Sanguinaria. Homeopathy

(S. canadensis Blood Root Orcaneta)

1 Confusion mental dullness, heaviness, better by belching. Drowsy state with eyes open.

2 Anxiety and fear before vomiting. Irritable, moody.

3 - () Worse from touch; by least jar; by coughing, lying on the right side by the movement, or exercise, or turn your head quickly, or roll over in bed, on stooping; by eating and swallowing, and at night, in wet weather, for sweet things. Best: removing flatus (headache, cough) or belching (confusion), for the dream, for the dark lying on the left side by strong pressure, cold air and free.

4 - () Right side of symptoms, then go right to, eft.

5 - () Burning (in the mucosa) and heat (skin) translating its action on vasomotor system. Dryness and burning of eyes, ears, mouth, throat, chest, stomach. Heat in the face, the palms and soles. Flares or hot flashes (see 22).

6 - () Polyps. Cancer. Abnormal growths. Dolores where the bones are less covered (tibia, back of hands, etc.)..

7 Great weakness, especially on waking in the morning and while walking outdoors.

Desire and aversion of Sanguinaria
8 Desire for spicy foods, spicy and acid. Aversion to butter and a dessert. Do not know they want.

9 - () One of the most important drugs (with Iris versicolor) or hemicraneas of intense headaches, which occur periodically every 7 days, start the morning, and will wax and wane in intensity with the sun starting in the occipital region and extends upward and forward to the whole head, looking in the right temple and right eye or eyes, is a lightning sensation in occiput, and burst to the head as if he were out the eyes of the orbits; not tolerate light, noise, odors or the slightest shock or movement or bending, and relieved by sleep or lie perfectly still in the dark or pressing head against the pillow or with their hands or After vomiting or walking on air or expelling flatus or belching. It is accompanied by pounding on their heads, food or bilious vomiting, hot flashes, circumscribed flush of cheeks (burning) and temporal veins distended, with intense burning sensation on the tongue. Migraines are observed preferably at menopause and liver failure, or during fever. Severe dizziness, worse when moving fast or turning the head, look upward, rising from a chair or stooping; in cold weather and menopause, with nausea, headache, blurred vision, ringing in the ears or fainting. Fasting Headache, worse if you do not eat right away.

10 Dryness and burning eyes. followed by copious watery burning. Sore eyes, worse on moving or touching them. Acute conjunctivitis. Conjunctivitis granular trachoma. Blepharitis. Red Eye tomorrow. Vision cloudy, as vapor or clouds.

Sensation of a hair in his eyes. Sclera 11 Burning in the ears. Earache with headache, with songs. Humming and roaring with pain in the ears from loud noises or sudden, in menopause, cracking. Affections of the throat that cause earache and hearing loss. Ears very red. Polyps in the ears.

12 - () Great tendency to take cold. Fluent coryza worse on the right side, with frequent sneezing, with watery excoriating nasal heat and, eventually, diarrhea, or alternating dry and fluent coryza. Hay with coryza Runny nose, watery and excoriating or yellow, but the right side, with frequent sneezing and burning pain at the root of the nose with cough worse at night, with oppression or dyspnea (asthma) and a feeling of congestion times with hot flushes and intolerance to the smell of flowers or strong odors.
There is an alternation of symptoms characteristic: when it stops the runny nose, diarrhea occurs, and vice versa. A smell like onions or roasted. Ozena with abundant yellow discharge fetida. Chronic Rhinitis with hot, dry mucus (best inspiring cold air). Nasal Polyps with a tendency to bleed.

13 - () hot facial neuralgia, extended in all directions from the upper jaw, best kneeling and clutching his head tightly against the floor. Circumscribed redness of cheeks, or one with red ears and burning and burning, but the right side, in bronchitis, pneumonia and turbeculosis. Face red or dark red, worse on coughing. Facial pallor. Face bloated. Veins in the face. Shocks in the cheeks. Stiffness in the jaw joint. Fullness and tenderness behind the angles of jaws. Lips dry, hot, swollen, hard, with blisters and then scabs. Eruption on the face of girls with scanty menses.

14 Toothache in decayed teeth, cold drinks or food contact. Loose teeth.

15 - () spongy and bleeding gums. Prickling or tingling on the tip of the tongue. Feel the tongue as if burnt, but in the end. Tongue white, red stripe in the middle. Oily taste, or lack of taste and smell: the sweet things are bitter. White patches on the oral mucosa. Foul breath.

16 - () Throat dry and burning, with the sensation of being burned by hot liquids, with the hope that improves heat cold air. Sensation of swelling in the throat when swallowing, worse on the right. Tonsillitis. Burning in the esophagus. Uvula aching and burning.

