Sesame or sesame, garlic, apricots, artichokes, buckwheat, Almond

Sesame or sesame: It endured peacefully for any delicate organs. Considered in the East as one of the most remarkable food-drug interaction. It exerts a soothing influence. Very rich in lecithin, more than soybeans, in polyunsaturated acid, vitamin E, B and minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, silica, chromium, copper. Has a 22% protein with 15 amino acids. You can eat the seeds raw or crushed in a mortar or pure.

Garlic: 56% of alkaline salts. Antiputrefactive properties, appetizers, cleansing and decongestants. Benefits to hypertensive patients, and bronchitis. It has bactericidal and antibiotic power. It is used against digestive and fermentation processes against intestinal worms. Activates blood circulation, and is indicated in arteriosclerosis, rheumatism, arthritic, sciatica, menopause, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, asthma, tuberculosis, emphysema and whooping cough. More information at: Garlic: a gift from God

Apricots: Prevalence of alkaline salts. The richest fruit in vitamin A. It contains much iron, so that combats anemia. Contains 14 milligrams of oxalic acid per 100 grams. Although this substance is excreted in the urine, where oxalic lithiasis (kidney stones) is wise to refrain from them. They can give a weak stomach burning, are poorly tolerated in the shingles, cold sores and sore gums or tonsils.

Artichokes: Contains 57% of acid salts. It is best eaten raw for many gases that do not give, then boiled. They have a diuretic, antirheumatic, antiarthritic and purifying the blood.

Buckwheat: Can be eaten raw pre-soaked. It is a food of strength. Has beneficial influence on vascular diseases, thanks to its content of routine.

Almonds: 60% alkaline. Like all fruits, is a food oxidant and astringent, mildly laxative and in general detoxifier. In the form of horchata or almond milk is a refreshing drink. With its fat are an excellent contribution of additional calories.

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