Secale cornutum. Homeopathy

Secale cornutum
(Claviceps Purpurea. Ergot of Rye)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Secale cornutum
1 mental excitement or delirium with fits of anger or rage, or manic crisis, wanting to commit suicide by jumping into the water, commits acts of violence, screams. Mental alienation. Laughs, sardonic laugh, spasmodic.
Lack of shame, shamelessness, exposes his person, need to be naked (especially delusions) and is indifferent to be seen, because it often does the need for cold air and it feels better in your skin . Nymphomania during menstruation. Delirium, worse at night; erotic; during fever or headache; with laughter, manic or soft, slurred, wanting to be naked, angry or silent, violent.
2 Sadness, melancholy, discouragement, timidity, with great anxiety, fear and anxiety with fear of death. Aversion to answer.
3 - () Weakness of mind. Idiocy. Forgetful after intercourse.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Secale cornutum
4 - () The large key symptom that accompanies all the symptoms, is that the entire surface of your body is cold, it feels cold to the touch as ice, despite which the patient can not stand the heat or be covered, and always looks for the cold. This apparent contradiction is most often due to which the patient experiences a sensation subjective, internal, stinging or burning. States of collapse.
5 - () is possibly the main drug of gangrene, as the vasoconstrictor properties of ergot (essential active ingredient of ergot) comes ultimately, closure pressure, resulting mortification of the tissue that nourishes. Gangrene cold or hot, especially in the elderly, and located in the upper limbs (hands and fingers), and thighs, legs, feet (with burning pains, desagarrantes) and toes (gangrene senile). Dry gangrene. Diabetic gangrene.
Gangrene of internal organs. Canker sores in the lower limbs,
basic black bleed and not granulated. Often the onset of gangrene usually presents with large bruises or blood blisters, and right prevails. Slough. Sore.
6 - () very persistent bleeding tendency of blood liquid, watery, black, and hardly coagulable fetida, delcuerpo hole decualquier worse by movement, the blood has a tendency to rot, the smallest wound can bleed for weeks. Generally, I ACCOMPANYING hemorrhages tingling in limbs and great debility and sometimes with convulsions.
7 - () The remedy is especially useful in lean women or thin, weak, cachectic, nervous temperament, irritable, and looking pale and sallow; or children. Old people, decrepit, weak. Women of muscle fibers loose, loose, in which "everything seems loose and open" (Allen), with flaccid vessels and a tendency to passive hemorrhages. Anemia. General atrophy of glands, atrophic children. Thinning of the parties concerned; in old.
Weakness from diarrhea during menstruation or after, by sweating, after stool; sudden.
8 - () Burning pain, burning or burning, as if hot coals or sparks of fire will fall throughout the body, better from cold.
9 - () Worse by external heat, by hot air, heat from the bed or, stove, in a warm room, for shelter, warm drinks (all diseases is worse by heat) ; by touch, by motion or effort or walking, at night, after eating, before menses, flexing the lower limbs (in the postpartum period). Best: from cold, cold air, with cold, cold applications, for the open (needs to be shielded), for uncovering, by friction, by stretching. You need to be uncovered, and the doors and windows open. Right side.
10 - () Epilepsy. Korea beginning in the face and spreads throughout the body. Convulsioins worse at night, which starts on the face, Tonic and clonic; in children, postpartum, from fright, during menstruation, sleeping, better rubbing or stretching the members, with fingers extended and separated. Tetanus.
11 - () Numbness in parts. Numbness or tingling under the skin, especially in the extremities (hands, fingertips, thighs, legs, feet and fingers), face, gums, etc..
Inflammation 12 violent: gangrenous pneumonia, peritonitis, etc..
Desire and aversion of Secale cornutum
13 Want: acids, lemonade. Aversion to meat and fat.
SPECIFIC Secale cornutum
14 Vertigo as if intoxicated; chronic. Feeling light-headed. Headache with lightheadedness, worse on the occiput. Hemicrania left.
Hair loss, dry and gray. Sore scalp. He shakes his head to one side. Head back.
15 - () deep-set eyes and dark circles surrounded by blue. Miosis or mydriasis.
Eyes convulsed. Strabismus. Staring, wild. Falls hard or soft, infant, senile, especially in women. Suppurative keratitis.
Suppression of tears. Yellow eyes. Blindness. Double or triple vision. See spots or through a veil or fog; see sparks. Exophthalmic goitre.
16 Noise in the ears, with hearing loss. Hyperacusis: even the sound softer impact on the head and makes her shudder. Transient deafness.
r17 - () Sneezing. Watery nasal obstruction. Bleed black blood, stringy, which comes out continually, with great prostration, the elderly, alcoholics, young women and weakened, by the slightest touch.
18 - () Face pale, sharp, sunken, pale of morning, yellow, sunken eyes and dark circles with blue, or red, or stains on the face. Face swollen, distorted features, sardonic laugh. Tingling in the face. Choreic twitching or jerking movements of the face, which spread throughout the body. Lips cyanotic (during chill) or very pale.
19 Grinding of teeth. The teeth become loose and fall. Difficult dentition.
20 - () Bleeding Gums. Breath very offensive. Sialorea. Dry mouth with thirst.
Foam greenish yellow or bloody mouth. Language discolored, brown or black, or dry and cracked, oozing blood as ink, yellow or pale,
cold, thick with fur. Tingling in the gums, or on the tip of the tongue, which is rigid. Tongue swollen, paralyzed, with difficulty speaking or stuttering. Bites tongue frequently. Decreased taste.
21 - () Throat dry, burning, tingling or tingling. Follicular pharyngitis. Paralysis of the muscles of the throat, difficulty swallowing and speaking, and danger of drowning. Post diphtheritic paralysis. Esophagitis.
