Silica. Homeopathy. Particular symptoms

Particular symptoms or pathogenesis of Silica
27 - () Large head with open fontanelles and late closure. Cavities in the bones of the skull. Cephalohematoma. Hidrocelalia. Has difficulty holding the head. Lymphadenopathy in the head. Rashes and sores in the occipital region, with itching, very sensitive to pressure, touch and lying about them, better shelter his head. Violent itching of the scalp. Hair loss, baldness in young people. Apoplexy. Head sensitive to drafts, cold air, brushing her hair, to touch and pressure of the hat, worse uncovering the head, in the evening and lying on the painful side. Heat in the head after the chills. Heaviness front. Pulsations in the vertex, better throwing his head back. Vertigo intense or appears worse in the morning, looking up, traveling in a vehicle, stooping, by emotions, when you close your eyes or lying on the left side seems to come from the back to the neck and head, and accompanied by nausea and retching, with a tendency to fall forward or backward, is required to walk or sit right.

Chronic headaches, violent, pounding, or weekly periodicals, which appear or become worse: cold air, air currents for cooling (especially your feet or head), climbing stairs, sexual intercourse, by the light of day, for any shock, mental strain, after riding in a vehicle, the levantarve of lying, after sexual excesses, straining their eyes or move, to heat exhaustion, to speak or write at night, by bending or by noise or before a storm or in winter; better: heat or hot application or harboring a headache, or tying his head tightly, closing his eyes, lying in a dark room or a copious urination. Headache begins in the neck, radiating to the occipital region and the vertex, to be fixed on one eye, especially the right; chronic and appearing "from some severe disease of youth" (Allen), with the schemes already mentioned. Headaches in pop at vertex, better tying the head. Headache in the forehead by frontal sinusitis, with chronic coryza. Movements in the head, as if something alive. Copious sweat and sour in the head, falling asleep or sleeping, going to the neck, sweating in the head only. Tuberculous meningitis.

28 - () Falls, especially after a suppression of sweating of the feet. Yellowish discharge from the eyes. Inflammation of the eye by foreign bodies with hypopyon iritis. Eyelids glued to the morning. White discharge in the outer corner of the eyes. Granular conjunctivitis trachoma, with red and highly vascular connective; with hot tearing worse by cold air, outdoor or wind, with photophobia, eyelid edema and pannus, with yellowish discharge. Tearing worse outdoors. Eye pain, burning or like sand, worse morning, cold air and before and during thunderstorms. Styes repetition, but near the corner of the eye, when let induration. Swelling and inflammation of the lacrimal gland and sac. Lacrimal Fistula, pressing the pus sack tear duct stricture. Go dark after headache. Stains and scars on the cornea. Spasmodic closure of the eyelids. Chalazion. Momentary attacks of sudden blindness. Presbyopia. Hyperopia. Photophobia. Is cloudy after the suppression of sweating of the feet, worse from eyestrain. See sparks and black spots. The letters are mixed or come together to read.

29 - () and retroauricular abscess in the auditory meatus, mastoid cavities threat, acute mastoiditis, suppurative osteitis true that fistulizarse can reach, tearing and swelling with local, often following purulent otitis media. Otorreas acute or chronic, cheesy, thick, purulent, fetid, yellowish or watery, bloody. Suppuration of middle ear. Catarrh, inflammation and itching of the eustachian tube. Sensation of plugged ear. Earache terebrantes, throbbing, or blows from the inside out. Itching in the ear, worse when swallowing. Crusty eruptions behind the ears. Thin and copious cerumen. Noises in the ears, like roaring or singing or fluttering of birds. Hearing loss worse at full moon, and the human voice, for catarrh of the horn; post-measles. Hypersensitivity to the thumping sounds.

30 - () abscess or boil on the nose. Caries of nasal bones, painful when touched. Acute or chronic sinusitis, frontal, with pains in the middle of the forehead and the root of the nose with purulent nasal discharge and postnasal, yellowish or greenish, fetid, thick, sometimes bloody, often mild, nonirritating . Dry catarrh, chronic, extended to the frontal sinuses. Sensation of dryness and obstruction in the nose, after removing the sweat of the feet. Internal nasal itching, voluptuous, and external, with redness on the tip of the nose. Dryness, pain, excoriation and crusting inside the nose, with painful sores, especially in the septum. Babies with bloody nasal discharge. Alternately flowing or dry coryza, with frequent violent sneezing, sometimes interrupted or ineffective efforts to sneeze. Obstinate nasal obstruction, with purulent discharge. Anosmia. Epistaxis.

