Sanicula. Homeopathy

(It is a thermal water of Ottawa, Illinois, USA, and its composition fall mainly Natrum Muriaticum, Calcarea muriatic Magnesia mur, bicarbonates Calcarea, Calcarea Sulfur Sulfuric Kali, etc.).

1 - () have very pronounced fears: the dark, with aversion to darkness and a constant and irresistible urge to look back, to lose his reason; the downward motion, to an impending doom; to work (because of their weakness with desire to lie down); to thieves.

2 - () The child is very stubborn and obstinate, crying and kicking, worse from 21 to 24 hours; through, stubborn, irritable, alternating this state is easy to create fun and games. Have an aversion to being touched.

3 It is extremely restless, going from one place to another, the child wants to be in constant motion day and night. People with a temper very moody, often changes of occupation, while alternating laughter with tears. Unstable in their purposes, and even the mind wanders and moves from one topic to another until he talks. Never finishes anything.

4 It is easily offended, understand or misinterpret the actions of others. Alters or disrupts easily the least word or act.

5 intense depression, feels that no one admires, that all hate it, no interest in anything with anyone or tolerate the slightest interest or other application to her. Feel as if cursed. Lack of energy.

6 Forgetful, including details of recent occupations.

7 - () with progressive thinning Malnutrition, particularly marked in the upper body (especially in the neck) and despite a good appetite, especially in children, with a tendency to cachexia. The child looks like an old, dirty, greasy, brown, wrinkled skin and full of folds that hang over the neck.

8 Down: for the movement, if they touch, eating, bringing your arms back, by gentle pressure, rather than by the strong, for efforts; to travel by car, coming down, to lift her arms, by giving evil step, to walk; by light and noise, to swallow, at noon, in a warm room; by air currents, especially if it is cold, for changes: time, damp weather. Better: rest, after breakfast, to vomit; the open air by heat.

9 The child kicks her blankets, and is revealed even in the colder weather.

10 The symptoms are constantly changing.

11 The pain go from right to left, front back or back forward; vary greatly by site.

12 will require lying on something hard.

Desire and aversion of SANICULA
13 - () I want salt, meat, bacon and ham fat; of acids. Aversion to bread.

14 - () Vertigo, worse on rising from stooping, sitting at the table or desk, after eating or when descending in an elevator, with nausea, should support the head against something to avoid falling, with great desire for fresh air.
Feeling sick after riding in the dark. Cephalic heaviness on waking. Dull frontal headache, sometimes a hand over his eyes, nodding worse when reading or writing, or in a closed room and hot, bringing the best head back, and the cool open air.
Headache worse from cool air currents, lying, by light and noise, better traveling outdoors. Sensation as if head were open and the wind penetrated it, sometimes it shelters the head, even in summer, to protect it from wind. Sensation of cold in the brain or as if wrapped in cold clothes. Headache every week, lasting 2 or 3 days, with nausea and vomiting. Feel the contracted scalp from forehead to nape and crown; worst at noon, by motion, bending his head forward, noise, shaking and missteps; best at dusk, resting in bed, sleeping. A lot of dandruff on the head (more on the vertex), eyebrows and beard, with itching when heated head. The child sweats profusely in the head, especially in occiput and nape, while sleeping, wetting the pillow up off around him. Hair thin, sparse, dry, dull, electric, creaks when combing. Hair loss.

15 Vision cloudy or foggy, diplopia, or you run the letters together.
Eye sore on awakening in the morning, worse on motion or light. Burning eyes (more in the corners) with sticky secretion that dries and forms scabs or flakes, white or yellow on the edges of the eyelids.
Red and swollen eyelids, stuck to the morning, with blisters on their edges, with photophobia, itching and burning. Dry eyes waking, as if the eye was glued to the eyelid. Catarrhal ophthalmia, first left, then right, with copious yellowish discharge. Great swelling of eyelids, it costs them open. Corneal ulcer.
honjuntivitis acute. Tearing in the wind, or the fresh air.

16 - () catarrh in Eustachian tube. Left ear plugged. Excoriation or auricular injury with white or gray and clammy.

17 Nasal discharge: watery and pungent, runny, thick and abundant, yellowish or greenish thick crusts, such as honey, white, sticky and stringy, black blood clots, worse inside the room and after dinner. Sneezing and nasal pruritus.
18 Red pimples on left cheek. Pain in the upper jaw, extending to temple, worse from cold or wind or cold drinks or hot heat better. Acne. Large scabs on his upper lip, they are constantly tweaking and makes them bleed. Itchy rash, but beneath the chin and lower heat. Vesicles on lips and chin. Cara greasy, gray.