17 - () Anorexia. Sensation of gastric emptying after eating with aversion to food, such as laziness or fainting. Tormenting thirst. Heartburn, heartburn, worse or produced by sweet or sugar. Hiccups by smoking. Frequent belching foul. With extreme nausea and constant drooling, spitting, with chills and fever, with headache, vomiting do not improve. Vomiting preceded by anxiety, bitter, sour or acres, food, of parasites.
Vomiting and diarrhea. Jumps or jerks in the stomach as if something alive.

18 jets heated from within the liver, or as if splashed with hot water from within the belly, sometimes followed by diarrhea. Burning in the right upper quadrant. Pains and stitches in the spleen, worse when coughing, better by pressure and lying on the left side. Jaundice. Distension of abdomen from flatulence. Cutting from the right iliac fossa to the left. Throbbing or pulsation in the abdomen. Gastroduodenal catarrh; spits bile.

19 - () have the urge to defecate, but only leave flatus. Spasms in rectum, worse in the evening. Diarrhea with many fetid flatus, with a sudden desire; feces jet, bilious, undigested. Diarrhea with disappearance of coryza (or following), colds, cough and chest pain. Constipation alternating with diarrhea. Hemorrhoids. Cancer of the rectum.

20 kidney pain, sometimes down to the rectum. Polyuria and frequency of urine and water at night. Retention of urine load. Burning with urination. Dark yellow urine, with red sediment.

21 Burning in the glans, smegma cheesy. Nocturnal emissions. Gonorrhea old, cheesy.

22 - () Disorders of menopause, especially hot flashes with circumscribed redness of the cheeks, fetid discharge and corrosive, burning palms of hands and soles of feet that drive to uncover all in bed with swollen and painful breasts; "If they fail or Sulfur Lachesis" (Allen), sometimes the heat go down, from head to stomach or from breast to belly, and are followed by chills, with violent throbbing in the head. Vaginal flatus. Menses early, black, or putrid, red and coagulated; axillary premenstrual itching. Amenorrhea. Metrorrhagia.
Dysmenorrhea. Uterine Polyps bleed easily. Threatened abortion with extended back pain at epigastrium and thighs. Burning pain between the breasts, worse on the right. Excoriating pain in the breasts, but the right, worse on deep inspiration and before or during menstruation. Cracked and sore nipples, with stitches. Ulceration of the cervix with irritating and foul flow.

23 - () aphonia. Edema of glottis. Laryngeal polyps. Dry cough, violent, exhausting by constant dryness or tingling in the throat or larynx irritation or tingling laryngeal tracheal extended to behind the sternum, which occurs after lying down at night, waking him at night, forced to sit in bed, better sitting and the expulsion of belching and flatus, with red cheeks or face, with night sweats and diarrhea.
Severe post spasmodic whooping cough and flu reappears post every time he takes cold. Pertussis. Cough in the elderly. Laryngeal and tracheal catarrh, with local irritation. Laryngismus stridulus. Expectoration thick, hard to start, rusty. Hepatization lung. Pneumonia right. Ama excessive dyspnea, usually following a hay coryza, worse smells and perfumes of flowers. Florida pulmonary tuberculosis, with purulent and highly offensive, than the patient perceives; fibrous tuberculosis. Hemoptysis for menstrual suppression.
Hydrothorax. Retrosternal burning pain, coughing worse. Pain under right nipple, sharp stitches in the right chest. Pain under the left clavicle on waking. Burning pain under the right breast spread to the back straight. Stitches under false ribs violent.

Pressive 24 precordial or sharp pains. Feeling weak chest. Palpitations. Heart diseases following a suppression of rheumatism or gout by local applications. Pulse slow, irregular, feeble.

25 Pain in the neck (worse when handling) and on the sides of the neck. Pain in the inner edge of right shoulder blade. Sacral pain from lifting, bending forward ETTER.

26 - () rheumatic or gouty pains in limbs, worse at night. Intense heat and burning in hands and feet, and in plants, uncovers the feet in bed at night. Pain in the upper limbs and in hontbros, rheumatic, worse on the right, worse at night, in bed or roll over in bed or raising the arm (can not), the arm hangs. Pain in right deltoid.
Stiffness in the joints of the fingers. Thenar pain.
Ulceration in the root of some. Felon. Rheumatic pain in left hip. Knees straight. Dolores at sites where bone is close to the skin by touching disappear and appear somewhere else. Cold feet. Sharp pain in his right ankle and big toe.

27 Sleepless night, waking as if afraid of falling. It sounds to travel by sea, with sensation of being hammock with business matters.

28 Chills and thrills in the back, in the evening in bed with nausea and headache. Fever with delirious burning fever alternating with chills quickly. Intermittent fevers, malaria. Plentiful and cold sweats.
Hot, dry skin 29. Itching and hives before nausea. Old ulcers, indolent, with callous edges and foul-smelling discharge. Jaundice.
Anthrax. Poison ivy poisoning.

Antimonium Tartaricum, Phosphorus, Sulfur.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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