Sepia. Homeopathy

Sepia (S. officinalis. Ink of cuttlefish or Sepia)
1 - () the inner core of personality and depth of Sepia is "an abolition of the ability to feel love, be affectionate" (Kent), or at least a large decrease, ie to feel love and prove it. This state is rarely seen in a man, but is a very prominent feature in women "(Kent).

There is a marked indifference to loved ones, their own children, their families and relatives, to all, even to the pleasant and even their activities, business or usual occupation, stressing the indifference during fever, usually lying down, with eyes closed. And all this without an apparent reason to explain this state, to a greater extent, become manifest as a real aversion to the husband and members of his family (who sometimes called attention to the very patient) , and even their occupations, which generally liked him.
Usually, therefore, live apart from his family. By extension, his disaffection extends to the people feel better when alone, has an aversion to the company and the presence of exranos, can not bear to hear about other people.
Evita see people, but inwardly often want the company, because you have fear of complete solitude.
2 - () There is a deep sadness and depression, "an absence of all joy" (Kent), this truly tired of life, melancholy, often spend much time sitting, stiff and still, and quiet. Her grief is manifested especially on waking in the morning and evening, before and during menstruation, after intercourse, walking outdoors, for music, when the weather is sultry and when perspiring. Dissatisfied, discouraged. She cries a lot faciliciad can not hold back, especially when talking about his illness and before menstruation, but, consistent with its inability to give or receive affection, tolerates no consolation, that makes it more or irritates mourn. Sometimes you can avoid the crying grabbing something. In contrast, the same cry of relief, improvement, and can even mix with laughter, but, oddly, becomes happy and contented and happy during a storm with thunder and lightning. Sometimes he thinks about suicide.
3 - () Intellectually may be normal, as seen in daily practice, but is far more common than is obtuse, silly, superficial and think slowly. It focuses heavily; has trouble thinking and understanding, especially dazed this afternoon and after intercourse. His memory is poor, poor, the aggravating and mental effort, for all that, you have an aversion to mental work and can not decide, is undecided. You can get to mental confusion, especially before menses, after eating, mental effort, when you speak and when he awoke, relieved after mourn. It is slow, even to speak, but can also talk fast. Idiocy. As absent.
4 - () is usually very irritable, but even if the contradiction is simply not tolerated, although it tends to contradict others. Also it is very irritating after intercourse before menstruation, for the comfort, when spoken or efforts. Irritated against others and herself. Feel like I need to scream, and makes no-holds or held on to something; screams before menstruation. It offended, easily, is violent, argumentative, quarrelsome, impetuous, can insult, becomes disagreeable facts already past, angry, moody, censure or criticism, is suspicious, spy everything boring. But his nature is changing and, to a lesser extent, in other circumstances can laugh, be soft, sweet, shy.
5 - () A very definite mental characteristics of Sepia is that, in all respects, much better when it is very busy or busy in their routine activities. It is industrious, diligent, but it can be very lazy. It rushed in their occupations.
6 - () falls into unconsciousness when this kneeling in church, or while traveling or on the ground smallest degree.
7 - () Fear: of being alone (and also for fear of being hurt), to disease, to die (present), ghosts, men, people, poor, poverty, the storms, insanity, suicide.
He scares easily startled from fright; disorders scares.
Marked anxiety, especially after dark, for his health during the fever heat when you have flares, visual strain when stares or reads, in fear. Despair of recovery, especially when you sweat, and is excited. Restlessness, turns in bed at night, closing the eyes;
after the intercourse during menstruation, and when sitting. So also is impatient, but while sitting.
8 - () sees ghosts at night. She thinks it's poor that his family will die of hunger can imagine that this sick. Delirium during the chills.
States of insanity: senile, at menopause, after hemorrhage (or metrorrhagia). Gestures ridiculous, absurd, or angry.
9 - () Symptoms or mental disorders from sexual excesses. Lust.
Hypersensitive to sensual impressions.
10 - () is hypersensitive, but even before menstruation, to music and noise.
11 - () Greed (in children), but lavishes herself. Envy. Kleptomania.
12 Other aspects of mental disorders or feeling neglected mortification Tendency to dance (in children) Religious Affections speaks or laughs sleeping irritability in children.