19 Teeth sensitive to cold air. Teeth feel too long. Toothache worse at night and lying down, get up and walk, better clenched jaws.

20 - () sore gums. The language has a dark brown stripe in the center on waking, and this dry as leather. The edges of the tongue are curved upward. The tongue adheres to the palate. Language yellow on the back. Sores or canker sores under the tongue, the lips, wide mouth in the center of the palate, the child can not eat. Tongue large, flabby; geografica; burning, you must remove it to cool. Burning in mouth, better by cold water or breathing fresh air. Feel the raw taste, worse food or hot drinks. Dry mouth without thirst. Foul breath. Drooling copiously and stringy when cutting teeth, worse awake and day. Children hurt and atrophic with white mouth buttermilk; thrush. Sublingual glands were swollen.

21 Ulceration yellow tonsils. Purple throat. A morning blood starts with hard lumps that come from the choanae. During the day, post-nasal catarrh fluid, and at night, dry. Sensation of cold, as if ice in the throat, it feels great. Dry throat after sleeping in a stream. Swallow solids better than liquids. Feeling of having crumbs in his throat, choking him.

22 - () The child to nurse constantly, but still losing weight. No appetite for breakfast. The child becomes frantic when he saw a glass of water and drink large amounts greedily. Thirst for small quantities and very straight, just spewing into the stomach. No appetite, and thirst. Swelling much just start eating and you feel so full after, must loosen clothing.
Next to be sucked or eaten, with a sudden nausea, everything goes up in a jet, and the child falls into a doze or sleep, vomit milk like cheese, or large clots like egg whites last.
Nausea and vomiting traveling by car or train or boat, with a desire for open air. Belching acid, rancid, burning, or tasteless gas. Sensitive stomach, aching, worse from laughing or by pressure or fasting.

23 - () Rumbling in left upper quadrant, passing down the descending colon, worse before eating, better after. Liver pain, eel liver hypertrophy, with sensitivity to pressure and shocks. Like swollen intestines to explode. Pain after walking English. Children with very large belly, is the biggest part of your body.

24 - () Constipation: after great efforts, the stool had already almost completely gone, go back to the rectum, inactivity of rectum; desires and efforts to defecate ineffective or has no desire to accumulate that many stools, even with loose stools. Stool dry, like marbles gray or grayish white balls as burnt lime, hard and melt at the edge of the anus, smelling like rotten cheese, which must be mechanically removed with the fingers, because it seems that would break the sphincter ; big pain in the perineum, as if about to burst, while passing stool, leaving then for several hours, pain and burning. Stool first hard, then soft, or with particles that are hurt and bleeding anus. Diarrhea, very urgent, very changeable stools, in the child, green as grass or as a pool of frogs, or scrambled eggs, or sparkling, every time you eat, you must run the table. Fecal Incontinence flatus when they leave, it avoids crossing her legs momentarily. The smell of faeces, stale or rotten cheese, the child persists even after being bathed.
Perianal skin excoriation, and raw, which extends to the perineum and genitals. Has no control over the anal sphincter; becomes dirty when standing, running, playing and even at night.

25 Frequent urination, with polyuria, which come suddenly.
Sense of urine at the meatus. Holds the urine with great effort, but if you resist the desire, the urgency disappears. Urgency to urinate, as if to blow up the bladder. Cramp-like pain in the left ureter when trying to hold urine, which forces him to stop but can not stand upright for the pain. Sensation of something hard, like a pencil, which is forced from the bladder to the kidney, disappearing after urination. Polyuria with urine pale and low density. The child makes efforts to urinate when passing stools, urine a few times and little by little. The child cries before urinating, the combs are stained red. Bedwetting.

26 sexual desire in man, at first increased, then much diminished. Premature ejaculation little orgasm. Smell of brine in the glans hours after intercourse. The child smells of brine on their genitals even after bathing. Scrotum relaxed sweats sticky genitals. Condylomata on the glans, or excrescences sycotic with brine-scented secretion.
Chafing syphilitic copper.

27 - () Cash irritating odor of rancid cheese or salted fish; profuse, changing color (milky, yellow, etc.). Defecation out more.
Irregular menstruation, late first red and watery, then dark and clotted; with uterine pains and wrongs, and sacrum, before menstruation, which cease to receive this. Tumor as a hen's egg in the uterus, near the neck. Sensation of weakness in the hypogastric with sensation of pressure or bearing down, as if the entire contents of the pelvis would come out, worse from walking, moving, shaking or a step in Pals, better lying down or resting, in need contain the parts with a hand relaxed on the vulva, uterus sore, sensitive. Vagina feels great. Pregnancy with edema in the legs and hands with depression and crying. The fetal head is hard and compact at birth, no signs of posterior fontanelle or suture. Milk is watery.

