Saponinum. Homeopathy

(Saponina. glucoside of Saponaria officinalis and other plants) Pathogenesis of HJHills.
1 Irritable, through, wants to be left alone. Depression. Indifference.
2 Inability to fix attention or remembering names. Aversion to the study.
3 - () Worse: heat and a warm room, by motion; swallowing; before menstruation. Best: from cold, a cold bath, sitting, at the beginning of menstruation, for bowel movements.
4 Fainting with prostration, but during the chills. Muscle weakness.
5 - () Vertigo on stooping, with nausea and vomiting. Headache with numbness and heaviness in the morning on rising or from 16 to 18 hours, especially on the left orbit, worse when bending over, with pain in the eyeballs, extending to occiput. Heat in the forehead, worse bending forward, better by cold and pressure. Headache with throbbing carotids, most left, worse on movement and less mental effort. You can not turn his head or move their eyes without nausea. Sharp pain in left temple, at the temples, as if pressed out. Hemicrancas; migraines.
6 - () Eye pain worse when you move them up or around, extending to occiput pain, hot spots in the eyes, worse in left. Dolores with exophthalmos and strabismus in the left eye.
Sensation of fullness in the eyes at sunset. Conjunctiva yellow. Vision cloudy.
7 Dry coryza with frequent sneezing. Stuffy right nostril in the morning, with headache. Pain at the root of the nose. Nose cold and pale.
Premenstrual 8 miliary eruption on the face, neck and head. Face pale.
Lips dry and burning.
9 - () Language yellowish-white back with red tip and edges and erect papillae, especially at tip strawberry tongue. Language brown in the center and yellow at the edges. Palate rough. Sialorrhea. Sweet taste acrid; ugly.
10 - () retronasal Mucus in pharynx, adhesive and thick. Sore throat, as if there were rough or raw, or if you scraped, worse on the right, with sensation of constriction and severe dysphagia. Very red and swollen tonsils.
11 - () No appetite. Thirst is not relieved by drinking. Nausea, retching and vomiting greenish yellow, with excruciating pain in both temples. Esophagus and throat, nausea, worse in a warm room. Empty or no appetite gastric languor.
12 or dull pain in left hypochondrium extending to the epigastrium and below the left scapula, worse from motion, better sitting. Umbilical pain after stool. Colico sudden or that wakes you at 3 o'clock, better to defecate. Colicos and premenstrual cramps.
Left groin pain.
13 intense rectal itching afternoon and night, burning in the rectum and anus.
Constipation with fecal constant desire and insufficient, but rather white.
Diarrhea with tenesmus, painless but urgent, or cramps, first hard stool, then liquid and sometimes involuntary, or brown stools. Desire to vomit or defecate by the minor discomfort, worse from heat.
14 - () Acute pain in the right renal region. Burning with urination. She wets when walking. Urine with brick-dust sediment.
15 - () Menses scanty and delayed, or advanced and abundant, worse on movement, dark red blood. Bearing down pain throughout menstruation. Before menstruation: tremors throughout the body, intolerable pain in the back and lower limbs, cramps, cramping, and watery and copious miliary eruption on the face, neck and head.
16 Cough (one stroke at a time) for 16 hours at each inspiration. 1e tingling sensation in the lungs. Sharp, stabbing, in the middle lobe of the right lung, dull pain in the left. Constriction in the left hemithorax with chills.
17 Dull pain in the heart. Fast heartbeat, or weak, almost imperceptible.
18 Fatigue on the back while walking. Pulsation in the left shoulder blade.
Lumbosacral pain with heaviness, worse by shaking or by traveling in a vehicle, extending to the lower limbs with tingling in the soles of the feet. Low back pain worse when walking.
19 - () depletion in the limbs, worse on walking, with mild nausea.
Weakness in hands and feet. Acute muscle pain in his left arm at the deltoid insertion; arms exhausted, as if lifted heavy weights. Pain in the bones of the forearm. Tingling and numbness in the last 3 fingers. Muscle aches in the lower limbs in calves. The soles of the feet are swollen, tender, sensitive, or asleep and tingling.
20 Soninoliento worse can not sleep. He wakes up very early. It sounds that you are urinating.
21 - () severe chills in the back on entering a warm room, sometimes with faint feeling. Intense cold in the extremities, hands and feet always feel as if I had wet socks or gloves. Fever and weakness with head warm and dry skin, the heat starts at the chest and spreads up and down. Hypothermia may be up to collapse.
22 pustules unique or in groups. Tingling, itching and tingling in various places.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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