13 - () The symptoms occur or become worse: from cold, cold air, for cooling, especially a body part, especially the head, cold wind, when entering a cold place, for extreme temperatures; tendency to take cold, to cold (there is a lack of vital heat) overheating; the open (no aversion outdoor) air currents, before and during storms, in cloudy weather, in dry or wet , for a cold bath (with fear of the bathroom), wet feet, especially while perspiring, for washing or for washing clothes by traveling by car or train, or riding on horseback after intercourse, fasting, whereas before during and after menstruation, when nursing, lying, sitting or standing, walking, worse in the wind, playing the piano, after sweating, rubbing, in a room full of people, by tight clothing (especially in the neck and belly ) sexual excesses, from eating pork or drinking milk in the first dream (cough, dyspnea, enuresis), before or after noon and dusk.
sejor: by violent exercise, by loosening clothing; walk fast; by pressure, heat, stretching or stretching, warm applications, for cold drinks.
14 - () Faints easily, as if the intense and frequent feeling of languor, faintness, vacuum or internal weakness and twitching down contributing to that, especially for efforts over the chills and fever, from extremes of heat or cold deypues intercourse before and during menses, when kneeling in church, in pregnancy, to get out of bed, traveling in a warm room, getting wet or on the ground more insignificant is sudden fainting and is accompanied by heat followed by cold. Sudden weakness, fast, trembling, worse morning on waking or rising, and at dusk, after intercourse, by pollution for the least effort during menstruation (or improvement), by sweating, after a bowel movement, by talk, walk, be pain in the sacrum.
15 - () flushes or hot flashes after noon or night, climbing, as if splashed with hot water sweats alternating with chills; appear spontaneously or at the least effort. When the heats up is uncovered, but after sweating it top because it feels cold. By this symptom, so characteristic, simultaneously with their mentality, Sepia has often been pointed at menopause, which is one of the most loyal and important medicines. Blood orgasm after a humiliation.
16 - () Laterality left very predominant symptoms.
17 - () Although it is a characteristic of the skin of Sepia, its location in this place is legitimate, the importance in the identification and individualization of this medicine: brown spots or yellow or reddish brown on the forehead, face on the nose and cheeks as saddle, belly and chest. Freckles; in the face.
18 - () Sensation of a ball in the internal organs (like an apple or a potato) or a stopper, "during menstruation, pregnancy, lactation, with constipation, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, and flow in all conditions uterine (Allen).
19 - () stitches up, especially in the rectum, vagina and uterus. Overall, the sore Sepia other sites are directed to the back, and it is accompanied by tremors, better by heat.
20 - () Downloads and milky: nose, urine flow, urethral discharge, vomiting, coughing, etc..
21 - () Especially "adapted for people with dark hair, fiber rigid, but soft and easy disposal (Allen)," particularly during pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding "(Nash). "It is the remedy of the washerwoman, in conditions that appear or are aggravated by the work of washing clothes" (Allen).
Tall women, thin, narrow pelvis, male.
22 - () Periodicity in the onset of symptoms, especially every 28 days.
23 Hemorrhage, fluid loss, anemia. Thinning in children.
Korea 24. Tetanus.
Desire and aversion OF SEPIA
25 - () I: alcoholic beverages, CONAC, wine, cold drinks, acids, vinegar, sweets.
26 - () Aversion: bread, fat, meat, milk, to salty.
27 - () Vertigo after rising in the morning or afternoon, to close his eyes when he kneels, after tea, walking outdoors, when he writes, by the slightest movement of the arms. Periodic headaches with pain in waves, especially in the forehead that causes cries and does not let you open your eyes, with nausea, and vomiting, with excessive sexual desires, during the chills, for taking cold in the head by the artificial light during menstruation; traveling in a car, for shopping; in menopause after sexual excesses; worse when bending, on the mental work, moving the head and at every step (as if to shake the brain), motion, but improves with violent motion, by pressure, outdoor and after eating. Hemicraneas paroxysmal, worse on the left, shooting from the inside out, with nausea and vomiting, worse in the room and walking faster, better lying on painful side and the open air as if head would burst. Headache parietal outdoors. Throbbing occipital headache starting in the morning, worse at night, for the shortest miovimiento, turning his eyes or close your eyes and lying on his back or at rest.
Hot on the vertex, worse when moving head and stooping, better sleep and outdoors, with headache; in occiput, as if frozen. Tendency to take cold in the head, worse if you have wet. Violent congestion of the head with heat, worse on stooping; rush of blood to the head. Cephalic sweats sour smell. Involuntary movements or shaking of the head back and forth, worse before noon and sitting. Open fontanelles that are slow to close. Scalp sensitive to touch. Dry eruptions, foul, itchy, cracked, scabs moist. Hair falls a lot; at menopause. Bare plates.