31 - () pale, earthy: White patches or red and burning after eating. Heat in the face. Itching of the pins. Acne front. Boil on cheeks and chin. Cracks in the skin of the face, in the corners of lips. Facial nerve or facial pain worse by exposure to cold or cold applications or stormy weather, the better the heat of the stove. Pain in facial bones. Acute maxillary sinusitis or chronic pains that are aggravated by cold and improved local or general heat, with nasal secretion (see 30). Abscess, or suppurative inflammation with swelling and induration of the parotid. Painful swelling of the submandibular gland. Scirrhous induration of the face and upper lip. Swelling of the face with the toothache. Swollen painful in the lower jaw. Swollen lips. Ulcers on the lip. Articulaciondel cramp in jaw. Lockjaw. Swelling of the lower jaw and tooth decay. Suda in the face with minimal effort and only there.

32 - () Toothache food hot or cold or hot things or by the introduction of cold air in the mouth at night, eating, for suppression of sweating of the feet, in winter, better shelter his head. Teeth loose, feel elongated. Yellow teeth. Dentition difficult and slow, painful swollen gums and diarrhea fetida, in babies who are easily startled, but due to noise. It is possibly the most useful medication and solves as many disorders where the eruption of wisdom teeth, with inflamed gums, painful, swollen, raw, bleeding easily, and are of suppuration in the opening through leaving the mill, with pains that are aggravated by cold water in the mouth with a swollen face, foul breath and, sometimes, lockjaw. Abscesses in the roots.

33 - () Gums with recurrent abscesses and oozing, with fistulas, swollen, painful, vesicles; tumors. Sensation of hair on the tongue, especially in the front, and throat and larynx. Dry mouth. Fetid breath of morning. Swelling of one side of the tongue. Tongue furred brown. Language excoriated, ulcerated cancer. Ulcer on the palate. After eating sour taste, bitter.

34 - () Tonsils to repeat with hypertrophy or suppuration of the tonsils. Sore throat when cooled. Acute tonsillitis, pain on swallowing. Swollen uvula and palate. Paralysis of the soft palate, with a tendency to leave food or liquids through the nose. Paralytic Dysphagia. Induration and swelling in the glands in the neck, as lumps, painful and hard. Nodal suppuration. Abscesses in the neck. Disorders by uncovering the neck. Stitches as from an accused in the left tonsil.

35 - () Violent thirst, but at night, sometimes with anorexia. The baby has an aversion to milk, but if mama, congealed vomit. Vomiting after drinking milk. Appetite increased, with great weight loss, or anorexia. Heartburn. Hypo before and after eating. Persistent nausea, vomiting, worse in morning or evening, nausea after a vaccination. Pressure in the stomach by drinking faster. Epigastric pain when pressed.

36 - () belly swollen and hard in children. Liver abscess. Liver swollen, with severe ulcerative worse by playing, walking, breathing or lying on the right side. Obstructed flatulence; bowel sounds, flatus and difficult to expel foul. Colic in infants by parasites or constipation. Abdomen hard, hot and sore to the touch. Stomach upsets local heat better. The movements of the fetus in pregnant painful. Acute and chronic appendicitis. Painful inguinal hernia. Inguinal lymphadenopathy painful to touch.

37 - () Constipation marked; bowel movements with great difficulty, even with normal stools or soft, or desires and ineffective efforts and constant, for inactivity or rectal paralysis, the stools are dry, hard, knotty, large, smell putrid or foul, and retreat once they began to leave for lack of strength to be expelled, worse before and during menstruation. Spasmodic constriction and pain in the anus during bowel movements. Diarrhea in children during dentition; in people thinned, premenstrual, for milk, better heat and warm the bed well, bloody or watery feces horribly offensive or cadaverous odor. Diarrhea after a vaccination or during the great heats. Dolores rectal and anal burning, cutting or piercing by moving hard stools. Hemorrhoids are very painful, making prolapse on defecation, but it is difficult to re-enter; suppurative; ulcerated. Humidity anal. Tension in the rectum. Intestinal parasites: tapeworm, pinworm, ascariasis. Anal or anorectal fistula: is probably the principal remedy, especially when it closes its external orifice, which is indurated edges, so there is an abscess, that opens by the action of the drug, making a purulent elimination to reaching induration periorificial disappear; anal fistula alternating with pulmonary symptoms. Anal fissure.

