Santoninum. Homeopathy

(Santonin, the active ingredient obtained from China)
1 Deep and unusual depression, melancholia, with indecision and lack of confidence in himself, he feels incapable of doing any work.
2 Delirium, with chromatic hallucinations and all sorts. Hysteria.
Excitation, with laughter and song. Restlessness and irritation, wants everything and not satisfied with anything.
Coma 3.
4 Intestinal parasites especially roundworms (ascariasis,
threadworm, etc.).. Do not give below the 2nd or 3AC. shredding, because it is toxic.
5 - () violent convulsions with unconsciousness, hot head, face purple, starting at the face and spreads to the extremities. Muscle twitching.
6 Gran prostration. Paresis of the left side.
Vertigo 7. Dizziness with severe headaches, all objects are bright green. Movements of the head: the head goes from side to side, or rotate. Occipital or frontal headache, lightheadedness.
8 - () Ojeras blue. The eyes turn convulsively, or the eyes are fixed.
Pressure on the eyes or orbits. Pupils widely dilated and unresponsive.
Photophobia and tearing. Looks like a flutter, hesitate or dance or go to objects; see faces, animals, cherries, etc. Strabismus by parasites. Color blindness or color blindness, but especially discromatopsia or altered color vision: the soup looks red to yellow, the blue sky you see green objects look green or violet, the white looks yellow, objects seem to have a or light yellow halo. Sudden blurred vision or blindness.
9 - () hallucinations of smell, things have a peculiar smell. Epistaxis.
Nasal itching. The child puts his fingers in the nose.
10 - () convulsive facial movements, especially lips and eyelids.
Retraction of the lips on the teeth, face contorted. Hot red face staring, pale, but around the mouth, worse in the afternoon.
A white cheek, the other (left) red. Enormously swollen lips and bright. Swelling of submaxillary and parotid glands becoming more intense to cause dysphagia.
11 - () Grinds teeth sleeping. Grit your teeth.
12 Tongue very red and dry. Foam mouth. Burning pain in the mouth.
Foul breath. Hallucinations of taste.
13 Poor appetite. Be strong, continuous, frozen drinks, swallowing greedily. Frequent belching. Nausea that improve eating. Vomiting and diarrhea, stomach upsets. Gastralgias.
14 - () Tenderness in the abdomen. Abdomen hot, filled with rumbling.
Severe stomach pain with vomiting and diarrhea.
15 Watery diarrhea, fetida, followed by vomiting, or putrid gray, with marked tenesmus.
16 - () with painful urination and urethral burning constant desire to urinate, with great effort, and leaving a few drops of urine that stain clothes yellow. Chronic cystitis. Bedwetting. Incontinence of urine.
Dysuria. Sensation of fullness in the bladder. Nephritis. Greenish urine when it is acidic, and red when alkaline intense color of saffron. Hemoglobinuria.
Nocturnal cough 17 laryngo tracheal constant tingling. Rapid breathing loud sighs. Laryngeal attacks.
18 Click fast and full, or slow and soft.
Spasms of 19 members. Shaking hands and feet. Convulsive in the upper limbs. Great instability when walking, a staggering gait. Lightning pains of tabes.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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