Senna. Homeopathy

(Cassia Senna and Other. Sen of Alexandria)
1 Great exhaustion rough with facial pallor, insomnia, and acetonuria ketosis. Child ketosis. Muscle weakness.
2 generalized swelling of body, that smells dirty.
3 Down: due to less absorption of food.
4 Flushes of heat at night, which disturbs sleep.
5 heaviness in the head on stooping.
6 - () Repeated sneezing, that make you hot (especially in hands), exhaustion and breathing to gasping.
7 - () pale lips. Vesiculitas burning in the corners of lips. Tongue coated. Aromatic smelling breath or acetone. Bad taste.
8 - () Anorexia. Sed. Belching or regurgitation watery and offensive. Disgust, nausea with vomiting tendency. Feeling of emptiness or languor in the stomach immediately after eating. Nausea and vomiting with aromatic odor of breath, or acetonemico.
9 - () is perhaps the most useful drug in the baby's colic, when the child seems full of gas, with excessive flatulence accumulated in different parts of the belly, with rumbling and gurgling and difficulty passing flatus, which are fetid, with great agitation and inquitetud, crying and insomnia. Cold feeling in the stomach with discomfort and gastric emptying.
Liver enlarged and tender.
10 - () cramps and constipation with hard stools and dark. Watery yellowish or greenish mucus, with jabs before stool, and followed by burning in the rectum and tenesmus. Rectal prolapse in children.
Urinary 11. Urine of increased density, increased urea, oxaluria, phosphaturia and acetonuria.
12 - () Insomnia with crying and restlessness in babies, usually by cramping.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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