38 - () Addison's Disease. Nocturnal enuresis in children with parasitosis. Suppuration of the urinary passages. Lithotripsy; gravel or yellowish red. Urethral stricture.

39 - () Chronic Gonorrhea; with testicular induration. Tuberculosis of the testes and spermatic cord. Hydrocele in children. Edema of the scrotum. Itching, redness, swelling and soreness of the foreskin, red spots with itching of the glans. Profuse sweating in the scrotum. Absence of excessive sexual desire or excitement, with intense and frequent erections. Impotence. After intercourse, severe pain and fatigue. Out of prostatic fluid on urination or expel hard stools. Tingling in the scrotum.

40 - () Menses early or late, excoriating, always plentiful, with paroxysms of icy cold all over. Menstrual suppression. Menses during lactation. Intermenstrual metrorrhagia. Very sharp pains in the uterus (and pains) and metrorrhagia every time the baby mama. Wrongs. Flow milky, irritating, corrosive, copious, which comes in spurts, especially during urination or after menstruation. Uterine cancer. Cysts in the vagina. Piosalpinx; hydrosalpinx. Sterility. Tendency to abortions. Intense vulvar itching, worse during menstruation; with ulceration, with burning and rashes on the inner thighs. Suppuration and swelling of the breasts old scars. Abscesses in breasts and nipples, with fistulous openings. Induration in the breast, especially on the left. Hard nodules, especially in the right breast. Breast Cancer. Breast pain when the baby mama, cutting or stabbing. Points on and behind the left breast, and burning pain in the nipple. Nipple retraction that is like a funnel. Cracks in the nipple, which is excoriated or ulcerated, with burning pains. Axillary lymphadenopathy hard.

41 - () Asthma, by repeated vaccinations. Dyspnea, like dust, worse before a storm or lying on his back, stooping, running or coughing, do some manual work or when walking quickly. Sighing respiration, deep, or panting. Violent coughing, choking, spasmodic, hollow, hoarse, from tickling laryngotracheal, day and night, worse or appear for cold drinks, by talking, moving and lying down, or the morning upon awakening, for cooling a body part (on all feet and hands), or uncovering the feet or head. With expectoration almost only during the day (none at night), purulent, yellow-green, milky, acrid, frothy blood or mucus or thick chunks or amarrillenta. Chronic bronchitis with tendency to suppuration. Lung abscess, abscess in the armpit. Sensation of weakness in chest. Alternation of pulmonary symptoms with rectal symptoms. Neglected pneumonia. Empyema. Acute pulmonary tuberculosis, emerging. Chest pains, coughing, sneezing or breathing. Throbbing in the sternum. Lymphadenopathy in the axils, sometimes purulent; sweats very offensive.

42 Palpitations, with throbbing in the whole body when sitting or any movement.

43 - () cervical abscess old scars. Cervical eruptions, pimples, acne, anthrax. Spina bifida. Cavities in the lumbar vertebrae. Deviations of the spine, with pain. Cold in the head. Lumbar sweats. Keystrokes lumbar. Pott's disease. Back pain worse by shaking and when nursing. Neck pain spread to the eye, head, the occiput, vertex or upwards, with rigidity. Sacral pain during intercourse and getting up from sitting. Coccyx pain when rising from a seat or travel after prolonged sitting, worse from pressure or touch. Injuries to the coccyx, coccyx pain after a fall. Pain in the spine, which is sensitive to pressure.

