Sinapis alba. Homeopathy

Sinapis alba
(White Mustard)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Sinapis alba
1 mind erratic, distracted, when you read, you must make great efforts to keep your mind wander.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Sinapis alba
2 - () sensation of obstruction as a plug or a hard substance in the throat, upper esophagus (behind the manubrium), in the stomach (after eating moderately) or rectum (which does not improve defecating), or anus. Burning sensations.
3 - () Worse from touch; by pressure, by motion, swallowing, after dinner, in a warm room. Better: open air, at rest.
SPECIFIC Sinapis alba
Stunning 4 in the head with dimming of vision, but on the eyes, worse walking. Empty-headed feeling. Rush of blood to the head.
Sharp pain or pressing on the frontal eminence, worse in a warm room or by moving your head, better outdoors. Paroxysmal pain in the left frontal eminence, in the evening. Heaviness front.
5 Brusca sensation of heat and stitches in his left eye, which makes flash, followed by tearing and disappearance of these symptoms.
6 - () furred tongue with thick yellow in the morning on rising. Sialorrhea watery, copious, with nausea or foamy saliva and salt. Buccal mucosa red, white ulceritas, with burning.
7 - () Hawking with scraping sensation. Feeling like he had swallowed a large piece of food, or as having a lump in throat (alternating with tingling sensation anal) or a hard body in the upper esophagus, worse empty swallowing or a food drive . Feeling of constriction in the throat when swallowing a food drive.
8 - () Thirst with heartburn. Heaviness, fullness and distention in the epigastrium for drinking water, with pain on pressure. Frequent belching, tasteless and odorless, acid or food warmly. Violent heartburn with belching.
Nausea, with salivation, worse from motion, better sleep. Retching and vomiting, watery. Vomiting with chunks of mucus streaked or striped blackish like blood clots. Very sharp pain like a bruise, in pit behind the xiphoid process, worse slightest pressure, which cuts off breathing.
9 Rumbling and gurgling in the belly, with fetid flatus or no odor.
Colicos. Movements in the womb. Heaviness, fullness and distention in the abdomen.
10 - () Sensation as if something hard in the anus that can not be evacuated, and not relieved after defecation. Anal spasm every time he swallows.
Itching burning in anus, tingly. Sudden and violent point in the year, making it scream. Hard stool in the first part, crumbling, brown-green, dark, covered with slime; with oxiurus; blackish or greenish liquid, or yellowish gray.
11 Urine oscutra dark yellow or brown, with iridescent film or greasy, thick, white sediment, such as chalk, white or red sands.
12 Nocturnal pollutions without dreams.
13 chest tightness with a tendency to breathe deeply and often. Retrosternal burning.
14 Sacrococcygeal pain as if dislocated or beaten, with a desire to defecate.
15 Heaviness in the legs.
16 sleepy after lunch. Vivid dreams with dead people and death. Suenos confused or can not remember, with foreign countries and dangerous expeditions.
17 Pulse full and hard. Chills go up, to move, the whole body after vomiting, cold hands and feet. Sweating.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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