SaludBio. Health Education. Part 2

We were considering in a previous article the need to receive health education that allows us not to attack the disease simply because of illness, but understand the process that led us to the functional derangement and therefore focus on the causes.

We know that is not the most famous, as expressed on one occasion David Adams: "The doctor who saves someone who is dying of a disease is all the publicity and reward. That makes prevention, which prevents disease, is not mentioned or recognized. "

But along with other famous aphorism, Thomas Edison talking about the future of medicine said: "The doctor of the future will prescribe no drugs but will interest his patients in the care of the human body, watching what you eat and in the cause and prevention of diseases. " Yes, this is the key, this is what health professionals should do, educate their patients or potential patients in the care of diet and disease prevention. If you did that we would save millions of euros in treatment and surgery that put us in a circle whose output is the disease and then death.

Those responsible for our health
SaludBio have that aim: "to educate for prevention, planning to be sick, not sick to live." But again the question arises who is responsible for our health? What are we and nobody else. In our article "Natural Medicine. Health Education "discussed. "YOU are solely responsible for your health. YOU are the only ones who can do something for their health, and YOU are the only ones who have the power to cure an ailment. When you seek medical care on a medical condition, disability, distress or any situation that comes before him in charge of implementing the advice they receive will be YOU. If you respect the laws of nature in a balanced and properly acts in the vital energy and ability to heal itself will do the rest. "

We are all guilty of lack of health education
But unfortunately not yet reached the time we talked Mr. Edison. Why is not given priority to the prevention of disease? In the last article we talked about the medical inquisition, but in reality we are all responsible. As mentioned earlier, natural medicine has also entered most of the time in the game of consumerism. If you seek assistance in the field of natural medicine because the medicine is not convinced of the medicinal chemist or because more natural, naturopathic doctors will recommend the natural products that undoubtedly it will help for health problems. But most drug companies that produce products or houses or food supplements what interests them is to sell, sell their products. We have never read in the heavily advertised products that make coming to the market that the purpose of these houses is the prevention of disease or health education. Rather, his goal is to bring to market a product that helps the patient to be cured of his illness, or rather of its symptoms or a blunt shape (chemical medicine) or a more natural (alternative medicine) .

What if we had health education?
But remember, SaludBio wants more, wants the same thing that Mr. Edison sensed, wants YOU to take charge of your life, charge of your health and you be the one with the information they have at their disposal to take appropriate decisions for your health. We understand that this is not easy. People are frightened when they are sick. Quickly get help for him and his. It is normal and as should be when we have the Health Education. People want solutions and sometimes wants YA. We are in the closed circle of consumerism that deprives us even have the time we need to heal naturally. But you need to know that not only exists allopathic medicine and alternative, but there is

If we had health education be freer. By having a health problem:
* First, meditate on what has been the cause of the loss of health.
* Seek a solution as natural as possible.
* Recognizing that would change our habits were responsible for our mistakes.
* We would take the time we need to recover, without haste.
* Analyzed if it is better or semistarvation fasting for a short time.
* Look for juices or herbal remedies to help us debug.
* Look for food more suitable for our case.
* We would know that nutritional supplements would work with us in our recovery.
* Emotionally analyzed if we are jumping the natural laws.
* If we decide to chemical medicine we would knowingly and taking necessary precautions and even the necessary measures to mitigate the damage or side effects.
* If you decide on surgery, we would prepare in advance for intervention and meditate carefully on what long-term consequences of our decision, in addition to immediate risks.
* If we were to decide on a course of chemotherapy evaluated the statistics of success and failure of treatment and the likelihood of cure REAL in our case. Failure to do so could be catastrophic because virtually exhausted the possibilities of healing and would not back down.

Yes, as you can see the Health Education only produces benefits, but holds us accountable. Are you willing to accept the challenge, or want to leave your health in the hands of others? You decide.

In the third article in this series will detail SaludBio items you should know to get started in health education.

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