Schizophrenia. Symptoms

Definition of Schizophrenia
Schizophrenia or dementia praecox is a mental illness that involves a process of dissociation of the various mental faculties under which the psychic personality of the patient does not form a single coordinated whole, but divides into its various constituent sectors.

Type or classification of schizophrenia
We distinguish different forms of schizophrenia:
* Simple
* Paranoid schizophrenia: is presented to a later age with symptoms of paranoia.
* Catatonic: schizophrenia that occurs around age 30-35)
* Disorganized: schizophrenia occurs at an early age (15-18 years)

Symptoms of schizophrenia
Although symptoms may vary depending upon the type of schizophrenia, we mention the general features that identify the disease:
* Psychic dissociation
* Depersonalization
* Alterations train of thought
* Sensoperceptive disorders (auditory hallucinations, visual and olfactory)
* Modification of the affective sphere (ambivalence), from apathy and indifference to everything, from excitement to depression, from joy to sadness, and so on.
* Anxiety (paranoid)
* Delusions of persecution or grandeur (paranoid)
* They can coexist sexual disorders
* The physical condition may have:
* Tremor
* Altered reflexes
* Accelerated heartbeat
* Lowering blood pressure
* Altered pain sensitivity (catatonic)
* Muscle stiffness (catatonic)

Usually the disease progresses in fits and can often lead to a personality deficit syndrome.

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