Selenium (Selenium). Homeopathy

(The element Selenium)

1 - () Very forgetful, especially in matters related to their occupation or work, but when you sleep sounds with what I had forgotten. Mental work tires him, and there is a complete inability to perform any task lu occupation. Difficult to understand. It is wrong to speak in syllables of words, or pronounce a word incorrectly.

2 - () Great loquacity; likes to talk, especially at sunset. 0 extreme sadness, melancholia permanent despair. Fear of society. Aversion to company, even close friends.

3 Lascivious thoughts, erotic fantasies, helplessly.

4 - () Great physical and mental exhaustion, easily depleted, often sudden weakness that appears or worsens especially in hot weather or by the heat of summer or the sun, after intercourse or wet dreams, after eating, least exertion physical or mental strain prolong, following a serious illness or prolonged fever (especially typhoid) in the elderly. Premature aging. In elderly.

5 - () Grand or general thinning of the parties concerned or of certain parts (face, hands, thighs, legs and feet) for loss of vital fluids; in the elderly.

6 - () Aggravation or appearance of symptoms: heat in any form, in summer and sun (especially when the sun rises and noon); by air currents (with aversion, air is hot, cold or humid ) or outdoors, by touch and pressure, by motion; after dormirr, sexual excesses, pollutions or after repeated intercourse increased by the ingestion of tea, sugar, salt, lemonade, wine, alcoholic beverages; by lack of sleep. Better: rest, breathing cold air, when the sun declines; taking cold water.

7 - () Falling of hair in the whole body or parts: head, eyebrows, eyelashes, face (mustache, pin), beard and genitals.

8 - () Pulse after eating, worse in limbs and stomach.

Desire and aversion OF SELENIUM
9 - () I: Alcoholic beverages (manic desire is almost irresistible), especially premenstrual; of brandy, whiskey, wine. Aversion to salty foods.

10 - () Vertigo on rising from bed or chair, or after eating, with nausea, vomiting and fainting. Headache or neuralgia on the left eye in tea drinkers, worse walking in sun or strong odors. Headache after every noon. Headache worse by drinking tea, lemonade or wine, or heat, or after a binge or alcohol. Headaches with profound melancholy. Pain in the scalp, as if pulling the hair.
Tension and contraction of the scalp. Hair loss, it hurts to touch.

11 Pain deep in orbits. Spasmodic twitching left eye.
Itching Vesicles eyebrows and edges of the eyelids. Fall of eyebrows and eyelashes.

Clogged ear 12. Cerumen drive, increased.

13 internal nasal itching and edges of the nostrils. Trend 1eterse fingers in the nose. Chronic nasal obstruction. Coryza ending in diarrhea. Fluent coryza in evening. Nasal mucus secretion, gelatinous, thick, yellow.

14 - () face greasy, shiny, thinned. Twitching facial muscles. Crack in the middle of the upper lip. Comedones on the face.

15 teeth covered with mucus. Toothache by you, with sensation of cold in the tooth, better drinking water cold or cold air in the mouth.

16 Pain under the root of the tongue. Tongue with thick white layer in the morning. Stuttering; articulates the words with difficulty. Sweetish taste and unpleasant after smoking.

Dry throat 17. Start transparent pieces of mucus every morning.
Anorexia 18 tomorrow. Hunger at night. Hiccups, regurgitation and belching after smoking. Nausea. Gastric cramp.

19 - () Pain in the liver, but to inspire, with pressure sensitivity.
Chronic liver disease with liver sore and bloated, with an itchy red rash all over the liver area. Violent pain in the spleen when walking. Pulsation in the stomach, worse after eating.

20 - () Constipation with frequent and ineffective, with hard stools, impacted, seen through the anus distended like a dark, hard ball (bolus droppings), which threatens to tear the anus for its large size, and makes suffer much the patient, who is very agitated, usually a bolus must be removed by mechanical means, and the evacuation is followed by a discharge of mucus or blood. Stools hairlike filaments. Inactivity of rectum.

21 - () The urine dribbles after urination or defecation, or involuntarily when walking. Constant sensation in the urethral meatus as if a drop itchy and wants out. Urine red, dark, scanty; red sediment, sand, foam.

22 - () Impotence with erotic thoughts and no erections, sexual desire without erections or erections without desire, sometimes violent.
Incomplete erections during intercourse, premature ejaculation and orgasm with very prolonged. Semen odorless watery. Spermatorrhoea when bowel movements or leaking semen, especially sleeping. Cumshots for nurturing touch, or unconscious or without erection. With wet dreams nocturnal emissions without erection. Priapism, with testicles pulled up. Weakness (especially lumbar) and irritability after intercourse. Out of prostatic fluid during stool and then, sitting and walking, dripping, even without erection. Hypertrophy of the prostate in the elderly, induration, pain when urinating. Hydrocele. Gonorrhea with yellowish discharge. Itching of the scrotum. Fall of pubic hair.

23 Menses copious, dark; delayed.

24 - () Hoarseness: in the singers, especially to start singing, after abusing the voice, speaking or reading, with mucus in the larynx to be expelled to clear the voice as clear mucus every morning cooked starch and sometimes blood coagulitos. Laryngeal tuberculosis. Morning cough with bloody sputum and mucous globules. Dyspnea walking air cybrid. Common efforts to breathe deeply, and sighs.
Dyspnoea at night, in bed, with chest pain.

25 - () crippling pain in the lumbosacral region in the morning, better lying on my belly. Ganglia pain side of neck. Stiffness in the neck, making it difficult to turn the head. Great weakness in the back, post tifies or sexual excess or pollutions, worse in the lumbar region.

26 - () Rheumatic pains in limbs. Tearing drawing in the hands or night, with cracks in the munca. Dry and scaly rashes on the palms of the hands, with itching. Psoriasis on the palms.
Itching elbows, wrists and palms. Itching Vesicles and between the fingers. Sarna. Eczema. Stepparents painful. Hand thinned.
Itching pimples on the buttocks and thighs. Thinning in the legs.
Cramps in calves and soles. Very weak legs after a typhoid, with fear of paralysis. Cracking in the knee to bend.
Flat ulcers in the legs. Itching in ankles and feet at night.
Blisters on toes.

27 - () Irresistible desire to lie down and sleep, because suddenly loses forces, especially in the heat of the day, the worse after a nap or after bedtime. You can not sleep because she's beating her arteries, especially the abdomen. You sleep early at night, but there is sleeplessness before midnight, and wakes up frequently during the night, sometimes by the slightest noise. Shocks in the body to sleep. He wakes up early in the morning, and always at the same time. Sounds with fights and cruelty.

28 - () Burning heat in the trunk or in small areas. Sweat from least exertion or walking or just falls asleep and at nap time. Sweats that yellow stain clothing and harden, espccialmente in the armpits, chest and genitals. Copious sweats.

Tingling in 29 small sites in the skin, with great tendency to scratching.
Sale fluid scrapes sites. Oily seborrhea, comedones with oily skin. Acne. Alopecia.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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