Scutellaria. Homeopathy

(S. lateriflora. Headgear Mad Dog)
1 - () Fear of some calamity. It is a nervous sedative, especially in dyeing and low power (Bocricke); in night terrors that leave him frightened when he awoke, in nervous agitation in need of walking, in the excitement in children during dentition; in nervous debility postgripal (Burnett ), in the depression of the vital forces and nerve after prolonged illness, mental or physical exertion, excessive or prolonged, in delirium tremens, in hysteria and insomnia.
2 - () Confusion of mind when trying to study, can not concentrate his attention or study. Stupor rising. Apathy. Irritability.
3 Restlessness with malaise, needs to move.
4 - () Asthenia post infectious, post flu. Restlessness.
5 - () muscle twitching. Choreiform movements or twitching with nervous agitation (of walking), or after a fright. Earthquakes.
6 Worst: on the work effort or exaggerated. Better: for sleeping.
7 - () Vertigo after breakfast, with photophobia. Pressive frontal headache, worse when standing up, to study, by eating better by motion.
Hemicrania over the right eye, before rising, better walking outdoors. Pulsation in the head. Occipital pain. Nervous headaches, worse from noise, odor, light better at night and at rest, to 5 drops of the tincture.
Headaches explosive pupils and teachers.
8 - () Sensation of protrusion in his eyes, as if you pressed the inside out. Eye pain, worse when touched.
9 Face red at sunset. Constrictive spasm locking of the jaws and facial muscles as tight.
10 - () ugly taste bitter; acid. Foreign body sensation in the throat,
who can not swallow.
11 - () Poor appetite. Belching acids. Nausea. Sour vomiting. Hiccups.
12 - () Flatulence with fullness and distention. Cramps followed by diarrhea, clear or white stool.
13 - () Oliguria, even with frequent urination. Bilirubinuria.
14 Impotence with wet dreams, and never afraid of not improving.
Oppression 15. Vertical retrosternal pain.
16 Points precordial 1. Pulse intermittent, variable in strength, irregular.
17 acute lumbar pain coming from the left lumbar region.
18 - () Twitching in muscles of legs and arms. Sharp pains in the limbs, weakness in the lower.
19 It wakes suddenly, or late in the morning, with headache. Shocks on awaking. Dreams that are frightening.
Chills to 20 out of bed.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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