28 - () Paralysis of the upper eyelid, but the left, as if too heavy, and can not keep my eyes open; worse morning on waking in pain. Eyes glued night with itching and burning, especially in the morning on waking tomorrow swollen eyelids.
Styes; indurations later. Dried flakes of the eyelids and edges.
Pain in eyes when reading; cold wind burning, sensation of having sand in the right eye. Tarsal tumors after repeated styes. Pustules on the cornea. Glassy, watery evening. Tearing worse tomorrow.
Photophobia to light daily. Twitching in the eyelids. Yellow eyes.
Blurred vision when reading or writing. Presbyopia. Lee cloudy after intercourse or nocturnal emissions. Black spots, dots, sparks, rays of light.
Alrelledor sees a green halo of light. Hyperopia.
Earache 29. Herpes on the lobe of the ear or behind. Discharge of liquid pus, itching. Hyperacusis or hearing loss. Sudden deafness as a stopper caused lor. Buzzing, roaring, whispering, tinkling.
30 - () Nose swollen, inflamed, worse in the end. Crusting inside the nose, chopped green, greenish nasal discharge, hard, dry or milky, greenish yellow. Ozena. Post-nasal catarrh. Epistaxis on blowing, by getting hot, even a slight blow on the nose during menstruation, after a headache and hemorrhoids. Smell decreased or absent, or very sensitive, especially the smell of food. A foul odor from the nose.
Violent fluent coryza with sneezing. Ulcers in the nostrils. Aversion to strong smells. Brown or yellow spots (see 17).
31 - () Face color earthy yellowish red during fever. Cara thinned. Erysipelas. Eruptions on the chin, forehead and around the mouth and lip. Acne worse before menstruation; on the forehead.
Herpes labialis. Warts on the face, black pores. Lips dry, exfoliated.
Swelling of lower lip. Left facial neuralgia. Stitches in the jaw extended to the ear. Swelling in the face with toothache.
Swelling and tenderness of the submaxillary glands. Brown or yellow spots on the face (see 17).
32 - () Cavities in the teeth fast. Toothache teeth clenching or by touching, by talking, by the lower current of cold air, for drinking, eating, or drinking anything cold in the mouth during menstruation and pregnancy, for hot drinks; extended to the ear or arms and fingers. Dark red gums, with pulse or heartbeat during menstruation, swollen, excoriated, ulcerated and bleed easily. Pyorrhea. Sense of long or loose teeth.
33 - () Dry mouth. Foul breath. Saliva salt. Sour taste, bitter or putrid, worse tomorrow. Pain in the palate and tongue, as if burned, worse in the end. Food has a very salty taste.
Abrasions on the tongue. The tongue, white, clean during menstruation, and then immediately returns to its previous state. Vesicles on the tongue.
34 - () Tendency to hawk (worst morning) and constantly swallowing or involuntarily. Sore throat with neck lymphadenopathy. Feeling of lump in the throat (not relieved by swallowing), or excoriating pain, worse when swallowing. Tonsils inflamed, suppurating. Dry throat. Not tolerate
contact of clothing in the neck.
35 - () No thirst (with fever), or excessive thirst (worse in the chills). Voraciously. Belching or regurgitation bitter or sour or like rotten eggs or taste of food, worse from eating fat, poor digestion. Acidity. Feeling of emptiness or gastric languor, not relieved by eating, when you think about the food (especially you want) or during the headache, or evening, after eating, or after dinner in heavy smokers. Nausea: Morning, before breakfast, to think or feel the smell of food; in pregnancy, traveling in a vehicle or boat, thinking about the nausea worse, better after eating. Gastralgia mordant best after dinner. Violent pain in the cardia by passing the food to the stomach.
dastralgia after eating or walking. Pressure as from a stone in the stomach, worse after eating and night. Stomach cramps. Bilious vomiting in the morning, or milky, or the morning meal, or foetid; in pregnancy.
36 - () in mothers belly bulging, distended after childbirth.
Sensation of emptiness, but after a bowel movement. Sensation of fullness in the hypochondria. Heaviness in the stomach, worse in the morning to get up and moving. Hard belly. Pains in the stomach in the morning, especially at 9 pm; hipogasirio pains before noon (better after dinner and evening) before and during menstruation. Pain deep in the liver, worse when touched or palpated, better lying on right side, stitch in the liver extended to the right shoulder, liver pains, worse from motion or traveling in a vehicle. Hardness in the pyloric region. Bearing down pains in the stomach, from 9 to 18 hours or after noon or 21, standing or walking and worse during menstruation; better crossing his legs and after dinner. Pressing pains in the hypogastric, down, Fondling (especially females), as if everything were going to pop out from below, especially from 9 to 18 hours or 21, as if the menses come, especially before or during menstruation; best after dinner (see 40). Ascites. Cold in the stomach, or heartburn, but on the left side. Brown spots on the belly. Borboriomos after eating, flatulence incarcerated flatus.
