upwards.

Pain over 23 and in the right breast, which is sensitive to the touch afterwards.
Sharp pain under left breast at every inspiration that took her breath, worse bending forward.

24 - () Sensation in the heart as if he were to fire or explode or weight supported there, extending to the whole thorax. He wakes up at midnight with severe chest pain, with almost total feeling of detention of the heart, with pain and numbness in heart, lips and tongue, and great fear of dying, when everything happens, is a great pain about the heart, tingling lips and tongue, intermittent pulse, and can not lie on the left side.

25 - () pains up and down on the right side of the neck. Heat waves in the upper back. Pain in the upper right shoulder blade.
Pain between the shoulder blades and sacrum. Pain in sacrum, worse on deep inspiration. Pains up and down between the tip of the coccyx and right shoulder. Pain under left shoulder blade. Sacrocoxis pain, worse bending backward. Back pain. Pain in the entire column.

26 - () Dolores ranging from the right shoulder to the neck, back, shoulder, chest, left breast. Pain in the armpit. Pain in the hands to the fingertips, grab something worse, but in the right. The skin under the fingernails look dirty, and not come out with washing. Itching in the right palm.
Pain in the wrists, which goes to the elbows, with slight stiffness. Right sciatic pain. Aching buttocks to the pressure, pain in thighs and hips.
Flushes of heat in the lower limbs. Like pain in big toe gout DERCHO, tolerates no contact with the footwear. Corns on feet, very painful to walk.

27 - () Continuing day yawns. Sleeplessness after midnight. She lies alone on the left side, no other position he is comfortable, puts her hands on her head to sleep. He wakes with the feeling to have sounded with pains in the chest, and do not know if it was dream or reality.
Suenos fatigue.

28 Great cold, as if going to have chills, hands and feet frozen, can not get warm. Internal heat flares that rise.

29 Itching in the whole body, at night, just cover it in bed.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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