Sarsaparilla (Sarsaparilla). Homeopathy

(Smilax medica. Sarsaparilla)

1 - () moodiness, irritability and increased susceptibility. Impatient, not tolerate their headaches, the child can not tolerate the itching.

2 - () Depression by pain. Anxiety, especially pollutions.
Dejection, sadness.

3 - () Think of what you've eaten it causes nausea, or on food.

4 - () Especially useful in broken bodies, weakened, thinned and aged prematurarnente, venereal excesses or alcoholic and syphilitic old, with poor venous circulation. Children thinned up and down, especially pronounced in the neck, looking sad, old, big belly and swollen, and dry skin, flabby, wrinkled and makes hanging folds; heredolueticos children.

5 - () Worse immediately after urinating; at night, by the moisture in spring, for the heat (in internal organs, for drinks or hot food) and cold (outside); by touch; by pressure, by tight clothing, by scratching, by motion, sitting, walking, climbing or descending stairs, for cold and wet weather, when washing, by yawning, for the bread before menstruation. Better: heat; at rest, standing (urination).

6 - () Syphilis; mercurializados excessively. Sycosis.

7 Vertigo, looking, with a tendency to fall forward and a staggering gait. Hemicraneas, with sensation of pressure as a tight bandage or a winch or like much apretata his hat, with nausea, vomiting and blurred vision acids. Headache and periosteal pain for syphilis or gonorrhea suppressed, extending from the occiput above the eyes and the root of the nose, worse on the right. Throbbing headache. Ringing and noises in the head. Scalp sensitive. Hair loss. Crusta lactea starting on the face.

8 - () Pain in the eye by daylight or artificial light for reading. Burning in eyes and eyelids. Stitches in the eyes by closing the eyelids, or to pressure them. Shocks in the upper eyelid. Eyelids glued to the morning; eruption, such as scabies. Corner of the eye swollen and blue. Vision foggy; worse pollutions. The white paper reflects a red color. Halo around light colors.

9 earache. Prurginosas burning and scabs on his ear lobes.
Hey stamps. The words have an impact from the ear to the root of the nose.

Epistaxis 10. Dry coryza, with nasal obstruction. Thick mucus in the nose, or scabs. Pain in the nose.

11 - () Face yellowish, wrinkled, old. Eruptions: thick crusts, rose spots, herpes on the upper lip, itchy pustules on the chin, burning, itching.

Toothache 12 cold drinks or cold drafts.

13 - () Gums swollen with excoriating pain. Dry mouth. Foul breath.
Thrush on the tongue and palate. Taste bitter, sour, sweet or metallic, the bread is sour, or food has no taste. Salivation.

14 Sore throat to the right, worse when swallowing, dry. Pressure in the throat as if choking, loosened his clothes in the neck.

15 - () Anorexia. After eating my stomach feels empty, as if hubiepa eaten, or feel very swollen as if he had eaten too much, though I eat little, or is nauseous thinking about what you've eaten. This worse by hot food or drinks, better by cold. Be in the morning.
Sour or acid regurgitation. Hiccups at 18 hours. Nausea frequent or continuous, but can not vomit. Sour vomiting. Gastralglas constrictive.
Heat and burning in the stomach, especially after eating bread.

16 - () left upper quadrant pain. High sensitivity of the womb to the pressure. Dolores cutting umbilical. Pain in the English to appear menstruation. Cold or heat and burning in her belly, feeling empty.
Rumbling. Expulsion of many fetid flatus. Cramps and backaches simultaneous.

17 obstinate constipation, frequent urination; with urgent evacuation of hard stools, painful and scanty, or tarry and adherent. He faints when he defecates. Excoriating pain and burning itching in the anus.

18 - () urinary symptoms are the most important of Sarsaparilla, and in all cases, if any other symptoms is associated or is concomitant with the characteristic urinary box, that fact is a strong indication of its erescripcion. Intense pain in the kidneys, worse on the right, coming down the ureter, cutting pain in the ureter, renal colic right (usually the medically appropriate), often are white gravel in the sediment of urine, or expel small load . Cystitis with intolerable pain, terrible in the bladder and urethra, just after urinating, and violent tenesmus that cry out to the sick, with frequent ineffectual desire to urinate, and urinary frequency by exposure to cold and moisture.
The bladder is distended, painful and sensitive, and urine can hardly get out when sitting (only passed drop by drop), but stand out freely.
Dysuria Painful child who cries and screams before and during urination or, sometimes, at the end, or when you have a painful urge to urinate, there are plenty of sand in the honeycomb and urine. Dark urine (as lime water), poor, viscose filaments or flakes with a sediment of sand and white or yellowish or white clouds. Bladder stones. Urine leaves without feeling, no sensation in the urethra. Starting in the urethra when urinating; gases out of the urethra. Sale to finish urinating blood with pain relief afterwards. Enuresis day and night, worse from drinking beer. Purulent urethral discharge. Pain in the urethral meatus of women.

19 - () intolerably fetid odor of male genitalia, sweat odor. Inflammation and redness of the glans. Sexual desires with frequent and painful ejaculations. Sexual excitement that causes pain in the spermatic cords, which are swollen, the semen is bloody.
Gonorrhea removed by wet or cold washings, followed by rheumatism.
Intense heaviness in the testicles. Itching of the scrotum and perineum. Herpes of the prepuce.

20 - () Menses late, scanty and acres; Menorrhagia in the menopause. Dysmenorrhea. Pruritic eruption and wet front during the premenstrual or menstrual period and in the groin. Retraction of the nipples, which are stunted, wrinkled and inexcitability. Atrophied breasts. Sensitive left breast. Breast abscesses.

21 Violent laryngeal cough from tickling. Intense dyspnea sensation of constriction in the throat, forcing him to loosen clothing neck and throat. Sensation of a foreign body in the back stopped breathing deeply. Pressing pain in the sternum, worse when touched. Painful blows to the sides of the chest, forcing the patient to bend.

22 sharp pains between the shoulder blades and neck muscles, or stitches, worse slightest movement. Painful swelling on one side of the neck.

23 - () Rheumatism by suppression of gonorrhea, periosteal and bone pains, worse at night, in wet weather or after getting wet with cold water.
Tearing and paralyzing the limbs and all joints, worse by motion. Chapped skin, hard and swollen, hands and feet (and between the toes), with burning pain, especially in mind the sides of fingers and toes. Trembling hands and feet.
Ulcerations on the tips of the fingers, painful, sharp pain under a Uas. Pustules on the fingers. Fingering asleep. Herpes hands. Hard and swollen knees. Cramps in legs and calves. Plants sensitive and painful. Cold feet at bedtime.

Worse 24 yawns. Sleepless night.

25 Estremera and chills that run from the feet up, even when near the fire. Evening fever. Sweating only on the forehead.

26 - () skin thinned, wrinkled, falling in folds, dry, flabby. Rash or rash on exposure to air; worse in Spring and Summer. Herpes.
Urticaria. Painful cracks with hard, thick skin. Itching all over at night in bed or in the morning on rising. Pustules. The skin slowly heals his wounds. Syphilitic ulcers. Warts.

Mercurius, Sepia.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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