Sepia. Homeopathy. Abstract

Sepia (ink of cuttlefish, cephalopod mollusk)

Symptoms or pathogenesis of Sepia
1 .- depression, apathy, apathy, indifference to everything and everyone. Even at their next or their own occupations, for no apparent reason. Sad and pessimistic, prone to tears, wishing aislamiento.Fatiga loneliness and extreme psychological origin.

2 .- Depression, hot flashes, painful sensation of pelvic heaviness at the time of menopause.

3 .- Tissue Relaxation supportive with general sensation of pelvic heaviness in particular, sometimes associated with ptosis (eyelid, gastric, renal, uterine, bladder).

4 .- Gastrointestinal disorders with loss of appetite, nausea morning, bitter taste in the mouth. Atonic constipation with foreign body sensation in the rectum. Painful piles that improve walking. Migraines in the early months of pregnancy.

5 .- Genitourinary indications. Repeat urinary tract infections and favored by ptosis. Prolapsus cancer. Cystocele. Dysmenorrhea, Frigidity.

6 .- Skin: dark pigmentation, rashes, dry (eczema, psoriasis)

Sepia: Aggravation: the factors that facilitate venous stasis (rest, cold, prolonged standing position or kneeling) before a storm, for the comfort, mood disorders, for milk, smells and after a pregnancy.

Sepia: Amelioration: with everything that facilitates venous circulation: movement, heat, sitting cross-legged, violent exercise, strong pressure and heat.

Laterality of Sepia: preferably on the left.

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