Salicylicum acid (salicylic acid). Homeopathy

Sal Acidum
(Salicylic acid)
1 mild anxiety, uneasiness, worry. Melancolico, wishes to be quiet and you feel faint.
2 Delirium, something looks around, laughs for no reason, talking incessantly and in a disjointed manner. Excitation.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR sal pathogenesis Acidum
3 Down: by touch, by motion, at night, cold air or by touching something cold. Better: Dry heat, warm applications.
4 weak, fainting.
5 - () bone decalcification.
6 - () stunning head when he stood up suddenly. Vertigo with tendency to fall to the left, the objects around him seem to fall on the right (Meniere's syndrome (see 8)). Rush of blood to the head. Severe headache at the temples, or begin in vertex or neck and goes to the mastoid (more right), which are sensitive to touch. Ringing in the skull.
7 Vision impaired. Iritis following acute rheumatism, pains are ameliorated by local heat. Retinal hemorrhage. Influenza Retinitis post with albuminuria.
8 - () Meniere's Syndrome (one of the most important drugs) with hearing loss or deafness, dizziness (see 6) and ringing in the ears (roaring, roaring, buzzing like bees or flies, or music).
9 sneezing all day, especially in children with incipient nasal catarrh.
10 Cara snatched away by the slightest excitement.
11 - () Stomatitis with hot, dry mouth, burning and burning tongue coated vesicles. Boca red with white spots and burning sensation.
Ulecraciones at the tip of the tongue. Foul breath. Unpleasant taste, like something burnt, bitter. Food has no taste. Language, purple or gray.
12 - () Burning in the throat and he scraped it causes coughing. Haemorrhagic pharyngitis with dysphagia. Tonsils red and swollen, with white dots, with pain on swallowing and dysphagia, worse on the right, with stitches in the eustachian tube to the ear, with foreign and local heat sensitivity. Mucosa of pharynx red and swollen with ulcers very small, and excretion of a cheesy substance and fetida.
13 - () Arcade, nausea, vomiting. Ulcers in the stomach. Burning in epigastrium. Belching and acid hot, putrid. Fermentative dyspepsia.
Is weak feeling in your stomach.
14 Preston constant and intense in her belly, with distention, flatulence and constipation incarcerated.
15 - () Constipation with dry, hard stools, followed by watery diarrhea, sour, yellow, with great weakness. Children with diarrhea and belching putrid puddle of green stools as rare, putrid smell or acid. Taeniasis. Pruritus ani.
Diabetes 16. Albuminuria. Urine clear, little, brown, then green.
17 women with frequent hot flashes, irritability, poor memory and occipital headache. Puerperal sepsis.
18 rapid breathing, sighing or gasping. Dry, spasmodic cough, worse at night, in the elderly. Asthma. Bronchitis fetida. Pulmonary gangrene. Pressure paraestemal.
Rapid, weak pulse 19.
20 - () Acute articular rheumatism attacking one or more joints, particularly the left side, with great swelling, heat and redness of joints, severe pain exacerbated by the slightest motion and touch the joint or by any shock, worse at night , get up after sleeping an hour, with high fever, excessive sweating acrid smell, followed by a miliary eruption, tachycardia with pulse, full, soft, often caused by a cold, sometimes local dry heat relieves the pain. Rheumatoid arthritis in menopause. Rheumatism by suppression of sweating of the feet. Copious bromhidrosis feet. Left sciatic burning, worse at night. Swollen and painful knees. Necrosis of tibia.
Yawning 21. He wakes up thinking he often hears music.
22 - () chills up the spine and the tip of the fingers. Continuous fever, burning, followed by sweating, with improvement, then fever returns. Copious sweats and debilitating.
23 pruritic vesicles and pustules, better by scratching. Red, tender skin, with red spots like flea bites. Urticaria. Herpes zoster.