Scrophularia nodosa. Homeopathy

Scrophularia nodosa
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Scrophularia nodosa
1 Discouragement, despondency, this muv affected by their past and their future very preop. Haragan It feels great when moving.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Scrophularia nodosa
2 - () Worse: Morning, for the study, in cold air and breathing; by deep breathing, lying on the right side at rest, by pressure, after dinner. Best: in a warm room.
3 - () Hypertrophy and induration of glands and lymph, little or nothing painful.
Hogdkin disease. Epitheliomas.
4 weak, languid, need to lie, with sleepiness (see 22).
SPECIFIC Scrophularia nodosa
Vertigo at vertex 5, even worse. Cephalic heaviness. Pain and fullness in the head, followed by epistaxis. Headache over eyebrows, walking. Severe headaches every morning, returning periodically, throbbing, ranging from temples and forehead to occiput, worse at rest, outdoors, leaning forward and by the study. Scab late.
6 aching or sharp pains in the eyes can not move them. See objects at close my eyes. Black spots or movie before the eyes. Blepharospasm. Stitches in his eyebrows. Photophobia.
7 - () Eczema in the ear or behind. Ringing in the ears, sudden hearing loss. Deafness or hearing loss before and after menstruation, which improves over the same. Ulcers in the ear.
8 Dry coryza with sneezing.
Heat 9 cheeks. Recurrent periostitis of the jaw.
10 feel loose teeth. Toothache. The gums bleed readily and easily. Followed by dry mouth drooling. Sweetish saliva. Bitter taste.
Sensation of a plug 11 or something soft in his throat. Thick mucus,
Acceding and stink in the throat with rancid taste. Irritation in the esophagus.
12 Appetite greatly increased at first, then nausea, weakness and oppression in the epigastrium.
13 - () right upper quadrant pain, worse on deep inspiration or lying on the right side. Cutting in the liver when pressed. Colicos below the navel. Pain in the sigmoid colon.
14 - () Bleeding piles, presidents, hard and painful. Diarrhea.
Tearing and stitching 15 as if it were in the ureter. Polyuria with urethral burning. Bedwetting.
16 - () metritis to repeat, with painful hemorrhoids. Irritation, pain and vaginal burning, itching. "It is very useful in eliminating breast nodules" (Boericke), chronic, hard and hardly painful.
Tuberculosis Testicular 17.
18 Tightness in the chest with trembling as if she had cried a lot, with cramps in the lower chest. Right lung pain when breathing deeply, producing dry cough. Cutting pain in the left apex breathing cold air. Pain in the bifurcation of the trachea.
Dyspnoea, asthma. Stitches in the right chest. Sensation of weakness in the chest, preventing him from talking.
19 Anguish precordial worse after eating. Palpitations audible. Pulse full and regular.
20 stiff neck, with pain and contrition of the right sternocleidomastoid. Pain in the entire spine, with slight opisthotonos.
21 - () Rheumatic pain drawing in the flexor muscles of the limbs. Sharp joint pains, worse at rest and outdoor best in a warm room. Tingling in arms and hands. Cramps in palms. Itching on the dorsum of the hands, wrists and fingers.
22 Great drowsiness at all times: the morning fatigue, and irresistible before and after lunch, with very long nap.
23 Chills walk to cold air or after rising in the morning, followed by profuse sweating. Whole body feels dry, hot and burning, followed by copious sweating.
Skin sallow 24. Burning skin when rubbed. Hair loss. Pemphigus gangrenosum.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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