Sanguinarinum nit. Homeopathy

(Sanguinarine nitrate)
1 Restless, feverish and irritable.
2 Worse: night, on touch and pressure. Better: for warm applications. Great desire for open air.
3 - () Slight dizziness. Supraorbital pains and the root of the nose, worse pressure; extended to the left side of his head. Heat front, better washing with hot water. Sensation of obstruction and fullness in the head, which improves to remove large quantities of thick nasal discharge, yellow, sweetish taste. Sore scalp.
4 - () sore eyes, with burning pain or pressing, extended to the supraorbital region. Pain and redness at the inner corners of eyes, redness of eyelids and conjunctiva. Copious lacrimation.
5 - () Obstruction of the Eustachian tube. Hearing loss. Bellows in the right ear.
6 - () Polyps Nosal, probably is most useful to Sanguinaria in * special when in acute situations, the polyps or swell to the maximum, leading to a total obstruction of the nose, accompanied by water or heavy mucus secretion, pains hot or raw in the mucosa, with frequent sneezing and copious watering. Foms feeling in the nose as if he had eaten horseradish. Hypertrophied turbinates in the beginning.
Subacute or chronic coryza with irritating watery secretion before and thick secretions in the cavum, worse from cold air and wind, and with obstruction worse at night (he sleeps with his mouth open). Nasal secretion
blood taken back, with soreness and the sensation of having raw nares. Pressing pain in the root of the nose. Dry nasal mucosa in the small scabs, bleeding on removal. Coryza hay.
Adenoids; adenoiditis. Runny nose. Frontal sinusitis.
7 - () Burning sensation on the tongue. Mouth dry and rough, with heat as if he had eaten pepper. He wakes up with dry mouth to mouth breathing due to nasal obstruction. Sialorrhea. Ulcer on the side of the tongue. Bitter taste.
8 - () Throat dry, rough, ardent, with sense of constriction. Painful right tonsil, as raw, with redness and dysphagia. Great accumulation of mucus in the throat and bronchi. In the morning ejected by the mouth large amount of thick mucus, yellow and sweet.
9 Poco appetite. Heartburn and esophagus. Belching putrid odor.
10 Rumbling and sharp pains in the stomach, as if to have diarrhea.
11 Pollakiuria night, urine or yellow with white sediment.
12 - () Voice altered, deep, hoarse. Dry cough and short by a feeling of constriction in the chest or tingling in the airways, with throat sensation and have scraped the throat and chest flesh alive with dyspnea, sometimes with expectoration of frothy mucus adherent or, in the morning, with expulsion of bronchial mucus retronasal or yellowish, thick and sugary dia. Tension, warmth or burning and accumulation of mucus behind the center of the sternum, with pressive pain, coughing, tearing and discharge mentioned above.
13 Stiff muscles on the left side of the neck and shoulder.
14 Insomnia. Restless sleep.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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