Sambucus nigra. Homeopathy

Sambucus nigra
(Common Elder)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Sambucus nigra
1 - () Great tendency to panic. Shocks followed by anxiety, restlessness, tremors and suffocation (with cyanosis).
2 - () or consequences of anxiety disorders, grief, fear, emotions and sexual excesses.
3 Irritable, moody everything causes annoyance.
4 Delirio newspaper, with visual hallucinations that scare (worse on closing eyes).
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Sambucus nigra
5 - () Worse lying down, especially on the left side with head down, at rest, for sleep around midnight and after, or 2 to 3 hours by uncovering, cold and dry air, cold drinks when overheated; from eating fruit. Best: from motion, walking, lifting, or sitting in bed for much shelter.
6 - () edema throughout the body. Great emaciation, rough, in robust persons.
7 Waves generalized blood films at night, after bedtime, with sensation of tremor.
SPECIFIC Sambucus nigra
8 Dizziness and confusion of head, or feel like there is water on the head, worse from motion. Pressive or tearing headache in the forehead and temples. Collisions or jerking of the head. The head is thrown back. Erysipelas on the left side. Scales on the head with intolerable itching. Feel the stretch scalp.
9 pupils first contracted, then widely dilated.
10 points in the right ear, with pain and cramping. Itching and tingling in the ears and throat.
11 - () Nose dry and completely obstructed, especially in children, even infants or newborns, with noises in the nose to try to breathe, when you try to breastfeed, the baby must release the nipple because he can not breathe, the patient is always with an open mouth. The child suddenly awakened, as if drowned. Nasal congestion, with heaviness at the tip of the nose. Thick and viscous nasal secretion that accumulates in the nose.
Numbness of the nose, with itching of the bridge.
12 Cara blue or dark blue and puffy, or pale and earthy. Red cheeks. Red and hot spots on the cheeks and nose. Sensation of numbness and tension in the cheeks, and swollen. Heat and sweat on his face. Pressure on the bones of the face.
Toothache 13. Dry mouth and throat, without thirst.
14 Itching and tickling in the throat.
15 Vomiting food, mucous or bilious. Pressure in the stomach.
Gastralgias sharp, worse pressure.
Colicos as 16 punctures, with expulsion of flatus, abdominal pain as a blow. Pain in the abdominal muscles. Painful blows in the left hypogastric.
17 Year irritated hemorrhoids.
18 Frequent desire to urinate, with copious urination, even at night. Very fine jet. Urine very yellow copious sediment.
19 Swelling of the scrotum.
Menstruation 20 abundant.
21 - () laryngitis, tracheitis, false croup, hoarseness. The patient, usually a child, suddenly wakes up around midnight or later, or suffocation, with severe shortness of breath, crying or screaming, intense general concern and hands, with cyanosis of the face and limbs, can not breathe the air or be lying with his head down, making you feel (which makes it better temporarily) or jumps out of bed, the accesses are common and continue until 4 am (worse at 3) with cough, nasal obstruction and sweats facial. Asthma in children, sleep with dyspnea. Cough suffocative expiration at midnight with hissing or sighing, worse at rest, in bed or with her head down, the air cold and dry, deep, hollow, hoarse; continued, with expectoration salty or sweet. Whooping cough, with mucous expectoration scanty and only by day. Sharp pains under the left nipple.
Pressure on the sternum. Sudden feeling of contraction in the sides of the thorax. Dry cough, deep preceding febrile access.
Occasional extrasystoles 22. Angina pectoris with sensation of pressure from the column in robust or fat people who have lost weight because of emotional problems or sexual excesses. Pulse fast or slow and full, sometimes intermittent. Sore back and shoulder blades, in the column.
23 - () Hands and feet swollen and cyanotic, and dark blue forearms.
Tearing pain in bones of the forearms and hands. Pain in wrist and fingers. Tremor when writing. Tearing pain in the thighs.
Tension in the tendons of the thigh, as if too short. Sensation of cold, numbness and anesthesia in the right tibia, severe pain in the tibia. Edema in lower limbs, feet, legs and knees. Desgarrentes pains in legs and ankles. Icy cold feet with hot body.
24 Sleeps with arms over head. He sleeps with his eyes and mouth half open. Dreams.
25 - () Chills with shivering before falling asleep. Fever with hot, dry skin falling asleep or during sleep: after retiring, without thirst and fear of uncovering. Fever with chills at any stage of paroxysm. Starting profuse sweating on the face and understand the whole body, that occur on awakening and last while awake, asleep and just disappearing back foot. Sweating from 19 to 1 hours. Sweating all over the body except the head, or lying down; copious night, but not debilitating, better by motion, with aversion to uncovering. Sweating during apyrexia continue on malaria, on a daily basis. The copious sweating with the features mentioned, comes with most of the symptoms, and is one of the most indicative factors that lead to the prescription of this medication.
26 - () Dropsy, anasarca. Tickling itching on the skin. Sudden twitching pain in the skin when sitting.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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