Saccharum officinale. Homeopathy

Saccharum officinale
(Sugar, including refined white sugar or S. Album)
Pathogenesies made by von Boenninghausen and SEBute with 30aC.
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Saccharum officinale

1 - () Children greedy, capricious, who only want to eat sweets. and always grumpy, complainers, whiners, if they are older, are insolent and indolent.

2 - () Temperament violent, irritable, quarrelsome, argumentative.

3 Melanie with chills. Depressed, hypochondriac. He will not talk, has no interest; indifferent stupor. Nostalgia.

GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Saccharum officinale
4 - () thins even with great relish. Anemia. Fainting. Rickets in children. "In overweight children, swollen, large members" (Farrington).

5 Worst: early morning, for anger. Better: erect (dyspnea).

6 bone pain throughout the body.

WANTS AND OF AVERSIRONES Saccharum officinale
7 - () Great desire for sugar.

SPECIFIC Saccharum officinale
8 - () Dizziness by indigestion. Headache every week the same day with severe chills. The hair grows fast. Cold in the head.

9 - () Eyes closed eyelids swollen and inflamed. Ophthalmia. Falls.
Opacity of the cornea. Vision cloudy.

10 - Purulent otorrhea 

11 Sneezing dry coryza.

12 Face pale, cadaverous; abogatada or edematous. Muscle twitching on his right cheek.

13 - () white tongue coating is thick. Cracks on the tongue. Ranula.
Thrush in children.

14 ulcers in the throat.

15 - () Extreme hunger with fever. Early morning nausea. Retching. Vomiting of white mucus, thick and adhering blood acid; with chills; newspapers. Stomach bloated, distended; altered. Digestion slow, with acidity. Burning in the stomach, hot or cold.
Pressure in stomach, morning fasting. Painful constriction in the stomach; gastralgias in hypochondriacs. Painful sensitiveness in the epigastrium.

16 - () Liver swollen, indurated. Enlarged spleen. Pain in liver and spleen.
Swollen abdomen, hard as a rock, in children; meseiiterica tabes, adenopatia with induration of the mesenteric glands.

17 - () Diarrhea with watery stools and debilitating, or mucosanguinolentas, or bilious. Constipation with hard stool to stool, alternating with diarrhea.
Congested and painful hemorrhoids. Pruritus ani.

18 Severe pain in the kidneys. Oliguria. Polyuria with strong-smelling urine and white sediment.

19 enormous swelling of the scrotum. Increased sexual desire. Frequent pollutions.

20 menses decreased; pale. Flow deleted.

21 - () Irritarion laryngeal cough. Hoarseness read. Dry cough. Cough in children.
Expectorarion yellowish, salty, very fetida; cold. Oppression, dyspnoea improved straightening. Pneumonia. Swelling of the lower sternum.
Fullness in the chest, coughing better. Stitches in the left thorax.

Chest pain 22. Pulse weak and irregular.

23 - () Tingling in the limbs. Thinning in the hands and thighs. Edema in arms, in the legs, hard as stone. Paralytic weakness in the legs, painful shocks with heartburn. Cramps in calves.

24 Insomnia. Starts sleeping.

Chills 25 from 10 am until dusk, beginning at the sacrum and extending up and down, altering or followed by profuse perspiration.
Cold in the head. Irregular intermittent fever, cala one, two or three days.

Dry skin 26. Suppression of sweating. Red spots or pale skin.
Felon. Ulceration with hypertrophic granulations. Herpes old.

COMPLEMENTARY Saccharum officinale:
Calcarca Carbonica (Saccharum is very similar to Office. "[Farrington]).

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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