44 - () Caries in bony limb bones, especially in the legs (femur, tibia, fibula, foot bones and toes). It is the main drug in osteomyelitis, both acute and chronic, especially when kidnappings and fistulizan and eliminate pus, especially localized in the tibia, with intense bone pain, fever and night sweats. Abscesses in the thighs and knees, and joints. Affections of articular cartilage. Fistulas joints. Drainage from the hip joint. Felon (s, practically, a specific), feeling as if the fingertips were to fester, and as if a thorn or splinter in the flesh. Periostitis and oozing in the fingers, with shooting pain. Sensation of dryness in the fingertips, like parchment paper or, worse at night. Bunions, cysts, carbuncles. Hot on the knees and legs in a warm room. Cold feet, cold and wet, worse at night in bed, by uncovering the limbs, wet feet during menstruation and mental efforts. Sore knees, with the feeling that they are tied. Copious and constant sweating on the hands and palms. Profuse sweating in the feet, very fetid, of an intolerable odor, carrion (worse after menses), excoriating; on the soles of the feet, itching, between the toes, very fetid and to put the raw skin, excoriated. Disorders suppression of sweating of the feet. Cracked skin on the hands. Corns swollen, with tearing pains. Painful and hard calluses on the soles of the feet. Skin scales from members. Members to sleep, especially in the forearms (when it rests on them or elbows on the table), hands at night, sitting lower limbs, feet. Cramps in hands when writing, in calves, in soles and toes when walking. Pain in the limbs as if they were broken. Chronic rheumatism, worse from cold and new moon. Pain in the States: After intercourse, better heat and humidity, in cold shoulder to take, in the bones of the fingers, in some, ulcerative at the tips of the fingers, especially the index . Constricting pain in the knee. Soreness in the feet when walking, the tips are painful. Joint stiffness in hips, knees and ankles. Contracture of the flexor muscles of the hands, with great pain to move the fingers. Heaviness and weakness in arms, with trembling hands to grab something, or at the least effort, everything falls out of the hands. Spasm of the hand when writing. Loose Ankles, weak, easily twisted. A (one of the tissues of action preferred by Silica): corrugated; damaged in feet and hands dirty yellow, with white spots, distorted, twisted or rough on the hands, thick, fragile, easily broken or split; ulcerations around each hand and foot. A red with sharp pain in one and below, with suppuration and ulceration. Softening of the femur. White swelling of the knee, with spongy swelling or edema. Exostoses. Boils and warts on the arms. Synovial cyst on the back of the hand or wrist. Tingling in the fingers. Burning in the fingertips. Ulcers on the legs, with blue halo, burning, deep, itchy, especially in legs, thighs, ankles and heels.

45 Great sleepiness after eating, frequent yawning. Very light sleep. Sleeplessness after midnight, when he wakes, he can not go back to sleep. Durmendo Ronca. Very vivid dreams, erotica, with events that happened long ago, with thieves, murderers, dogs, travel, ghosts, etc..

46 - () violent chills, constant, in the evening, in bed, or that last all day, with shivering and shaking, and sometimes followed by fever and intense sweating, with cold and shivering body and appear on everything before and during menstruation, when this very heated by intense exercise or a warm room, and the slightest movement or uncovering. Can manifest in one side, on the left before a seizure. High fever with thirst, but evening and overnight. Periodic fever, or intermittently, from 10 to 20 hours, with violent heat in the head. Night sweats, sleeping, or copious morning or at night, especially in the face, head and feet, foul smelling or bitter, acid, for the least effort.

47 - () The skin is burning or pain after scratching. Skin cold before menstruation or one side of the body during seizures. Moist red patches that prick, white spots. Pale, waxy, unhealthy, any small wound oozing, or cured with difficulty or ulcerated. Anthrax. Itching at night. Moist eruptions, with white or yellowish spots or plaques, dry, scaly, like bran. Cauliflower-shaped excrescences, or syphilitic. Chickenpox or smallpox. Fistula hard, swollen and bluish red. Scirrhous indurations. Warts. Boil. Abscesses that do not open. Painful pustules. The scars become painful, prick, open and ooze to reach; keloids. Cancerous ulcers. Ulceration: blue, hot, crusty, deep, corrosive secretions, or putrid fetida, with high edges and indurated, or fluffy, fungal or spongy, itching; phagadenic with red halo; suppurative; swollen at the edges, with white spots; slow to heal and are better for the local heat.
Sanicula Thuya Fluoric Acidum Pulsatilla (Silicea is the chronic of Pulsatilla). Incompatible with Mercury. "If the improvement ceases Silicea, one or two doses of Sulfur wake reactivity, and then complete cure Silica" (Clarke). In children take into account its similarity Sanicula.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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