Natrum Silicatum. Homeopathy

(Sodium Silicate)

1 - () is concentrated with difficulty, has lost confidence in his trial.
Mental confusion worse by mental exertion. Lightheadedness, worse on waking, by reading or by any mental effort. All mental symptoms are aggravated by mental exertion. Weak memory, forget about everything. First stage of imbecility. Great indecision, or indifference.

2 - () Anxiety before noon, scrupulous, punctilious. Are easily frightened. Restlessness at night driving out of bed with great anxiety.

3 It irritated and angry if they contradict. Irritable, worse in the evening, after intercourse and sleeping.

4 No lust for life, tired of life. Sad during menstruation with tears. Do not want to take part in any conversation.

5 Great sensitivity to noise. Startled by noises from fright and sleeping.

6 - () Aversion outdoors.

7 - () Worst: before noon, evening and night, outdoors, is very sensitive to air flow and any change of weather from hot to cold, from cold in general and cold drinks and food, after eating, after coitus, for milk and fat, after sleeping, by touch, walking, no effort and wine. Better by pressure.

8 - () Abscesses in repetition. Induration of glands.

9 - () marked lack of vital heat. Lose weight quickly. Great desire to lie down. Great weakness, worse morning or walking; nervous debility.

10 - () Dolores cutting, stitching and tearing. Bone pain. Chronic osteitis with decalcification, in old.

11 Sen.: tingling, heaviness, of keystrokes.

Desire and aversion of Nat SILICATUM
12 Aversion to meat.

13 - () Hair loss. It is a great remedy for headaches: worse in the evening, after eating, moving, strain, mental strain, before and during menstruation, due to noise, after sleep, strain her eyes, better by pressure and Applications hot. Occipital headache. Headaches appear to uncover the head.

Eyelids glued 14 tomorrow. Lacrimal Fistula. Corneal ulcer. Heaviness of eyelids. Itching tearing. Photophobia in the light of day. Swollen eyelids. See sparks. Ocular symptoms are aggravated by visual efforts.

15 - () Nasal discharge greenish, crusty, foul, purulent, thick or yellow. Epistaxis of morning or blowing. Nasal Obstruction night. Much sneezing.

16 - () Chapped lips, herpes around. Face pale or dusky, red with the headaches. Eruptions on the nose. Submandibular gland swelling and lip. Ulcer on lip.

Bleeding Gums 17. Dry mouth. He speaks with difficulty. Taste bitter, metallic or acid. Toothache night and after eating, better by heat.

18 - () red and very dry throat. Foreign body sensation in the throat, cough. Sore throat when swallowing with difficulty. Goiter.

19 - () increased or ravenous appetite. Belching improving it. Fullness or hiccups after eating. Nausea and diarrhea. Gastralgias after dinner.
Pulsations. Sensation of stone in the stomach. Extreme thirst, worse at night.
Vomiting on coughing or milk, bile or mucus.

20 Flatulence obstructed. Pienitud and gurgling in the belly. Stitches in hipcondrios.

21 Constipation with hard or even soft stools. Year contract. Diarrhea from milk. Bloody stools. Tingling and pruritus ani. Rectal pain after stool.

22 - () Urinary urgency. Frequent urge to urinate or constant, worse at night. Bedwetting. You must wait a while before you can begin to urinate morning. Burning while urinating. Urine copious. Enlarged prostate. Sale prostatic fluid to move with difficulty the stomach.

23 Erections violent, painful. Increased sexual desire. Itching penis and scrotum. Pain in the testicles. Nocturnal emissions.

24 - () significantly restrict the development of cancer of the cervix; induration of neck. Greatly increased sexual desires. Premenstrual flow.
Menses copious, frequent or delayed, protracted, scanty.
Sense of "bearing down"; prolapse. Left ovary pain during intercourse.

25 - () Hoarseness. Wheezing, short, difficult, deep. Cough laryngeal irritation. Expectoration: bloody, greenish, foul, purulent, thick, salty. Chest tightness. Chest pain when coughing. Stitches in the sides of the chest, worse on the right. Axillary lymphadenopathy.

26 Pressure chest. Heart beating, worse at night and after eating.

27 Cold in the back, itching. Pain: between the shoulder blades, lower back when bending. Burning or aching back or between the shoulder blades. Sweating on the back. Stiffness and tension in the cervical region.

28 - () Clumsiness in using their hands and walking. Hands, legs and feet cold.
Painful corns. Cracked skin on hands and fingers. Cramps in the calf. Heat in hands, feet and floors. Heaviness in the legs. Itching on the soles of the feet. Jerking of the limbs asleep. Numbness in the arm on which supports, in feet. Joint pain. Stitching pain, tearing (especially hip).
Paralytic weakness in arm and right leg. Sweats in the hands and feet. Stiffness in the limbs. Edema in feet and legs. Tremor.
Twitching in the limbs. Weakness in legs and ankles.

*Automatic Translation