Silica. Homeopathy. General Symptoms

GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Silica
13 - () One of the principal remedies of the suppuration, along with Hepar Sulph. Chronic suppurative, purulent discharge from the mucous fistulous processes with holes indurated. Bony cavities. Acute suppurative processes, abscesses (see Individuals); reduces excessive suppuration and resolves remaining indurations after a suppuration. Abscesses in old scars (particularly in the cervical region). Acute abscesses by temporary closure of fistulas. The wounds are slow to heal.
14 - () Promotes expulsion of foreign bodies introduced into the organism (shells, needles, thorns, kidnappings, etc..), Resulting in suppuration around and their subsequent elimination. Injured by splinters.
15 - () Worse from cold, cold air, for cooling a body part, especially the head and feet, or by taking their hands off the blankets, cold things worse by playing. In the same way and with the same meaning, the worse when uncovers a body part or when undressing, ie when your skin comes in contact with air, there is an aversion to open air aggravates it, as well as the drafts. Worse entering a cold place, from cold, dry or wet, cold wind, for extreme temperatures, by getting hot. Tendency to take cold, to cold. Always crumpled, very chilly, there is a real lack of vital heat. Logically, the warmth of the bed and the stove would improve it, not so the humid heat that makes it worse.
16 - () Disorders that occur after (or from) the suppression of sweating, especially of the feet; of secretions and rashes.
17 - () Disorders after vaccination, especially SMALLPOX (Thuya).
18 - () Disorders that occur or become worse during the new moon and full moon, especially epilepsy and somnambulism. "Most of the symptoms of Silicea occur with new moon" (Tyler).
19 - () Worse by changes of time before and during storms, after traveling by car or train, during menstruation, wet feet, walk fast, by starvation, by motion (with an aversion to movement); after intercourse (and feels sore); sexual excesses, by pressure and touch. Left side of the symptoms.
20 - () "rachitic children with large heads, sutures and open fontanelles, profuse sweating on the head, which must be kept warm, swollen belly, ankles, weak, slow in learning to walk" (Allen). Thin children with swollen belly, with thirst, anorexia and constipation. Constitutions which suffer from poor nutrition, not because they lack in quantity and quality food, but an imperfect assimilation. People such delicate, thin skin and dry, pale, weak, flaccid muscles. People thin or emaciated. Dwarfism. In miners or quarrymen with lung disorders and total loss of strength.
21 - () has the feeling of having a hair mostly on the tongue and throat. Feeling that the bed is hard. Sensation of a band or bandage.
22 - () Convulsones epilep with aura as cold on the left side of the body, or as a mouse or if it ran out of the solar plexus, especially at night or sleeping in children, following vaccination or the suppression of sweating feet. Fainting from taking cold. Korea.
23 - () Weakness from diarrhea, nocturnal emission, after intercourse and walking outdoors. Great fatigue, need to lie.
24 - () is a drug very deep tissue disorders: the cancer and scirrhous, exostosis, in fractures that consolidate very slowly, osteomalacia, polyps, fibroids; indurations. It is a drug of sycosis and syphilis. Lymphadenopathy.
Desire and aversion
25 - () I: cold food, milk, bread.
26 - () Aversion to warm food, milk, particularly milk, to meat, to salty.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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