Senecio aureus. Homeopathy

Senecio aureus
(Ragwort or Golden Ragwort)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Senecio aureus
1 Very irritable, worried, hesitant, unhappy, depressed, nervous, worse sitting still, need to move, walk. Depression alternating with joy, or crying with laughter, so be changing. Nostalgia. Silent during menstruation.
2 - () Hysteria, with feeling of having a ball in the stomach, that rises to the throat and squeezes, tending to relieve the sensation swallowing.
Puerperal Mania 3 violent, wild, with high fever and sudden withdrawal of lochia.
4 Inability to fix their attention on something for a while.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Senecio aureus
5 - () Worse: at night, after noon, outdoors (it is very sensitive to it), sitting (needs to move, walk). Better: the onset of menses or the reappearance of menses.
6 - () vicarious bleeding tendency for suppression of menstruation.
7 - () In women nervous, irritable, pale, weak, anemic and fatigued, with blackouts for the least effort and before eating. Anemic girls with menstrual irregularities. Tendency to edema.
Desire and aversion of Senecio aureus
8 Aversion to coffee and pastries (which usually want a lot).
SPECIFIC Senecio aureus
9 - () Vertigo sudden walking outdoors, like ripple from occiput above, with nausea and a tendency to fall forward.
Headaches stun, with heaviness and sharp pains above his left eye and left temple. Frontal headache extended to the occiput, occipital morning. Dolores from inside out on his forehead. Front hot sweats at night.
10 dark circles. Sharp pains in the left eye from the inside out.
Tearing outdoors. Burning eyes and eyelids. Yellow stripe from the angle of the eye to the iris.
11 - () Dry coryza, with headache and sneezing, burning, fullness in the nose, followed by copious mucous secretion. Epistaxis after suppression of menses.
12 - () pale face. Pale lips, dry, feverish. Lancinating pains in the right side of the face and shoulder and left breast. Cutting across the left side.
13 - () very sensitive teeth. Mouth dry and warm. Tongue coated.
14 - () Throat very dry. Globe hysterical.
15 gastric fullness even by eating a snack. Sour eructation, regurgitation of food. Nausea on rising, morning of pregnancy.
Stitches in pit.
16 points in the hypochondria, in English on one side to another. Cutting across the diaphragm. Radiating pain in umbilicus everywhere, worse afternoon and evening, better bending forward and to defecate.
Rumbling. Belly greatly enlarged and tense. Ascites.
17 Diarrhea with watery stools, bloody, dark, with tenesmus and colic, worse in the evening. Stool copious with great weakness and prostration.
Stool mixed with chopped hard yellowish mucus. Liver cirrhosis.
18 - () renal colic with or without nausea. Chronic nephritis. Acute nephritis, with intense pain (which makes it scream to move), with fever and great prostration, with red urine, bloody, hot, with brick dust sediment, often with edema. Renal tuberculosis. Bladder irritation in children. Frequent and urgent need to urinate, kidney pain. Chronic cystitis with swelling in the neck of the bladder with hematuria and urinary urgency. Catarrhal Dysuria in women and children, with mucus in urine. Heat in the bladder neck.
19 - () erotic dreams about wet dreams. Painful heaviness in the spermatic cord, especially the left, which goes to the testicle, which is indurated. Enlarged prostate, which feels hard and swollen to the touch.
Chronic Prostatitis. Gonorrhea.
20 - () is awakened by intense sexual excitement, with orgasm, swollen vulva itching and burning. Copious, slimy; For young children, or streaked with blood. Menstrual irregularities in tuberculosis. Menses every three weeks, heavy, lasting 8 to 10 days, with intense sharp pains in the sacrum, English and hypogastric. Menses early and heavy, or delayed and scanty. Suppressed menses from wet or taking cold, followed by tuberculosis (see 21) or vicarious bleeding (primarily epistaxis, hemoptysis, and hematuria). Amenorrhea with cough and back pain in young pale and anemic. Dysmenorrhea. Pain in the ovaries. Feeling that the menses would come, but not seen. Vulvar itching worse sitting still, better if you have your mind occupied. Prolonged lochia.
21 - () Dry cough, worse at night fatiguing, which appears after the suppression of menses, with hemoptysis, especially in young pale, anemic and weak. Acute Tuberculosis, emerging, following the suppression of menstruation, with copious expectoration and great emaciation. Whenever there is a TB amenorrhea, think of Senecio. Dyspnea or labored breathing, worse when climbing stairs, loose cough. Chest pain, cough with stitches. Hoarseness. Chronic bronchitis following amenorrhea.
22 back or waist pain when sitting or lying long.
Limbal or sacral pain tomorrow. Wandering pains in the back.
23 points from members. Rheumatic joint pains. Cold hands and feet. Tremor. Pains in the shoulders, in the left heel.
Sciatica. A brittle. Constant desire to move his feet.
24 Great drowsiness, especially in women with uterine problems or prolapse, or in menopause. Restless sleep, insomnia. The rest do not sleep. Suenos intellectuals or very vivid and unpleasant.
Chills to 25 pm, followed by heat and sweating at night, with moderate thirst. Pouring sweats and running in the morning. Hectic.
Dry skin 26.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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