37 - () Constipation, bowel movements difficult, even if they are loose stools, has desires, but are ineffective, in menstruation and pregnancy, sometimes with hard stools or lamb, or brown agglutinated scybalous motions with mucus, or whitish stools. Diarrhea from drinking milk. Greenish diarrhea, acid or putrid odor, especially in children. Anal fissure. Humidity anal almost constant. Rectal pain, worse at 10 am and sitting.
Stitches in the rectum upwards, sharp, sharp, improving walking fast. Tapeworm. Constant feeling of having a foreign body in the rectum, as a heavy ball or plug or ball placed between the pubis and coccyx, which causes outward pressure, and not relieved by defecation, with the feeling that the rectum is always full or are always feces. Rectal prolapse during bowel movements or urination difficult. Protruding piles and defecation when walking; bleeding, worse when walking. Erosion between the buttocks. Perianal condylomata.
38 - () Desire to urinate frequently, uterine prolapse, with bearing down in the pelvis sudden desire to urinate, sudden, have to hurry, because if it is not urine. Frequent urination at night. He feels very distended bladder. Involuntary urination when coughing or laughing or sneezing or noise, and at night in bed, in the first dream. Delayed micturition, has to wait until you pass urine. Bladder pain during menstruation. Bladder stones. Urine very upset and very fetida,
with red sand, sticky and very difficult to wash, turbid, or with white sediment adherent and difficult to wash and a cuticle on the surface, brown burante fever and sweating, red or dark yellow or colorless water with vinegar smell . Mucous sediment; pasty, yellowish, with small stones, or brick dust. Urethral burning during urination.
Sensation in the perineum 39 as sitting on a ball. Sale prostatic fluid during bowel movements (especially if the evacuation was difficult) and after urination. Secretion blennorrhagic cronica, "military drop, painless, or milky white, yellowish or mucosa. The urethral meatus is glued to the morning. Frequent erections, worse at night, increased sexual desires, or incomplete, during intercourse or absent (impotence).
Premature ejaculation. Copious sweating and stinking, but in the scrotum. Frequent nocturnal emissions. Great physical and mental fatigue after coition or pollutions. Itchy rashes on the glans and foreskin. Swollen scrotum. Condylomata in and around the glans penis. Ulcers on the glans and foreskin.
40 - () Tendency to abortion or premature labor, the fifth to seventh month.
Uterine cancer. Uterus enlarged, with heaviness and induration, especially the cervix. Uterine displacement. Great dryness of vulva and vagina, especially after menses. Vulvar excoriation and between her thighs. Intensely itchy rash on the labia minora. Genital herpes. Flux-irritant vulvar itching, or pregnancy, vaginal itching. Menopause (see 15) with metrorrhagia. Sterility. Retained placenta. Subinvolution uterus. Aversion to intercourse, with total absence of orgasm, lack of sexual desire in women, frigidity, the thought of intercourse it causes irritability and nausea.
Menses appear only for tomorrow, absent or late, late, short, lasting a single day, or very heavy. Metrorrhagia during pregnancy or menopause. Flow: morning, excoriating, or transparent albuminous, bloody, burning, copious, which comes in spurts, or milky white, yellowish or greenish, like water, purulent, fetid or putrid; premenstrual or between periods, or in lieu of menstruation ; after intercourse.
Flow in little girls. Pain in left ovary. Lochia offensive, foul, and very long. Pains in the uterus, premenstrual, in the vagina during intercourse. Labor-like pains. Excessive labor pains. Stitches in the vagina and uterus that go up. Bearing down pains in the uterus, especially morning and after noon, as if everything were to go out the vagina with urination, worse standing, walking and during menses, better pressure on the vulva or crossing legs. Prolapsed uterus, worse after noon and during menstruation, better crossing his legs and lying; vaginal prolapse. Induration of breasts; scirrhous, with burning pain and stitches. Cracks and abrasions on her nipples, bleeding.
