Sage. Essential oil

SAGE (Salvia officinalis)
Sage essential oil is amber color and has an intense aroma and taste nice and spicy, hot and sour

Sage oil properties:
1) regulator of blood circulation.
2) Balances the autonomic nervous system.
3) tones the digestive tract.
4) Antidiarrheal.
5) Regulator of menstrual function.
6) It has properties antiglucimiantes.

Internal use of essential oil of sage: 2 to 4 drops. 2 or 3 times a day in a spoonful of honey, hot soy milk, or sugar infusion. Preferably after meals.

Sage oil Directions: Night sweats. Dyspepsia, spasmodic vomiting. Diarrhea of infants. Canker sores and inflammation of the gums. Circulatory problems, and possesses antiglucemiantes. Imbalances in the nervous system. Normalizes menstrual problems.

External use sage essential oil:
In friction and fomentation. Promote healing of leg ulcers and scrofulous cheeks. Actua improving the gums.

*Automatic Translation