Scilla marytima. Homeopathy

(Onion sea [red variety]. Scylla)
Mental symptoms of Scilla MARYTIMA
1 Great anxiety fear of death.
2 - () Aversion to physical and mental work. Tendency to be seated.
3 Irritated at little things.
4 - () Worse: morning, by motion, in inspiration, for uncovering, by coughing (produces sneezing, tearing and involuntary loss of urine and faeces), for efforts; ascending; by uncovering the neck, by the cold air. Better: rest, coughing up even in small quantities, sitting up in bed to bed and after lying down; We very much.
Left sided.
5 deaf persistent rheumatic pains throughout the body, worse on movement or exercise, better sleep.
Desire and aversion of Scilla MARYTIMA
6 Desire for acids.
7 - () Vertigo morning, with nausea, as if he would fall sideways to get out of bed. Headache worse when coughing. Headache upon awakening in the morning, with pressive pains or punctures, but in the vertex. Pulsation in the head to rise. Occipital pain going from left to right. Brain conditions in which the child rubs his long face and eyes.
8 - () staring with wide eyes. The left eye appears much smaller than the right, the upper eyelid is swollen. Miosis. Feel the cold eyes, as if swimming in cold water. Tearing by cough, with sneezing.
Phlyctenular conjunctivitis. The child rubs his eyes with his fists.
9 Earache tearing, and behind the left ear.
10 - () coryza acute or subacute, with constant, violent sneezing, abundant and corrosive fluid secretion with ulceration and pain in the nostrils, worse early morning and cold, or night long nose rubs. When coughing or sneezing later. Humid eruptions under the nose.
11 - () expressions and facial color changing. Red face during the fever, then pale. Humid eruptions on his upper lip. Chapped lips and black or yellow crust. Jerking on her lips.
12 - () points on the teeth, with sensation of cold air that enters them, eating hot or cold things. Teeth black or black spots. Mouth open and dry. Sialorrhea. Burning with scraping sensation on the palate.
Vesicles on the tongue. Sweetish taste, but the soup and meat. Vmargo taste of bread.
13 dryness, burning and irritation in the throat. Tickling cough that produces constant. Pain in the submaxillary glands.
14 - () insatiable appetite. Thirst for cold water, but can only drink to sip at rest. Gastralgias alternating with constant nausea, nausea with morning cough. Pressure in the stomach like a stone. Gastralgias better lying on left side.
15 - () Pain in the belly side of coughing or walking, as if he were to leave the intestines. Sharp pains in the spleen, worse cough, left upper quadrant. Bubbling sensation in the muscles of the right side.
Paroxysmal rumbling and gurgling over the groin, better eating.
Hypogastrium incarcerated flatulence, frequent foul flatus. Heat in the stomach.
16 - () Diarrhea nugruzca brown or very fetida, painless, watery measles. Oxyuriasis. Pruritus ani. Point in the year when walking.
Deposition involuntary coughing.
17 - () points on the urethral orifice. Frequent urination, copious urine and pale. Continuous painful pressure in the bladder. Incontinence of urine when coughing, sneezing, blowing or by a violent effort. Bedwetting. When urine will escape the LIEC. You can not hold urine for the large amount of urine. Subacute or chronic nephritis with edema and polyuria.
18 points in the anxiety-producing gland. Pain in the testicles.
19 metrorrhagia.
20 - () The airways are the main field of action of Scilla, and all your symptoms or medical condition accompanied by intense tearing, sneezing with copious watery nasal secretion and the child rubs his eyes, nose or face with the fist . Breathing complaining with your mouth open. Often a deep breath, and causes coughing. Pertussis. Violent cough, frequent, exhausting, with expectoration in the morning (copious, watery mucus, tears) and dry at night, caused by tickling in larynx or chest, drinking something cold, cold air, deep breathing by effort or by moving from warm to cold environment. The loose morning cough is much more severe and cause more suffering that evening dry cough. Cough of measles. Cough with sneezing and incontinence. Sputum: mucus white or reddish, sweetish, foul smelling, salty, round beads, difficult to expectorate. Rales or rattling in the chest before the cough, which disappears later. Dyspnea with stitches in chest, worse on the left, when breathing or coughing, or by any concerted effort especially when ascending. The improvement cough coughing. Stitches or pain anywhere in the chest, especially when breathing or coughing. Pleurisy dry or with effusion. Hydrothorax.
Palpitations 21. Slow pulse.
Neck stiffness 22. Painful shocks under the left shoulder blade. Bubbling in the shoulder blades. Sweaty armpits.
23 - () Cold hands and feet, the rest of the body warm. Convulsive twitching in the limbs, especially arms and legs. They sleep epoyar hands to the head on them, and legs crossed. A fragile, are shed. Stitches in the joints of the hands. Cold sweat on the feet, or just your fingers. Aching feet long by being stopped, in selling, store clerks, etc..
Frequent yawning 24 without sleep. Restless sleep. It sounds that your body is too bloated, and so vivid that, upon waking, you look to check.
25 - () Internal chilliness with external cold, chills the evening when walking motion, but not sitting. Internal heat and hot dry heat in the body with cold feet. Where is uncovered during fever, have chills and pain. Absence of sweating even with a high fever.
Excoriated joint folds 26. Neck skin very sensitive to the slightest rubbing of clothes, with red spots almost denuded. Gangrene. Blisters.
Hard swelling. Like scabies rash, itching burning.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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