Sambucus canadensis. Homeopathy

Sambucus canadensis
(Elder Canadian)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Sambucus canadensis
1 Depression and fear undefined danger.
General symptoms of Sambucus canadensis
2 Worse: lying. Better: by sweating; out of bed.
Burnout 3. Discomfort. Recurrent symptoms. Edema.
SPECIFIC Sambucus canadensis
4 Head heavy, confusing, with drawing pains and fullness. Sensation as if water on the head, undulating to move it.
5 Face flushed, blotchy, looks sick.
6 Boca shriveled, dry, with thirst.
7 Feel the dry and swollen throat.
8 Push in the kidney region, followed by an abundance of clear urine urination. Frequency. Albuminuria.
9 - () dry and swelling in the larynx, with labored breathing. Wheezing, whistling: must sit up in bed to breathe. Constriction and heaviness in the chest, sometimes waking him and should get out of bed to breathe, no sleep again for fear of drowning.
10 acute chest pain with palpitations visible. Constriction on the heart. Tachycardia.
11 provides the back as dislocated. Pressive lumbar pain.
12 Acute rheumatic pains in feet and hands.
13 - () Sweat profuse that all the symptoms gradually improve. Head sweats less than the rest of the body.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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