SaludBio. Health Education. Part 1

I recently bought at a pharmacy about Lancing I needed, and they gave me a bag that had printed a phrase that roughly read: "Let your health care by professionals. I quickly came to mind the publicity, education or propaganda over and over again that he wants to convey to the general population as well as a few questions. Who are these professionals? What is the spirit and intention behind this slogan? What care these professionals: health or illness of their patients? Really they are responsible to care for the health of the population? Do they?

Health professionals

We do not doubt that, first, the professionals wanted to refer to the advertising of the bag were to pharmacists and physicians. But in addition, after these words there is a whole philosophy that SaludBio disagree and wish to clarify for all concerned, it is the key to understanding the motive which has prompted us to create this site. The philosophy of the stock in question would be: "you do not care about his health because you have not studied or pharmacy or medicine, we only" understood "that we are the authorized college and better prepared to care for their health ".

We understand that pharmacists somehow want to protect their customers self-medication, dangerous, by necessity, because such adverse side effects that accompany the drugs they sell. It's like being at camp to pick mushrooms without having any idea of what the poison. Better would be to go with a professional in this field will not be that their lack of knowledge and trying to toxic substances such as some mushrooms that accompany loss of life. If the intention of the propaganda was that the bag would be fine, if only by reading the leaflets that accompany medicines have more than enough to realize the danger of the chemicals they are selling drugs, whether prescription or not . But it gives the impression that their intention went beyond.

Medical Inquisition ?
Somehow that phrase: "Let your health care in the hands of professionals" is reminiscent of the medieval Inquisition, conducted by the Catholic Church prohibiting the reading of the Bible in the vernacular of the people (even in Latin ) is not not knowing that not having studied Latin and theology at Catholic schools gave an incorrect interpretation of the Sacred Writings and condemned with their interpretations. In other words, "only we learned to correctly interpret the Scriptures."

The reality is that the clergy did not want the people know the truth about the misdeeds they were doing and that the Scriptures clearly condemn. If the people had given him the opportunity to read the Bible he had discovered the lie that his organization was based. We all know what happened.

Well, is that the spirit behind "leave health care in the hands of professionals"? It seems as if we were told, you do not worry, we are scholars, we know, we have studied. You do not read much on health issues will not be any confusion, mistake and hurt themselves.

But now it turns out that the Internet is available to all. Much information on health-good and bad-can be found on the net! Is it better to ignore these "professionals" and not confuse us with such information? This reminds us once again to the medieval Inquisition. It emerged at that time, people who disobey the dictates of the Catholic Church began to translate the Bible into the languages of the people in hiding. Of course, the persecuted Church, were condemned and burned both them and their translations. However, triumphed. Knowledge began to be available to the village, people began to read, namely, to learn the reality of his misdeeds, to draw their own conclusions, to investigate on their own.

Well it seems that now we are still in the medical inquisition. Are we starting to get out of it?

Health professionals are concerned about what? From your health or your condition?
We make this question because we think of sub medicine in general, including the alternative, it has taken a "drift" that is not conducive to the general population. As stated above, the real concern is the health of people but their customers are not dying. This statement seems harsh, but if the real interest of pharmaceutical companies and doctors were the health of their patients their studies should have been directed in another direction.

According to the Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Language Academy in its 22nd edition defines medicine as "Science and art to forestall and treat diseases of the human body." So by this definition medicine aims DISEASE. However, striking the word "cautious", ie: "To prevent a risk, harm or danger, to guard it and avoid it." Do doctors do this? What naturopaths, homeopaths, therapists or alternative medicine? Nor was his main concern is the health education, but the curing diseases through natural means.

What is Health Education?
To give you an example. If you are a person who is suffering from strep every winter really goes to your doctor to cure her sore throat. Your physician, as explain the symptoms, and confirmed by inspection is in effect pharyngitis sent him medicine to "cure" for his sore throat. What really happens is that within two months, or next winter you have strep throat again. So will you all my life, especially if like me and my generation of tonsils removed when we were kids because it turns out the tonsils served to little.

Well, go to the doctor again, but now that your interest is not the disease, but their HEALTH. Do not tell that you have strep, but rather say, "Doctor I am a person who often get strep every year, what must I do to not to have more pharyngitis?". Sure your doctor will keep an open mouth. First, because think you are not right in the head by making him think that question because he has no control over its potential pharyngitis. But according to the definition of medicine we have discussed it itself should explain, educate you so you can prevent strep and do not have more pharyngitis. Are we asking for impossible? Not necessarily. What happens is that for him the disease is an accident, something that is difficult to control because the cause of the disease is usually in the germs, bacteria, and now increasingly the culprits are more genes, but you rarely have the blame for his illness.

A practical example
Several years ago I had a seborrheic dermatitis. I am not going to get tired with symptoms of the disease, but I would put a link to a dermatologist so that you know the causes and treatment protocol if they are interested.

It is striking that the causes of this disease is not well understood, for example Wikipedia states: "It is believed to be caused by infection of the fungus 'Malassezia' (formerly known as Pityrosporum ovale) in individuals with low immunity and a high sebum production. "

According to the previous link, if observed, treatment is an antifungal shampoo, because it is suspected that the fungus Malassezia furfur is the culprit. Also in the dermatologist's protocol states the following: "Food, alcohol consumption: Alcohol consumption often increases the intensity of the lesions of seborrheic dermatitis. A similar effect can be caused by spicy foods or spicy, but otherwise is not necessary to dietary restrictions. "

In fact I put the shampoo. At first with something better soon, he appeared with the same intensity. Given the failure of treatment, fell into my hands by chance, a book of natural medicine (which was not necessarily the disease) and decided to follow his advice on my own. I changed my diet dramatically, and within a few months, all symptoms disappeared chest, face and scalp in that order. That is, what was a chronic disease is that by changing a few eating habits disappeared. Then go dermatologist! No, let's not blame the dermatologist, he commands them what they taught you in college. He treats the disease, he taught at the university and help you and me to be healthy and have no more pharyngitis or seborrheic dermatitis. He is not responsible. Then who is responsible for our health? Where to find Health Education?

In the second part of this series will try to answer those questions.

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