Serun anguillae. Homeopathy

SERUN anguillae
(Eel Serum Ictiotoxina)
Pathogenesis of Picard (1934), with 3AX (5 drops, 3 times a day).
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR SERUN pathogenesis anguillae
1 - () dulness, stupor, she has trouble understanding the questions.
Hypersensitivity to noise and the voice.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR SERUN pathogenesis anguillae
2 - () Hypertension, usually of renal origin (see 13).
3 - () haemorrhages, especially hematuria and retinal. Rapid destruction of red cells.
4 - () Worse: Standing, by the noise from motion; by cold. Better-for repose and quiet.
5 General convulsions or convulsive movements followed by paraplegia or transient paresis.
6 Headache temporal, frontal or supraorbital right. The head is heavy, with a tendency to fall backwards taken by her weight.
7 - () Retinal hemorrhages. Miosis.
8 - () Hyperacusis.
9 - () dry mouth, despite having a plentiful salivation.
Wet lip commissures. Smarting and burning in the mouth, tongue (more on the tip) and the lower lip.
10 - () Pharynx painful. Burning in the esophagus with sensation of cold to swallow.
11 - () Epigastrium permanent feeling bloated with stomach full and heavy. Lack of appetite. Frequent belching, that some relief. Nausea, smells worse by deep inspiration, to bring the head back and upon arising in the morning, burping and eating better.
12 - () Abdomen swollen and painful. Liver large and congested. Diarrhea with gas and cramping.
13 - () is the kidney the field of fundamental action of eel serum. Most frequently, it presents a picture of acute nephritis parenchymatous subito type "from cold" especially, or too toxic or infectious, or an acute attack of evolution in chronic nephritis, with acute onset of marked albuminuria, oliguria or anuria, hematuria and casts, with a quick installation without hypertension and edema (or very few), with impending uremia. This much less indicated in chronic nephritis with massive albuminuria.
14 - () Dyspnea of effort and talking. Oppression.
Renal infarction in 15 cases of acute or chronic myocarditis, or mitral regurgitation or hiposistolias or asystole with passive hepatic congestion and albuminuria, with a tendency to left ventricular dilatation, often with hypertension, with intermittent pulse, slow or still lying, and accelerated by the movement or standing or sitting bradyarrhythmia, with exertional dyspnea. The picture worsens heart talking, moving and lying on the left side and improves at rest and lying on his back. Oppression and palpitation that prevent you from sleeping. Little edema.
16 - () Sensation of heaviness and numbness in the extremities.
Yawning 17. Insomnia or sleep interrupted by palpitations or chest tightness.
COMPLEMENTARY SERUN frequent anguillae:
Natrum Muriaticum.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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