Sarothamnus scoparius. Homeopathy

Sarothamnus scoparius
(Broom, whose branches are removed sparteine)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Sarothamnus scoparius
1 - () general inhibition, but especialnwnte erotica.
2 - () Difficulty concentrating, it's all too much for him. Great weariness.
Melancholic disposition. Apathetic, no mind; distracted. He evaded the ideas.
3 easy irritable, prone to explode.
4 inner turmoil.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Sarothamnus scoparius
5 Sensation of discomfort and cold that trouble, just needs fresh air in the head, and he does well.
Asthenia 6 general and the senses.
Desire and aversion of Sarothamnus scoparius
7 - () Aversion to eggs and meat.
SPECIFIC Sarothamnus scoparius
8 - () bubbling sensation in the head. Throbbing headache, as if head would burst. Congestion of the head.
9 - () burning and stabbing pains in the eyes, especially behind the left, worse on moving. When looking at an area of light, the brightness of the light and colors of the rainbow halo appears more intense. Headache, as if wearing a helmet or helmet that goes from the OIOS to occiput (glaucoma).
10 Borborygmi and cracking in the ears, especially intense between 19 and 20 hours.
11 Tingling nose with frequent sneezing. Clogged nostrils alternately. Runny nose with streaks of blood and nostrils hurt.
12 vesicles on the lips and mouth.
13 - () hypertrophy of the thyroid; congestion of the thyroid with hot flashes, weight loss, disturbed sleep and wet hands. Basedow.
14 - () Appetite increased, with constant need to eat. Lack of appetite and aversion to food and choking sensation. Gastralgias worse by eating.
Hollow sensation in the stomach and belly full.
15 stools Diarrhea with yellow mucus, with tenesmus. Stools hard, as balls, covered with mucus and diarrhea mixed with frothy. Alternating constipation and diarrhea. Urgency, flatus better. Haemorrhoids, with pain as a thorn.
16 Drawing pains in the kidneys. Polyuria. Frequent urination at night, especially at 5.
17 - () increased sexual desire. Obsessive erotic thoughts, then loss of desire, impaired genital sexual and very fetid sweat. Nodule in the right breast of man.
18 - () Menses delayed and prolonged. Congested nodes in the right breast.
19 laryngeal irritation and dry cough with tickling.
20 - () Palpitations especially at night and at rest, but also by minor efforts. Heartbeat violent shaking all over.
Chest constriction with tight sensation and distress. Chest pain and palpitations, tingling and pain sensation, about 3 hours, worse lying on left side. Extraistoles; he is aware of the irregularity of the contractions. Angina pectoris.
Left ventricular failure. Heart rhythm disorders. Changes in the electrocardiogram. Tachycardia.
Lumbar pains 21; sacral night.
22 - () All muscles are sore and as rigid. Joint pain drawing. Sudden pain in the sciatic, especially the left, who appear regularly around 22 hours. Nocturnal pains in the hips, shoulder and left elbow and right hand fingers. Neuralgic pains in the limbs, which start on the right side, passing to the left and decreasing to the right.
23 - () takes in plenty of ideas to fall asleep, or wakes up from 3 to 5 am. Restlessness in the legs, preventing sleep. Light sleep, wake up easily by a noise. Pleasant dreams in color, with disappearances, murders and deaths. Great need for sleep, spend most of your day in bed. When he wakes up feeling tired and it seems not enough sleep.
24 - () Disorders of thermoregulation: sensitive to cold by nightfall, feeling hot, sweating and numbness. Copious night sweats with strong odor.
25 - () Vesiculitas with great irritation. Eczema, dry and wet. Loss of hair plates, rigid hair, dandruff. Infiltration and bluish color in the joints of the toes.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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