22 - () Be hot, insatiable. Abnormally exaggerated appetite, ravenous hunger
exhausting diarrhea even with very intense. Continuous nausea, worst after eating. Belching foul. Hiccups. Arcades. Vomiting: bile or black bile, mucus, food, earthworms, blood or coffee grounds, dark brown; easy. Hematemesis. Great anxiety or distress in the epigastrium, with excessive tenderness to touch, burning sensation in the stomach.
Gastritis. Gangrene or stomach cancer.
23 Abdomen much distended. Cutting, tearing or burning in the belly. Gangrene in the liver. Hypertrophy of the liver. Burning pains in the spleen. Hot excessive belly and back. Colicos. Rumbling. Hypogastric pain. Strong pulsation in the navel.
24 - () Constipation with continuous efforts and inefficient. Diarrhea with watery stools, heavy, putrid odor, olive green or brown or dark or discolored, or bloody, driven jet, very strenuous, with sudden prostration, painless or cramping. Cholera diarrhea with the characteristics already mentioned, cold skin, but want to be uncovering (see 4). Unwittingly gets dirty, does not feel pass stool (especially if they are very liquid), the anus is completely open, paralysis of rectum and anus. Manes. Expulsion of parasites.
25 Anuria. Urination urine drop by drop low and hot, with tenesmus.
Polyuria. Retention of urine with ineffectual urging, for bladder paralysis.
Enuresis in old people, with pale urine, watery or bloody. Hematuria thick black blood. Albuminuria. Sediment white cheese.
26 - () Frequent erections, even after intercourse. Sensation of drawing up the testicles, groin. After Intercourse is exhausted, forgetful and palpitations. Impotence. Chronic spasmodic stricture of the urethra. Tingling in the penis and scrotum.
27 - () The female genital tract is the main field of action of Secale. Irregular menses, copious, dark or red, with clots, and pressing pains or birth or burning, there is a continuous loss of watery blood from one period to the next, worse by motion.
Metrorrhagia black or dark, liquid and clotted, or continuous jets, painless, profuse, sudden, worse by motion; in pregnancy, abortions in the third month, during and after childbirth, menopause, trauma, retention the placenta, with seizures in very thin women. Metrorrhagia intermestrual. Secale is also an important drug of threatened abortion, especially in the third month or until the 5th or the 6th month of gestation, with prolonged pain, like labor, burning or bearing down, and persistent bleeding black blood clearance black mixed with clots, which is aggravated by the slightest movement, accompanied by a general cooling with heat intolerance and to be covered (see 4). During labor, the pains are irregular, jerky, very prolonged, excessive or are becoming weak until ceasing; everything seems loose and expanded, per no expulsive action, there is a true uterine inertia. Retained placenta. Subinvolution uterus. During labor there may be contracture or stiffness of the cervix or uterine contraction hourglass. Entuertos very long and intense. Fainting during childbirth. Lochia scanty, fetid, bloody or dark and very long. Fiebre puerperal eclampsia. Suppression of human milk, the breasts are not filled. Agalactia. Atrophy of the breasts. Flow-green, brown, foul. Gangrene of the uterus, the vaginal mucosa, which is black in color.
Uterine cancer. Uterine prolapse. Vagina hot or cold. Partially open cervix and warts or polyps.
28 Afonia painless to manina. Voice weak, almost imperceptible. Voice hoarse and hollow. Breathing heavy, anxious, complaining, blocked with sighs and sobs. Hemoptysis when making violent efforts to breathe. Dyspnea oppression with cramp in the diaphragm.
29 chest pain or tenderness, anxiety chest. Violent palpitations sexual excesses. Pulse small, rapid, contracted, intermittent, slow and depressed. Angina pectoris.
30 - () Stiff neck. Hot on the back. Tingling and numbness in the back. Lumbosacral pain, worse from walking or sitting long time in the same position. Lumbago. Tabes. Myelitis.
31 - () Tingling, tingling and numbness in the extremities (see ll), or numbness or anesthesia of the affected parties. Convulsive or choreic movements (see 10). Contractures in the hands, feet and toes. Members cold or frozen (but does not tolerate the heat of the bed), pale and wrinkled as if they had been much in water, often with burning pain relieved by cold; in smokers. Cramps in arms, hands, legs, calves, soles and fingers, worse at night. Burning in hands and feet. Gangrene of the extremities (see 5). Trembling, weakness, heaviness and clumsiness in the limbs.
Hands and feet swollen, black pustules. Edema of dolls. Mel A separate bed, or fall. Varicose ulcers. Unsteady gait.
32 - () Intense drowsiness, coma. Lethargic sleep, deep, with stirring and dry heat or fever. Insomnia drug addicts and alcoholics. Eat with delirium, shocks and shock.
33 - () Violent shivering, followed by violent internal fever and hot, with violent thirst. Excessive cold on the surface of the body (see 4).
Dry Mouth with tachycardia, agitation and insomnia. Cold sweats, sticky all over.
34 - () sallow skin color or gray or blackish, flabby and wrinkled, unhealthy-looking, rough and dry, with dullness and insensibility. Petechiae.
Hemorrhagic purpura, senile. Ecchymosis large; stains purple, blue.
Sclerema and edema of the newborn. Raynaud's Disease. Sense of electric sparks on the skin. Small abscesses, painful, pus green mature and heal very slowly. Black pustules, gangrenous. Tickling subcutaneous. Ulcers turn black. Vesicles with blood or anthrax, which become gangrenous.
COMPLEMENTARY Secale cornutum:

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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