Seeds and sesame oil. Properties

Origin of sesame
The sesame seeds are dried in an oleaginous plant of the family whose scientific name is Pedaliaceae Sesamum indicum. Originally from the East Indies and cultivated in different ways, since the old, in all tropical and subtropical regions due to the character of its oily seeds.

Where sesame is grown

The main countries where sesame is grown are: The East Indies, China, Japan, Africa, West Indies, North America and South America and some Mediterranean countries such as Turkey.
Characteristics of sesame
These seeds are flat, ovoid or pyriform, about 3.5 mm. in length and 2.1 mm. wide by 1 mm. thick. They are usually yellow or brown and are formed of a thin perisperm containing an embryo and endosperm close with two plano-convex cotyledons.
Composition of sesame seeds
Sesame seeds contain a high proportion of fat, and by their expression flows a nearly odorless oil fatty pleasant mild flavor, edible non-drying is widely used in eastern and feeding for their properties quickly has been incorporated in the west.
The sesame seed by itself is a highly nutritious food, comprehensive and balanced, due not only to high fat and protein and low in carbohydrates, but the sheer quality of fat and protein it contains.
Properties of sesame seeds
- Antifebrile and tonic properties. Can be used in poultices.
- Sesame seeds are a regulator of intestinal function.
- Great content in mucilages.
- High-value dietary fats (glycerides of oleic acid, linoleic, palmitic and stearic).
- Sesame seeds strengthen the nervous system by its high content of lecithin and phosphates.
- They have a beneficial effect against atherosclerosis and cholesterol.
- Excellent in calcium and zinc.
- Aid to osteoporosis.
- Sesame seeds are useful during pregnancy.
Sesame oil
Its oil has great value because of their dietary composition, because it contains glycerides of oleic acid, linoleic, and stearic plamitico. The unsaponifiable portion contains fitosterina and Sesamin. Also contains a large amount of lecithin and phosphates which accompanies the oil, which are a natural food to the nervous system.
We have seen that 85% of this oil contains acids that are unsaturated fatty acids, which explains their beneficial effect on atherosclerosis and getting lower cholesterol.
Properties sesame oil
- Excellent stabilizer nervous.
- Protector of cerebro-spinal system: Antidepressant.
- Nutrient exceptional skin.
- Ideal for people with lots of intellectual work.
- Used in natural cosmetics.