41 - () Dry cough, spasmodic, violent, irritating, constant, tiring in the evening after lying down, which prevents him from sleep because the cough woke him; worse before midnight cough from tickling in larynx or chest, worse lying down (worse on left side) and best by standing and sitting, must needs sit. Dry cough, as if from the stomach, has to grab the chest
are both hands. Nocturnal cough with screaming, hot flashes, arcades. Pertussis.
Nausea and morning cough with expectoration salt. Expectoration in the morning or at night, purulent, white, yellowish, bloody, difficult, sometimes forced to swallow this. Dyspnea and chest tightness in morning and evening or night, by walking, climbing stairs or lying. Constricting pains in the chest, worse after sleep, better walking fast.
Pinching or pains in the sides, but left, worse when breathing or coughing or movement. Sensation of emptiness in the chest, heaviness, fullness.
Hepatization middle and lower lobe of the right lung. Thoracic symptoms relieved by the pressure of his hands. Brown spots on the chest.
42 Palpitations at night in bed with a pounding in all arteries, worse during digestion, better walking fast. You wake up with palpitations. Tachycardia vexatious.
43 - () back pain as if beaten with a hammer, worse while sitting or stooping, better by pressure or pressing against something hard. Stitches in the back when coughing; in his right shoulder blade. Drawing and tearing back pain during menstruation, which prevent the
sleep, with chills and heat Tufaro. Lumbosacral pain worse after noon or on foot (or improvement) or premenstrual, with extreme fatigue or feeling of great weakness. Pain in the shoulder blades during the chills.
Sacral pain during intercourse, worse on rising from sitting; spread to the hips. Pulsations in the lumbar region. Brown spots on the back, itchy rashes. Boils on the neck. Sensation of cold in areas between the two blades.
44 - () Joint pains in the limbs. Tension as if too short. Members go to sleep, especially after manual labor or during chills, but the hands and fingers. Easy dislocation; twisted ankles easily. Restlessness in the limbs, no place for them. Stiff joints. Cold feet the morning, during headache worse at night in bed during the headaches, mental strain, the ice cream is as if in water. Cold in the lower limbs. Burning heat in the palms. Heat in the hands with cold feet or, conversely, cold hands and feet warm. Cold sweat on the hands, palms. Bromhidrosis feet, copious, with rawness between the toes. Disorders suppression of sweating of the feet. Pain as from dislocation in the shoulder joint, especially when lifting or holding something. Suppurative axillary adenopathy. Chapped hands after working in the water with broken skin, especially on the back, worse from getting wet and even more so in winter. Itching vesicles on the backs of the hands and fingertips; herpes. Sarna. Pains in the joints of the fingers, which are deformed. Tingling in the fingertips; ulcers. Warts on the upper limbs, hands and fingers, corneas and itching. A yellow, deformed. Felon. Pains in the hip joint.
Pain in buttocks and thighs for being much sitting, sciatica, worse during stool, stiff joints. Legs and feet swollen, worse sitting or rarada, better walking, swollen and painful knees, synovitis of the knee in maids. Boils on thighs. Cramps in calves at night. Sensation as if a mouse was running down the legs. Stitches in the heels; ulcers. Painful corns, burning. Itchy rashes, moist in the popliteal fossa, abrasions in the popliteal fossa and between the thighs, with itching.
45 - () Sleepiness during the day, worse sitting. Insomnia before or after 3; For about excitement, with drowsiness. He wakes up often at night, and wakes up late in the morning.
46 - () Chills starting at the tips of the toes, the open air during menstruation, in autumn and appear every 28 days, or irregularly. Fever paroxysms of rage or humiliation. Fever during menstruation. Autumnal fever. Foul-smelling sweat or sour, of day or the morning after awakening or at night, during anxiety after coitus; by coughing, eating or after eating, for the least physical or mental effort, to move, for the pain ; after awakening, when walking, writing. Cold sweats at night or by the minor mental or physical effort. Hot sweats causing him discomfort. Symptoms are worse while perspiring or after. (In children profuse sweating)
47 - () skin burns after scratching. Chapped skin after washing and in the winter. Rough, last, with thickening and induration. Pruritus with excoriation and moisture in the folds of the joints, especially the elbow.
Volcanic dry or wet, with yellow discharge, itching. Herpes circinatus, each Spring. Psoriasis. Sarna. Pemphigus. Urticaria, worse in open air, better in a warm room. Ichthyosis with skin odor.
Jaundice after an intermittent fever. Ulcers with tingling; fungus. Brown warts. Wine-red spots. Liver spots (see 17).
Natrum Muriaticum. Sulfur. Tuberculins SEPSINUM
(See Pyrogen)

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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