28 - () Larynx sensitive to pressure, worse on the left, with dry cough from tickling. It drowns in the morning when he awoke, he can not talk. Hoarseness.
Complete aphonia, spoke in a whisper. Sensation of the trachea raw, swallowing, feels there like a stone. Cough deep, hollow, noisy tions, caused by tickling retrosternal; the child vomits a thick substance and stringy. Cough from laughing or talking; worse tomorrow and in a warm room, better in the open air pop sensation it causes on the vertex. Expectoration: yellow, sweet, chunky cheesy copious morning and after meals. Asthma with noises and whistling in the chest after eating and worse. Chest pains, coughing must stand with their hands. Sudden attacks of a terrible sensation of weight in the chest, as if about to burst. Eruption in the sternum, with itching.

29 - () The neck is so weak and thin that the child can not hold his head. The skin on the neck and arrutaga hangs in folds. Pain between the shoulder blades on waking in the morning. Deep pain in the muscles of the spine, most left. Stiffness in back, worse on movement, severe pain when rotating, it should be rigid and rotate the entire body to look around. Sore left shoulder blade. Lumbar region feels tired, weak, as if broken, worse after rising in the morning, gradually increasing until noon and then decrease until disappearing at 18 or 19 hours. Sensation as if the last lumbar vertebra to slide over each other or were dislocated; worse rocking or sitting, better lying on my back. Coccyx pain, as if excoriated. Cold in the column, worse when sitting still or going to cold air, better external heat or movement, he seems to have cold clothes in the lumbosacral region. Very sore back at noon. Feel the back into two pieces. Stiffness in back strain. Pimples on the back that do not mature.

30 - () Restlessness in the limbs, with joint pain. Painful stiffness in the limbs when lifted up to the morning, worse on beginning to move.
Numbness in limbs. Cold sweats and clammy. Constant pain in the shoulder, rheumatism, worse from motion, especially when raising the arm or pulled back, better by heat, sometimes with local sensation of cold. Pain in the lift arm and elbow, worse on rising in the morning and wet weather. Goosebumps on his arms. Underarm excoriated, with profuse sweating. Hands swollen and stiff on waking in the morning. Hands cold as ice, or burning palms, when the board, they sweat to drip.
Cracks in the hands (and back) and knuckles, worse in winter, deep, oozing blood or watery fluid and form scabs, and burning or pain.
Itchy rashes on the hands. Stepparents. Rheumatic pains in the left hip joint, worse on motion and the cold, but not resting aejora. Red dots on the inner thighs, but in left, with undressing itching worse at night. Electric current sensation in the legs at bedtime. Tiredness and heaviness in the legs, with tendency to change his position because none is comfortable. Children with legs thinner. Children who can not stand or walk until after 15 months. Rheumatic pains in the knees, pain that make sudden scream, tired knees. Pain in right foot. Burning or intense heat in the feet, especialrnente in plants; need them in a cool or wetting or open them up.
Sweating in the feet, copious, cold, fetid, excoriating, sweating in the plants as if he had walked by the water fetid sweat between toes, it hurt. Feel the sticky middle.

It sleeps 31 with hands behind head. He wakes up often at night, at 3.30 pm. The child sleeps and wakes up crying restless and irritable rubs his nose and eyes with his fist. Can not tolerate anyone lying next to him or touch him. Erotic dreams, or thieves (and can not go to sleep until it is revised throughout the house), with murder and remorse.

32 - () Chills all day, worse in a warm room or cold air, begins in the legs or between the shoulders, every day at the same time, or every other day or postpone 2 hours each time, with thirst that goes with the fever or sweating; at 8:30, at 17 hours. Whole body feels very hot, high fever every night, looking for a cool bed. Suda up and down throughout the body, or just falls asleep, neck and neck, soaking clothes, cold and clammy, or just cover it, or where members are crossed while lying in bed or when they touch hands; or in part on which rests, with hunger during perspiration, and water tastes bitter.

33 dry skin and limp. Intense itching, worse at night and scratching.
Eczema with sticky secretion: behind the ears, wrists and fingers and toes.
Sanicula in children is very similar to Silicea. You can try first with Silica and does not operate Sanicula.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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