Senega. Homeopathy

(Polygala Senega. Poligala of Virginia)
1 Melanie hypochondriac, with great ease to take offense. Excessive distress with tachypnea.
2 lively, with irritability and a tendency to have fits of rage or fight or argue.
3 suddenly recalls minor places he saw long ago.
4 - () Worse from cold, by touch or pressure, at rest, night and morning, in a warm room or warm air, for massage or stroking, climbing stairs, stooping or forward inclinarce , looking fixedly at an object. Best: his head thrown back, walking outdoors, for the sweats, by the movement.
5 - () general weakness with trembling of the upper limbs. Great weakness of chest seems verir. Fainting when walking outdoors.
6 - () Especially useful in plethoric persons, floppy, which tend to obesity. Fat, chubby children. In elderly.
7 - () Confusion and vacuum pressure in the head with painful eyes, worse when touched. Vertigo with ringing in the ears. Particularly frontal headache, which also affects the eyes and their orbits, worse from warmth of the room, better Porel outdoor or cold. Congestion of head and eyes on stooping.
Elcuero itching and rash on scalp. Frontal headache in pop.
8 - () Pain in eyes as if they were dilated and pushed out of the orbits, as if too large for them. Eye pain at night, worse from light and agachiarse or reading. Weakness, vision, worse for abusing his eyes can not read or write long, because the eyes are burning, you confuse the letters look like flaps and cloudy, must often wipe his eyes. Swollen eyelids. Vesicles in the thrushes of the eyelids. Styes. Dry eyes. Tearing outdoors or when stares at an object. Secretion hard and dry in morning eyelids and lashes.
Spasmodic contraction of the lower eyelid. Stare. Paralysis of the muscles of the eye. Opacities of the cornea and the vitreous humor. Double Vision improves by throwing the head back. Photophobia. All objects appear as in the shade. Vision obscured by bright spots, rub eyes worse. Promotes reabsorption of the lens fragments after cataract surgery.
Ear pain when chewing 9. Cold sensation in left ear.
Hyperacusis painful.
10 - () Itching in the nose. You smell like pus. Sneezes often and so violently that tide, followed by a watery coryza. Dryness of nose irritation sensation in the back, as if pepper.
11 left-sided facial paralysis. Heat in the face. Vesicles burning at the corners of the mouth and upper lip. Heat in hemifacial left.
12 tooth pain breathing in cold and damp.
13 - () Dry mouth, worse tomorrow. Sialorrhea. Breath fetid, putrid. Furred tongue with white or yellowish white in the morning, with like ugly. Burning all the oral mucosa. Metallic taste or urine, or tasteless.
14 Throat and esophagus sore, irritated, as if excoriated or raw, or burning as if they were burned. Burning and dryness in the throat which causes coughing and difficulty speaking. Accumulation of thick, sticky mucus in the throat, which costs start, and takes into small pieces.
15 Anorexia, worse tomorrow. Sensation of devouring hunger with gastric emptying. Intense thirst, burning. Belching. Regurgitation. Nausea, retching. Vomiting with diarrhea. Pressive gastralgias gastric spasm or, worse at night. Burning in the stomach. Oppression in the epigastrium to inspire.
16 Drawing pains, or biting terebrantes in hypochondria and upper abdomen. Flatulence. Tearing into the hypogastric, in the womb.
17 Diarrhea with vomiting and great anxiety for loose or watery stools. Stool scanty, hard, deleted, with effort, and followed by pressure in the anus and rectum.
18 - () Urgency and urethral burning before, during and after urination.
Urethral obstruction sensation when urinating. Oliguria with kidney pains, or polyuria. Bedwetting. Foamy urine or mixed with mucous filaments, which becomes turbid on cooling, or mucous flakes, with red or reddish yellow sediment and thick. Cystitis old.
19 Sexual desire increased, with painful erections. Burning in the glans when urinating, or paroxysmal painful cramp. Tingling in glans and foreskin.
20 menses early, with pain in the left false ribs, better by pressure. Mucus.
21 - () The respiratory VFAs are the main field of action of Senega. Acute laryngitis with sensation of excoriation, burning and dryness (worst morning) of the larynx, dry cough with coryza and constant that it "tears or hurt" the throat, especially at bedtime, with danger of suffocation by laryngeal constriction. Subacute or chronic laryngitis, especially in the elderly, with dryness and burning excoriating, paresis of the vocal cords and hoarseness after having spoken or read aloud (sudden) or by taking cold. Abundant accumulation of mucus in the trachea and larynx, with punctures and dyspnea. Dry cough, continuous, violent, brutal, or laryngeal irritation by tickling, worse from cold air and morning, rocking the patient from head to toe, with a copper taste in the mouth, and a great accumulation of mucus in the bronchi, with noisy breathing and oppressed, and moist rales and wheezing numerous and widespread, there is a true bronchial paresis, with difficult expectoration, no or poor (which, anyway, not relieved) to mucosidados very sticky and stringy, transparent egg white or gray, often in the elderly. The cough is worse in open air, walking fast, evening and night, at rest, lying on the left side in a warm room or sitting, and usually ends in a sneeze, causing pain in the eyes, throat, and incontinence. Dyspnoea when walking fast or climb stairs. Considerable oppression, especially outdoors and on stooping, as if suddenly the chest were too narrow. Pressure in the chest, worse at rest, or morning, or night waking. Chest pain on their walls, especially when moving the arms (but left) excoriating pain worse by pressure, movement, coughing and sneezing. Unzantes and burning pains in his left thorax, worse lying on the right.
Retrosternal burning pain, worse when moving or breathing deeply.
Intercostal pains and the intercostal muscles, vivid, sharp, worse on inspiration, by pressure, resting and lying on the right side, better from motion. Waves of heat, or congestion in the chest. Pressure in the chest, with the feeling that the lungs are pushed back against the column. Vices congestive asthmatic attacks. Pertussis.
Hydrothorax. Pleurisy with effusion, more to the right, with the characteristic cough, dyspnea, tightness and soreness at the base of the thorax. The majority of respiratory symptoms is worse at rest.
22 precordial burning pains, made out to the left armpit. Pressure chest during deep inspiration. Violent palpitation, shaking him. Pulse hard and frequent.
23 Drawing pains in the shoulders, in and between the shoulder blades and under.
Pain under right shoulder blade, as if to blow up the chest, coughing or deep inspiration. Burning and itching all over the back.
24 Shocks and jolts in the arm for a nap. Pain as of dislocation in the wrists. Tickling or tingling in the palms. Drawing on forearms and toes. Great weariness and weakness in legs and feet. Tremor in the legs. Hip pain.
l5 lethargic sleep, deep, just go to bed at night. He wakes up in the morning often with dyspnea.
Chills unicanente almost 26 outdoors. Frequent shocks in the back with heat in the face. Sudden flushes of heat. Profuse sweating it better.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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